The Last Day: Anime I Wish Never Ended

Hello again Grimm Community!

It is finally here everyone. The day I have been working for. The day you have all been waiting for. The last day of my 30 Day Anime Challenge.

30 week anime challenge
I did it!

If this is your first time on GrimmGirl I should explain to you that even though this is challenge says it’s 30 Days it actually took me about… 30 weeks. I know! Doesn’t that sound terrible? That’s not the point though. The point is I actually finished it. I didn’t drop it half way through; I stuck with it to the end. I’m happy about that.

Day 30 of this challenge is a fitting way to end this challenge I feel. The question is anime that I wish never ended. There are of course tons of anime I wish never ended. Anyone who is into anime has been in this same boat. Anxiously waiting to hear if your show is going to get that next season and then…. BOOM! Dropped. It’s the worst.

Skip Beat ends

While there are many anime (sadly) that fall into this category the first one that came to mind for me was Skip Beat. I’m actually still really crabby about this and cannot understand the thought process behind it. Skip Beat is one of the funniest anime I have ever watched. I literallylaughed out loud” multiple times during every episode.


The plotline was also solid. The story revolves around Kyoko, a young girl who basically gives up everything to support her childhood friend’s dreams of becoming a singer. She doesn’t go to high school and works multiple jobs so that she can pay everything for him and he can focus on his career. One day after all of her hard work he kicks her to the curb. WHAT A JERK!

This could’ve been a time for her to go into Bella Swan mourning mode but instead she does something beautiful. She gets pissed. She makes a vow to basically steal Shotaro’s dream and become the biggest celebrity Japan has ever seen, a true star. The show circles around Kyoko trying to make that dream a reality and the antics, struggles, and people she meets along the way.

Skip Beat Kyoko
Yes, let the crazy out Kyoko!

For some reason unknown to anyone but the Anime gods it only got TWENTY-FIVE EPISODES. What a load of crap. Luckily for me the manga continues the story so I wasn’t left completely hanging. I also found the manga to be just as great as far as the comedic side of the anime went so that was a relief.

So there you have it everyone. My challenge is complete. If you want to start at the beginning please check out my first post First Anime I Ever Watched or if you want to see someone else’s take on this challenge check out the blogs brought to you by these amazing people.




Mistress Yaoi





10 thoughts on “The Last Day: Anime I Wish Never Ended

  1. Whoo! Congrats on finishing the challenge! And thanks for the little shout-out! 🙂

    For me, the one I picked for this category is Baccano. Excellent series, ongoing manga, but only sixteen episodes. Sixteen!

    Now, quick question: what’s your favorite anime soundtrack? 😛

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  2. Congrats on finishing the challenge, I could never do it. I just grouped it into one post and that was it, scheduled it for this incoming month and all. Too much work otherwise xD;
    Oh man, Skip Beat! It’s a travesty it only got one season, I followed the manga for a while, but it’s hard to read ongoing manga and remember, so when I looked into the anime I got pretty bummed it was only those. I do want to watch it :’D

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    1. It was def a challenge and it took me forever! Props to everyone who does it in 30 days lol. Skip beat is so good it is hard to keep up with every chapter so I usually just wait for the volumes to come out. There’s a lot of Thise for Skip Beat tho lol. Irving their on vol 39 or something like that


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