What’s a Lip Brush?

Hello to everyone who follows GrimmGirl and to anyone else who is just popping by!

I mentioned on my Twitter a while ago that I would be starting a series on GrimmGirl looking at different types of makeup brushes. I don’t know about everyone else but the first time I walked into a makeup store to by an eyeshadow brush I was completely overwhelmed.

There were literally about fifty different types of brushes and I had no idea what any of them were for. I totally chickened out and got the hell out of there to do research before I came back. One thing I noticed was a lack of content available telling me exactly what each brush was for. So I spent a lot of time figuring things out on my own. It was this struggle that lead me to want to make things easier on everyone else.

Today we’ll start with one of my  favorite brushes that I own…

The Lip Brush

Currently my favorite lip brush is sold by Sugarpill Cosmetics and I use it pretty regularly. So what do I use it for? Applying lipstick seems a little obvious but that is what I use it for. The unobvious part is the types of lips I’m able to create with a great lip brush. Ever wanted to create a cool ombre lips like all those YouTube makeup artists, but when you try they never seem to blend just right? You my friend need a lip brush.

makeup brush sugarpill
My Sugarpill Lip Brush

I also use it to apply every day lip products even when I’m not trying to do anything crafty with my lips. For example there are quite a few cosmetic lines that have great lipsticks but shit lip wands… I’m looking at you NYX Cosmetics. I use my lip brush to smoothly apply my lipstick.

Oh, and if you notice on my Instagram when I talk about using two lipsticks to create a specific color, you can assume I mixed those colors together and then applied it with my lip brush. Much easier that way then using my fingers and you do not want to cross contaminate by using your lipstick wand.

Also if you cosplay or you create costume makeup looks than a brush will be super handy. Again it is better at being more precise so depending on what character you are trying to create you may need something more versatile than a lipstick or liquid lipstick wand.

The next benefit is that I find my lip brush to be much more precise than a lot of the applicator or lipsticks. We all have different lips so not every lipstick and applicator is going to work perfectly for our lips. A lip brush comes in handy for those times.

Finally some lipsticks/glosses don’t come with an applicator. House of Beauty’s Lip Hybrid lipstick/lip glosses is a perfect example of that. It is much easier to use a lip brush than it is to try to apply with your finger.


Who Should Get This

If you want to create creative lips, mix lipsticks to create new colors, create cosplay looks/costume makeup, or have a hard time applying your lipstick/lip gloss precisely than investing in a lip brush might be something you should look into.

If you are more of a casual makeup wearer than a lipstick brush may not be necessary for your life. Why spend money on a brush you are not going to use frequently, am I right?

Hope you all found this helpful and look forward to more posts similar to this about makeup brushes in the future. Any particular brush you want me to discuss sooner rather than later? Comment below 🙂

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