What’s a Brow Brush?

Greetings makeup lovers!

As you may recall I will be going over different types of makeup brushes and their uses. I recognize that makeup brush shopping can be extremely overwhelming if you are new to the makeup scene. I know the first time I went into a shop looking for any eyebrow brush I ended up totally confused and leaving empty handed. There were so many different ones from different brands! I had no idea what each one did.

This story led me to create my current series of posts discussing makeup brushes. If you haven’t scene my first post What’s a Lip Brush? take a moment to check it out. Otherwise this post will power ahead discussing one of my most used brushed my brow brush.

Brows shape your face and can update your look with minimal makeup. Just by filling in your brows you can look more put together without going through a lot of makeup hassle. So if you’re in a rush or just not feeling like doing a full face, simply doing your brows can make a big difference in your look.

You’re going to want a brow brush to help shape and blend your brush if you are using powder or a gel like pomade. They are also handy to have around to blend your brows if you get a little heavy handed with your eyebrow pencil. I basically do my eyebrows everyday so this brush is a much needed for me.

So who needs this brush?

A look at the Ulta Brow Brush (this is the brow brush I use)

Anyone who wants to start shaping and doing their brows! Trust me, it is a must for eyebrows. Now a brow brush and an angled brush look pretty damn similar. Honestly you can use an angled brush as a brow brush no problem. I personally like having the brow brush because I feel like I’m able to create more feathered strokes creating a more natural looking eyebrow. It seems to blend better than my angled brush. That could all just be in my head though, so take if for what it’s worth!

So if you are looking to create those fabulous “brows on fleek” you might want to invest in a brow brush. Currently I am using a brow brush I purchased through Ulta Beauty’s IT brush line. If you want to check it out for yourself click on the link below!

eyebrows on fleek

Ulta Brow Brush

If you are currently using a brow brush leave some feedback below. It’s a great way for other readers in the community to get an idea for what brow brushes are available.


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