The Future of GrimmGirl

Grimm Peeps!

Normally when people ask me about my future plans I like to run rapidly in the other direction. Seriously I pretty much just live life by the seat of my jeans and hope for the best. I’ve gotten super good at pretending that I have any idea what I’m doing. That’s just between us though, don’t tell my bosses. They think I’m a responsible human being.

However, recently GrimmGirl has been expanding and a lot of new people have joined the community. That’s really exciting for me. So first and foremost thank you to everyone who is continually supporting this website through subscribing/following, liking/commenting, sharing posts, and just stopping by to read the content available. All of that helps to make this website successful so thank you a million times over!

This has prompted me to to really think about GrimmGirl and how I want to shape it into the future. I’m proud to say I was able to be very adult-like and map out a fairly concrete plan for what you can all expect from GrimmGirl in the future. See I swear you all make me a better person :p


Grimm Otaku

GrimmGirl Otaku Life

In the anime section of Grimm Otaku I am currently working on a review of Rurouni Kenshin. I just started the series a bit ago and hope to have season one done shortly.

I am also working on an amazing collaboration with another blogger on one of my favorite anime Haikyu. I don’t want to give out to much information now (spoilers) but you can look forward to it early September.

I will also be adding on to my review posts for Watamote and Hunter X Hunter. So fans of those shows get ready for some of my feedback!

While watching new anime that I’ve never watched before to GrimmGirl is a priority I will also be going back to some old anime that I’ve watched but never posted about. Basically similar to how I have been revisiting manga I will be revisiting anime.

I also hope to do a post on my thoughts on if there is a tendency to demean men and women in anime. I’ve been seeing some posts on the subject floating around particularly on how women are demeaned (somehow men are often forgotten) and I’ve been working on a post giving my two cents on the subject.

In my manga section of Grimm Otaku I will continue revisiting Fruits Basket, Sailor Moon, and Umineko (When They Cry). I hope to add Skip Beat and Ouran High School Host Club to the list as well. I will be focusing on expanding the manga section of GrimmGirl as much as possible so bare with me manga fans!

The otome section of GrimmGirl is also due for an expansion. I will be finishing up the main storylines for Enchanted in the Moonlight (only one character left to go) and adding more to True Love, Sweet Lies. I will also be adding the games Star Crossed Myth, Scandal in the Spotlight, and After School Affairs to the otome section very soon.

I will also be adding a new category to my Grimm Otaku section of GrimmGirl… KDRAMA! Yes, to all my fellow Kdrama fans stay tuned because that will be happening! I am a huge kdrama fan so it is only a matter of time before you start seeing my obsession here. Who knows I a might hook a few newbies into the fandom.


Grimm Style

GrimmGirl Makeup life Meme

As always this site will continue to promote cruelty-free makeup and skincare brands in both my skincare and cosmetic sections. My skincare section is very new to GrimmGirl so I will continue to beef up that section. You can look forward to post regarding facial cleansers and moisturizers in the very near future!

I will continue to review products for the cosmetic section of Grimm Style. I have some reviews for products coming up that are brought to you from some makeup brands that I know not everyone is familiar with. I’m always excited to introduce people to new cruelty-free brands. People are often surprised at how many cruelty-free brands there are actually out there! My posts on makeup brushes will also continue!

I will also be doing a post discussing what a cruelty-free makeup brand actually looks like. There is so much red tape and marketing that this issue can become very murky super quick.

What does it mean when a makeup brand says their cruelty-free but their parent company isn’t?

What does it mean when they say they are cruelty-free except when animal testing is legally required?

And some many other questions! I hope my future posts will help shed some light on this topic.

Once a month I will also be doing a post on a current YouTube Makeup Artist I love at the moment. I like many other people am self-taught when it comes to my makeup skills. This means I do a lot of experimenting and watching others do their thing. My hope is to introduce you all to talented makeup artists with the hope that you will enjoy them as much as I do.

Another on of my goals is to work towards filming my own tutorials. I realize that my descriptions of my cruelty-free looks can be a little hard to read through. I’m hoping that by watching video things will be a lot more clear. I do not envision my videos going live until October or November so this will be in the future. Still I think you will all like it, at least I hope you do!

On top of all of that fun stuff I will be adding more content to both my style and accessory sections. My sister is my photographer until I can get my own camera so I really have to work around her schedule. For this reason I can’t give you a more definite timeline for when things will be posted, I can tell you to expect a Misty cosplay and a rockabilly look coming the moment she’s free to photograph!


Personal Grimmiore

GrimmGirl HP

I really never know what is going to be in this section since a lot of it is just written in the moment. I am considering doing some Harry Potter reviews here (I’ve been re-reading the series) so you can look forward to the first book review coming soon.

I will be attending my first con in September, which I will defiantly write about! I’m really excited about going to my first con and dressing up. If you follow me on Twitter/Instagram you know that I have been slowly pulling my Misty cosplay together.


Grimm Challenges

GrimmGirl Lipstick Life

I have finally finished my 30 Day Anime Challenge it only took me roughly 9 months (I know, terrible right?). I will be doing another challenge but this time I’m going to prepare for it a little better. I’m also switching gears and doing a cosmetic themed challenge.

I will be doing a 30-Day Lipstick Challenge and I’m currently working on the posts and scheduling them now. This way I will actually post one everyday instead of once a week. Since I’ve been building them up I will also be able to post in other sections of GrimmGirl simultaneously. So have no fear if lipstick isn’t really your thing. Other posts will be happening too. You can look forward to this challenge starting in November.



Remember when I said that we’ve been getting a lot of new people following and subscribing to GrimmGirl lately. Well I wasn’t exaggerating. We are almost to 100 followers/subscribers! As promised when we hit 100 I will be doing another giveaway. My first to were big successes so I can’t wait for the third one. The only question is what should the gift be?

GrimmGirl Thank you

As you can see we have a lot of great stuff coming to GrimmGirl and I am only able to do this because of everyone reading this. Thank you guys so much! Thank you for continually supporting me and giving me this platform so that I can write and discuss all the things that make me happy. This community is the best!

46 thoughts on “The Future of GrimmGirl

      1. Aw thanks. I do my best to make my blog feel more welcome and unique. I also think your pretty awesome blogger yourself. You got so many creative ideas and you just put them all in your site. You have amazing skills. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’m always here to show my support. You would probably do the same for me too. If you enjoy doing what you doing now, you should keep doing it. If it’s fun, why stop? 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

    1. That’s really good to hear! Yeah I try to make it a point to have new content posted Sun-Thurs and on Friday I do the Flashback Friday so while I’m not writing anything new people get a chance to see what other bloggers have been up to 🙂


      1. It has been a challenge and has taken me some time to get in the groove. In the beginning I just tried posting once a week! Now I have some post built up so that I can still take breaks. I focus on writing 3 posts at least twice a week so that I can continue you build posts up. It’s hard but it makes me happy that everyone can look forward to something new here everyday 😄


      2. Aww, and it really shows all your efforts!
        I have posts for a whole year scheduled for my main blogging day once a month, and the rest I do from time to time. I’m just glad it somehow leads to one post per week xD
        You’re really an inspiration! (ㆁᴗㆁ✿)

        Liked by 1 person

      3. AW thanks! I just find it’s note manageable to have a schedule after I noticed I either wrote a lot in one go or went weeks without any, so scheduling does fix that. Strangely enough having a set schedule, that I thought a lot about, actually made me start new segments/posts and write more because I feel I have leeway to actually write things instead of being in a hurry he he. I actually have a segment slot (Impressions for games demos) until January if I’m not mistaken, so I guess it grows and meshes well with me.
        It took me forever and a day to reach this tho, considering I tried blogging a bunch of times everywhere and always ended up dropping. This one I only retook at the start of this year after a year or so of nothing, and tried a lot of stuff until I reached my current setup (^v^)

        Liked by 1 person

      4. I get exactly what you mean about scheduling feeling like it actually gives you more time to write. I feel the same way. I find that I put out less rushed content because I know I have stuff being published the next do so it won’t matter if I finish the post right away.


      5. Yeah, exactly. Having more time to write is always good 。^‿^。
        I think it might be because having things scheduled mean we aren’t under pressure as much, but whatever it is, I’m just glad it works! xD

        Liked by 1 person

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