Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Mini Review/Five Things The Movie Won’t Tell You

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I hope I have some Harry Potter fans hidden amongst my otaku and makeup loving followers. I am a huge Harry Potter fan, which I feel I must have mentioned at one point or another on this blog. I grew up with the series and anxiously awaited the arrival of each book.

In fact every time a new book was about to be published I would begin to re-read the entire series so that all of the events would be fresh in my mind when I started to read the newest book. So when the play adaption was released at the end of July I knew it was time to dust off my Harry Potter set and re-read the series before reading this newest edition.

Since I’m reading the series anyway I decided I would include some Harry Potter geared post on GrimmGirl. The fact that there are people out there who haven’t read the series yet blows my mind. I know it sounds silly but this series is so wonderful I can’t wrap my head around somebody not wanting to read it!

After eight years of being together I finally got my husband to start the series. For the record so far he loves it (he’s on the 4th book) but one thing he was quick to point out is that the movies are a lot different then the books. Not in a horrible way, just in a “they leave things out” sort of way. In order to create a movie you have to expect that they will cut certain things out which is why everyone always says that the book is better.

This prompted me to write a two-fold post. The first part will be a mini review for those of you have not read the book. The second part will be geared towards five things you wouldn’t know about Harry Potter and the Sorcerous Stone if you just watched the movie. I hope you enjoy the post!


Mini Review

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone focuses on the life of a boy named Harry Potter. When he was a year old his family was targeted by one of the vilest wizards to ever walk the Earth, Lord Voldemort. Lord Voldemort murdered his mother and father but when he attempted to kill Harry at only a year old something happened and Lord Voldemort was never seen again.

Nobody seems to know what happened that night but everyone knows Harry’s name now and believe that he some how vanquished Lord Voldemort. Harry doesn’t know any of this though. After his parents died he was sent to live with his Aunt and Uncle. They are perfectly normal humans and hate anything dealing with magic.

They refuse to tell Harry anything about his parents and he grows up believing that magic is make believe. That is until one day when he is coming close to his 11th birthday he receives a letter telling him he has been accepted to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

As Harry dives into the world of magic he begins to learn that evil still lurks in the wizard world. Just because people fear to say Voldemort’s name doesn’t mean that the dark wizard isn’t still lurking. In fact he might just be closer to Harry than anyone would have thought.

HP Sorcerer's Stone4


Five Things the Movie Left Out

If that review hasn’t prompted you to read the book maybe this list of things left out of the movie will spark your attention. I’m listing five things, but trust me there are more! You will have to read the book yourself to find all of them though.


The incident between Harry and the snake at the zoo wasn’t the first time Harry accidently preformed magic without meaning to. Before the zoo Harry had caused other unexplained phenomenon like turning his teacher’s wig blue, growing his hair back after a rotten haircut, transporting himself on top of his school when trying to out run bullies, and shrinking a particularly ugly sweater his Aunt tried to force on him.



The abuse that Harry suffers from the hands of his Aunt, Uncle, and cousin are much worse than we see throughout the first movie. For example when his Uncle learns that Harry was talking to a snake he lucks him in his broom cupboard for days. They also psychologically abuse him by to stand out from his peers.

For example when Harry needs a school uniform for middle school instead of buying his gray uniform his Aunt goes out of her way to dye a bunch of Harry’s cousin Dudley’s old clothing gray. This guarantees that Harry will be singled out on his first day. You also learn that Harry doesn’t have any friends because people think he’s weird and Dudley makes it clear to everyone at their school not to hang out with him.



Harry plays more than one quidditch match in the book. In the book Snape referees and Hermione and Ron are so worried for Harry’s safety that they secretly practice a leg-lock curse to use in case Harry needs their help. That’s right Hermione Granger world proclaimed goody-two-shoes was ready to curse a teacher if it meant protecting her friend at the age of eleven.



Ron and Neville get into a fight with Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle. In fact Ron gives Malfoy a black eye and while Neville is completely clobbered by Crabbe and Goyle the fact that he was willingly to jump into the fight shows that he was a daring Gryffindor right from the start.



The only thing Hermonie ever loses in is chess and the person she loses to is… Ron. That’s right the queen of logic routinely loses to Ron Weasly in a game based on logic. I like to think this shows that from the beginning Ron has always been able to see things from Hermonie’s point of view and understand how her mind works, even if he doesn’t like to admit it.


There you have it! Five things you wouldn’t know unless you read the book. So don’t wait any longer, go read it!


HP Sorcerer's Stone3
Hurts doesn’t it Malfoy…


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6 thoughts on “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone: Mini Review/Five Things The Movie Won’t Tell You

  1. I think one of the big things that the movie leaves out/changes is the fact that it’s Hermione, not Ron, who panics when caught up in Devil’s Snare. It reduces Ron’s character to the loveable side-kick, and not the only one of the trio with a grounded background in the magical world.

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    1. There are so many missed Ron moments in the movie! If you haven’t read the books you really have a poor idea of how badass Ron really was. And his hit during the chess match was WAY more brutal. In the movie he gets knocked off his horse, in the book he gets full on stone smacked and then gets dragged of the board as he’s unconscious.

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