Fruits Basket Revisited: Volume 5

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Today is the day for more Fruits Basket manga. I will be reviewing volume 5 today. If you haven’t read Fruits Basket before I urge you to check out my first review Fruits Basket Revisited Volume One and work your way up to this one. While there won’t be spoilers for volume 5 in this review, there will be spoilers for volumes 1-4.

FB Vol 5



Speaking of volume four we need to do a brief recap. Volume four is where we finally meet Akito in an official capacity. He comes to see Tohru and Yuki sees him as well. Throughout the series it has been hinted that Yuki suffers some sort of deep-seated trauma with Akito somehow wrapped up in it. Yuki’s reaction to seeing Akito really gives a lot of insight into Yuki’s character. Saying that Yuki appears to fear Akito seems to be putting things lightly. A more accurate description would be that Yuki dreads coming in contact with Akito.

Luckily Tohru is there and is able to pull Yuki out of his situation. While she doesn’t understand why Yuki seems so terrified she is conscious enough about the situation to know that it is in Yuki’s best interest to get out of there. Say what you will about Tohru’s ditzy side but she really is a good friend.

We are also able to meet Ayame, Yuki’s older brother. He is basically the exact opposite of Yuki. He is incredible flamboyant and makes for a really fun character. Unfortunately the things I love about him are the things that drive Yuki (and Kyo for that matter) crazy. Ayame comes onto the scene with the goal of connecting with Yuki.

We don’t know the exact details but Ayame explains that because of their age difference (They’re ten years apart) he never paid much attention to Yuki growing up. He feels guilty for not being apart of Yuki’s life and wants them to come together as real brothers. Yuki on the other hand mostly just wants him to leave.

We also learned that the reason we have never seen Momiji’s parents and why he lives at the Sohma main house instead of with his family is because his mother doesn’t know he exists. His mother was so distrust after having him that Hatori erased her memories of being his mother.

His father promised to love him enough to make up for the lack of his mother’s love but because she doesn’t know about him Momiji can’t live with his family. He also has a little sister who isn’t part of the zodiac curse who lives with his mother and father and has no idea that she has an older brother. The scene where Momiji told Tohru his backstory made me cry. I just wanted to hug him. The drawing of Tohru hugging Momiji in his rabbit form is one of my favorite drawings of the series.

Finally Tohru also visits her mother’s grave in honor of the day she passed away. This visit is interesting because afterwards both Yuki and Kyo exhibit strange behavior. Yuki finds the red hat Tohru has kept as a memento of her first love since childhood and seems to recall something from his past. Kyo finds Tohru sleeping and apologizes to her as she dreams. What he is apologizing for we have yet to learn.

FB Vol 5 Shigure and Ayame
You know boys this is exactly why Kyo and Yuki get so angry with you :p


Volume 5 Review

I have to say this is probably one of my favorite volumes in the series. Volume 5 is so funny I can’t count the numbers of times I laughed. I have mentioned it before but I love the sense of humor portrayed by each of the characters. I think the comedic side of Fruits Basket is very well written.

One thing to look forward to that is sure to make you laugh is another appearance by Ayame. I’m telling you when he is in a scene you are sure to laugh. Especially when he talks to Yuki. I love seeing their extremely different personalities bounce of each other.

We also get a more in depth look at Yuki’s off the rails fan club. Tohru has had some exchanges with members of the club in the past but thanks to her gal pals Hana and Arisa they haven’t been able to cause much trouble. In this volume we get to meet Motoko Minagawa a third year with very intense Yuki Fangirl Feelings. They decide that the way to get to Tohru is through Hana and the results are pretty laugh worthy in my opinion.

While there are a lot of laughs in this volume it wouldn’t be Fruits Basket without some tears. We are also introduced to a new character that is related to the Sohma family. Her introduction gives a few of the characters an opportunity to for reflection and growth.

Last but not least volume 5 also provides some intimate moments between Kyo, Yuki, and Toruh. What would shojo be without a little romance right? This volume delivers in that category for sure. If you are anything like me you will be provided with many, “Ehhhhhhhh, they’re so cute together” moments.

Speaking of Kyo and Yuki, whom are you rooting for in quest for Tohru’s heart? I ship Kyo and Tohru myself ❤

FB Vol 5 Kyo and Yuki

These Images Belong To Natsuki Takaya and Tokyo Pop

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