YouTube MUA: zWinnieYap

Hello Again!

I hope you are all having a wonderful day and are ready to be introduced to another great YouTubing MUA. If you haven’t seen my post on ReeRee Phillips make sure to give it a look when you get the chance. She is absolutely amazing.

The MUA I want to talk about in this post in zWinnieYap. I discovered her only a few months ago and I wish I’d followed her sooner. She focuses a lot on anime makeup techniques. Specifically anime eyes, and she is good. I learn so much when I watch her but even if you are just a fan of anime and not necessarily makeup I think you would still really enjoy her videos.

A nice thing about her video style is that she keeps things short. Sometimes makeup tutorials can get a little lengthy. It is not uncommon to see a 20-25 minute makeup tutorial on YouTube. While I love watching makeup videos I don’t always have the time to watch something of that length. Since ZWinnieYap focuses her videos on one thing at a time (for example creating Sauske’s eye) she is able to shorten her videos to 2-5 minutes.

ZWinnieYap also makes nail art videos. I can’t really do my nails but I love watching her videos. She is incredible talented and makes some really beautiful nails that you won’t see in your everyday life. I really appreciate her attention to detail and artistry in these videos.

On top of her cosplay and nail tutorials she also does beauty eye looks. Again her talent comes through because the looks she creates are stunning. I also find her videos are aesthetically pleasing. She doesn’t talk or give directions her videos are strictly visual. She does a good job of using camera angles and it’s especially nice that she is so zoomed in on her eye because we can really see how she is moving in order to create her look.

Here’s a video that I really dig from ZWinnieYap I hope you enjoy it!



So what do you all think of ZWinnieYap? Do you like her videos as much as I do?

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