True Love, Sweet Lies: Naomasa

Otome Lovers are you ready for more True Love, Sweet Lies?

I have been slowly but steadily making my way through the characters available on Voltage Inc’s game True Love, Sweet Lies and I’m happy to say I have finished Naomasa’s main storyline. If you are interested you can also read my reviews for Sakuya and Rui by clicking on their names.

Otome Games
Basically me going through story routes right now 😉

The premise of the game surrounds the MC and a photo she took for a newspaper job she was working. After the photo is published in the paper she begins to receive a lot of attention. At first this seems great. A new hot guy shows up and wants to take her out for drinks, which is pretty exciting. To bad it turns out it was all just a lie to get her original photos.

As it turns out she captured the face of a pretty important person in the background and now everyone is after her original photos! So she strikes a deal with the detective agency that originally tried to steal her SD card. She’ll give them the photos if they get rid of all the other bad guys that are trying to kill her for it. Seems like a fair trade right?


Naomasa’s Storyline

Okay, I have to admit I was hesitant to pick True Love, Sweet Lies back up after my disastrous play through of Rui’s storyline. I hope this explains my lack of excitement to throw myself into another character. Two things pushed me back into the game though.

One, Sakuya was a total sweetheart and I refused to believe he was the only worthwhile character in this game. Two, the Otome Queen aka Pokeninja90 (as you can see here Naomasa makes her Top Ten Favorite Voltage Characters) told me that Naomasa was legit. With her backing I had to give him a try.

I am thrilled to say that I really did enjoy playing through Naomasa’s story! I also have to add his character was 100% not what I was expecting and I mean that in a really good way. He went above and beyond my expectations.

He’s description just doesn’t do him justice:

“Naomasa, he’s cool and secretive. Even after you find out about his past, he keeps a distance between you… Will you ever be able to break down the wall he’s built around his heart?”

Okay I will admit that he’s cool and can be secretive but he’s so much more than that! It’s not so much that he’s aloof and secretive on purpose it’s more like he has a hard time relating and communicating with people. This causes him to seem more distant than he really is.

In reality he is incredibly caring. He really wants to do the right thing for the people around him, he just doesn’t know how to express himself. Or more accurate thing to say would be that he doesn’t believe he deserves to express how much he cares about others or to feel cared for by another person.

Spoiler Alert

I probably did Naomasa dear. I’ll admit I lost my train of thought when you showed up shirtless…

We learn through Naomasa’s storyline that he is actually the son of a mafia boss. He has no interest in becoming the head of his father’s organization and instead becomes a lawyer. As a lawyer he takes on the cases of people who wouldn’t normally be able to find proper representation. He also makes it a point to check in on his present and former clients to make sure they are still doing well. Didn’t I tell you he is caring?

To add to the pressure he feels has begun to surround the relationship with his father he also feels responsible for the death of his mother. When his mother was pregnant she was diagnosed with a rare illness. His mother decided not to seek treatment so that she could give birth to Naomasa and because of this she ended up dying.

Naomasa blames himself for his mother’s death and also believes his father blames him as well. For this reason he feels like he doesn’t deserve to have people who care about him in his life for fear that he will only cause them devastation in the end.

All these conflicts play a big factor on how Naomasa reacts to the MC. However while I was initially expecting that in the end Naomasa would be pretty rude to the MC in an effort to keep the wall between them he’s actually not like that! While he can be brash that mostly has to do with his inability to communicate with other, not an actually need to hurt someone in order to distance himself.

In reality you can expect a lot of sweet moments on Naomasa’s end. Since he doesn’t really know how to realty to people he can actually be incredible sweet and adorable without even trying. I will admit that there were a lot of moments I could help but exclaim, “Ehhhhhh! Naomasa you’re so CUTE!” ❤

Some cons of this play through would be that during some points I admit I found the MC really annoying. I feel like there were times where Naomasa was pretty clear about his intentions but she pulled the whole, “Why is he doing this? It can’t be because he likes me…” routine which can get pretty annoying.

The plot as far as why the MC was being targeted was also a little shaky. I mean for the most part it is pretty solid. It turns out that the MC has inadvertently taken a picture of an unknown assailant attacking a medical researcher who seems to have created treatment plan to cure the disease, which Naomasa’s mother had.

The researcher is now in the wind so the agency has been hired to find him. Meanwhile whoever attacked him doesn’t want to be found out so they’re trying to get rid of the evidence that would implicate them as quickly as possible.

As it turns out the culprit is Naomasa’s Dad’s second in command. His reasons for doing it were to pin the death of the researcher on Naomasa’s Dad so that he would be the new leader of their criminal group. He also arranges a marriage for Naomasa with plans to kill him so that he has a clear path to take over.

This is where the story loses me.

Naomasa has never had any interest in taking over the family business so there would be no reason to arrange a marriage to have him killed. If you were to have Naomasa killed wouldn’t it just be to make sure nobody would investigate the crime further? While Naomasa and his father aren’t on the best terms I doubt he wouldn’t believe his father if he said that the researchers death wasn’t caused by him.

In which case you wouldn’t need to arrange a marriage… That would be a waste of time. You would just kill him. I kind of feel like the arranged marriage thing was just thrown in on the part of Voltage Inc. to add a bit of drama to the whole affair. Like Ohhhhh, a rival to Naomasa’s love. It just seemed super out of place and dumb.

Other than those kinks I found this story really enjoyable!

Final Thoughts

I give this route my stamp of approval! Naomasa is a total cutie and you’re missing out if you have this game but haven’t played through his route. I also recommend both of his endings. Although I’ll admit his Bitter End Trap is my favorite out of the two. Let’s just say I love his passion in the Bitter End Trap.

❤ ❤ ❤

So have I convinced anyone to play this route?

For those of you that have played which route was your favorite ending? Sweet or Bitter?

Let me know in the comment section below!

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  1. Aaaaaaah. You’ve fallen deeply now to the dark abyss of otome games. Wipes tears. I feel so alone now, envying you and Pokeninja & HijackedCat and all of you rest of temptresses posting all of these hot bishies from the otoge you’re all playing. Ah. I must be a masochist to torture myself reading these posts of yours.

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