Anime I Wish Was REAL

Whhhoooo Hoooo!

After this I will only have one more post to write for this anime challenge. Luckily for me Day (Week) 29 was super easy for me to think of. Todayโ€™s challenge is to name the anime that I wish was real.

Double dipping be damned (Iโ€™ve done it so often at this point) but the anime that I wish more than anything was real has to beโ€ฆ Fairy Tail!

Fairy Tail is just everything I wish would happen in my life.

First off magic is awesome. I was a Harry Potter kid and I grew up with the series so my dream of actually being able to preform magic started young. When my Hogwarts letter didnโ€™t show up when I turned 11 I was devastated. I think this sparked my interest so that Iโ€™m just naturally drawn to anime focused on special powers.

Second off I love the idea of being in a guild. Having family like that thatโ€™s always there for you. Helping you to get better and cheering you on is really amazing. It looks like such a fun guild and place to be. I bet you never get board somewhere like that!

Third off I think it would be great to have all of those adventures. I think lots of people want to be able to have extraordinary experiences like the characters of Fairy Tail have. I mean can you imagine living in that anime for real? It would be so cool.

If Fairy Tail was real Iโ€™d join their guild or Sabertooth as a second (once Sting takes over obviously) and my magic would be water based.


What about you?

Fairy Tail Guild

I Do Not Own These Images

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