Umineko (When They Cry) Episode 1 Turn of the Golden Witch

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As you know I’m still working on my volume manga reviews for Fruits Basket and Sailor Moon but I thought it was about time I added another one to chip away at. If you have never heard of Umineko: When They Cry you are in for a treat. I should warn you though this series is a 180 from Fruits Basket and Sailor Moon as far as genres go. Which is exactly why I thought it would make a nice addition. Got break things up a bit!

Umineko (When They Cry): Legend of the Golden Witch Episode 1 is written by Ryukishino7 with artwork done by Kei Natsumi, I’ve already read part of the series but I haven’t finished it. I decided to start again with volume one for GrimmGirl and work my way back up.

Umineko Battler

“Each year, the Ushiromiya family gathers at the secluded mansion of its Patriarch, the elderly Kinzo. It has been six years since Battler joined his cousins at their annual event, but their happy reunion is overshadowed by worsening weather and an eerie premonition from his youngest cousin- not to mention their parents’ feud over the inheritance. 

Battler doesn’t hold much stock in Dark Omens, nor does he believe the Tales of the Witch rumored to have given his grandfather a fortune in gold… And who walks the halls of the mansion to this day… But when the eighteen family members and servants are trapped on the island by the raging Typhoon, the grisly events that follow leave Battler shaken to his core.

Is one of his relatives desperate enough to kill for the family fortune? Or is this the work of the Golden Witch?”

As you can tell from the description this falls into a more supernatural/crime sort of category. It is a graphic manga as far as the crime scenes are concerned and is rated older teen. So keep this in mind.

I LOVE this manga. 

I think the storyline is great and it really keeps you interested. If anyone here has ever read Agatha Christie’s book And Then There Were None (formally known as Ten Little Indians but thankfully has since been changed) this story has that same sort of vibe.

Essentially eighteen people are stuck on an island and a horrible crime takes place. Nobody knows who is responsible for it but because of a horrible storm they can’t call for help or get off the island till the next day.

Leading up to the crime and afterwards you are introduced to the characters and glean a little bit about everyone’s lives. You learn that their Grandfather is dying and also obsessed with the occult.

Umineko Krauss

He is convinced that the witch Beatrice truly exists. His children are convinced that he just made her up in order to cause chaos in the inheritance discussions. His grandchildren think that Beatrice is just a story made up to scare them when they were kids… That is all of them except the youngest, Maria, who is convinced that Beatrice not only exists, but is on the island among them.

Battler is the main character in the story and he refuses to believe that witches or the occult are anything more than a bunch of nonsense. However when Maria hands over a letter that she claims came from Beatrice everything the family thought they new slowly tumbles into chaos.

Things become even worse when a crime is committed and family members begin suspecting one another. Battler doesn’t want to believe anyone in his family could do such a horrible thing. They may be obsessed with money and petty with each other but at the end of the day they would never purposely hurt each other… Right?

If it wasn’t one of them though then who was it? Is it possible that there is a nineteenth person on the island? Is it Beatrice and if so what does she want?

The first volume ends with Battler trying to figure out the answers to these questions while trying to stay sane himself.

If you’re into to supernatural crime manga I highly recommend you check this series out! I can’t wait to come back with my review of episode 2.

Umineko Maria


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9 thoughts on “Umineko (When They Cry) Episode 1 Turn of the Golden Witch

    1. Me too 😀 the second volume is so good! I can’t wait to talk about it. The second volume is when things really start getting crazy. Which is saying something what with everything that happens in the first volume.

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      1. ughh buying this series is so expensive and confusing (at first). I’d always forget which volumes i needed bc it’s always episode 1 +2 xD i also had to buy these from conventions bc the bookstores don’t carry it >_<

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  1. I’ve heard good things about the manga adaptation of the games, so it’s nice to they were faithful and did a good job ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ
    I believe the games are getting officially released by MangaGamer soon, so maybe keep your eye out for that~ (^v^)

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