Five Anime Currently On My To Watch List

Hello lovely anime fans.

I cannot count the times where an anime has been recommended to me and I’ve responded with, “Yeah that’s on my to watch list,” or, “Oh, that sounds good. I’ll add it to my to watch list.” That list is endless and every time I finish a show it is promptly replaced with ten more. That’s the curse of all anime fans. There are so many shows and just not enough time in the day.

With this in mind I decided to create a list of Five Anime currently waiting to be watched on my never-ending anime list. Someday I will get around to watching them, but it is not this day.


Number One: Soul Eater

Soul Eater

I can’t count the number of people that have recommended this show to me! I think I watched the first two episodes ages ago but never went back. It wasn’t that I didn’t like it I think I was just busy at the time and then I forgot about it. Every time someone mentions it I remember I still have to actually watch it! People are usually surprised that I haven’t seen it because I’m a sucker for those supernatural/magic powers geared anime. An anime about a school run by the Grim Reaper sounds like something I would be into… If I ever watched it.


Number Two: RWBY


This show hasn’t actually been recommended to me by anyone, I just happened to stumble across it on Netflix an it looked interesting. Again I really do like magic geared anime and this one describes a show where a group of girls use their magic powers to save the world, which grabbed my attention. On top of that I thought the animation style looked interesting so I swear one day I will watch it!


Number Three: Your Lie in April

Your lie in april

Every once in a while I like to watch a good dramatic love story and this one sounds like it could be just that. A story about some piano playing genius who loses his mother and his will to play but begins to be inspired again after meeting a violin playing young lady. I certainly smell a romance brewing. Plus there could be the added bonus of a kickass soundtrack and beautiful animation. When I finally get around to watching it I’ll let you know if it ended up being as good as I hope it is.


Number Four: D. Gray Man


Here’s another one that has been recommended to me a lot. It’s on my to watch list I swear! It really does sound like something I’m going to like. I mean come on, a cursed eye that can see evil and the ability to slay demons all in one Exorcist. That’s got to be good! I swear by the end of the year I really will have this one on my WATCHED list instead of my Need to Watch list.


Number Five: One Piece

One Piece1

Yep, yep get your shocked faces out while you can because I have never seen a single episode of One Piece. I’ve watched every episode of Naruto/Naruto Shippuden, Fairy Tail, and Bleach but not a single one from One Piece. Honestly the animation style always turned me away and I never really understood what the point of the show was.

I added it to my to watch list though because I have so many friends obsessed with this show and I don’t have a clue as to what they are talking about! I need to know what all the excitement is about. One of these days I’m just going to have to buckle down and watch the show… That being said I believe it is on its 11th season so I’m hoping I don’t fall to in love with the show and watch it nonstop for days. I remember the day I discovered Naruto. My family didn’t see me for a week.

So there are five of the anime currently on my To Watch List. Trust me there are many more but I thought it would be more practical to stick with five. Otherwise I would be writing for days! What shows are currently on your To Watch List?


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25 thoughts on “Five Anime Currently On My To Watch List

  1. On my watchlist, I need to watch Sailor Moon and Baccano.
    I think you will One Piece and RWBY. I actually seen both and they are great. In my opinion, if you like Bleach and Naruto, you might like One Piece. 😀


      1. Trust me, there are some. Since you are girl, you will come across some shirtless males. You can google up Portgas D. Ace, Trafalgar Law, Monkey D. Luffy, or Zoro and see some pics for yourself.

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  2. My watch list is way too long at this point and generally doesn’t get any shorter. Probably the main ones I need to think about are Haikyu (because it has been recommended endlessly so I need to give it a few episodes at least), some more of the Gundam franchise (only watched a few), and Hunter X Hunter (still haven’t watched the new one and only watched a little of the old anime).
    From reading your list, I now really want to rewatch Soul Eater (one of my favourite ever anime) and I absolutely love D Gray Man.

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    1. Mine is so long to so I’m thinking of making this a monthly sort of thing where I go over shows that I still need to watch. I haven’t seen any in the Gundam franchise (on my watch list) I’ve seen the new Hunter X Hunter which I really like but not the old. Hahaha and I think just about everyone knows how I feel about Haikyu! I hear such good things about Soul Eater and D Gray Man.

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  3. Nice post! I think you’ll like RWBY because the fighting scenes are well made. Prepare your feelings for Your Lie In April! It does have an amazing soundtrack and the story is so beautiful ( even better than what you hope xd ).

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  4. I recently started RWBY and really have enjoyed it thus far. D.Gray Man is fantastic, and one of (IMO) the better English dubs out there. I absolutely fell in love with Soul Eater – Soul and Maka’s relationship is one of my favorites in anime. As for One Piece – I’ve tried several times to get into it, and I’ve just never been hooked enough to sustain my interest enough to make a dent in the years’ worth of episodes it has. Hopefully you have better results!

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    1. This makes me watch to watch Soul Eater even more 🙂 There’s so much to One Piece which is why I’ve been hesitant bc what if I don’t like it? I’ve heard that you have to make it to 2nd season which makes me think of bleach bc 2nd season of bleach is when I really got into bleach.

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      1. I love Bleach as well 🙂 I bought the 1st season on a whim and I was like this is pretty good and then it got to the end when Rukia gets taken back and I was like I have to see what happens next!!! I rented the rest from the library and have been obsessed ever since.

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      2. FWIW I just finished Vol. 2 of RWBY and it is absolutely fantastic. I love the animation style – sometimes I watch so much “traditional” anime that something different is a breath of fresh air (for example, Thunderbolt Fantasy, my current favorite show to watch!). And the fight scenes are incredibly well done. Probably going to spend the rest of the evening watching Vol. 3 on Cruncyroll now. 🙂

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  5. I feel you about it being endless :’D
    I haven’t seen any of these, but they’re on my watchlist too xD;
    I recc you to watch Daiya no Ace too, really great sports anime 😛

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      1. Never ending hobbies…it is both our curse and our luck~
        Woooo ۹(˒௰˓)۶

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