Most Badass Scene From Any Character? Easy.

It’s a GrimmGirl miracle people. For the first time in my history with this challenge I did NOT have to think about this for a zillion years. In fact it popped directly into my head no problem. It’s “Day” 27 of this anime challenge and the question is, “Name the most badass scene from any character”.

This is a no brainer.

This scene comes from Cowboy Bebop. Now if you have never watched Cowboy Bebop than you need to stop reading this and GO WATCH THE SHOW! Seriously, or I cannot forgive your life. I’m sure I mentioned this in my Day 2: Favorite Anime You’ve Watched So Far post but Cowboy Bebop is one of my all time favorite anime. Actually it’s one of my all time favorite shows period.

The scene I’m about to talk about does have a spoiler so for those of you who have yet to watch the show you have been warned. For the rest of you I bet you can guess where I’m going with my answer to this question.

The most badass scene from any character has to be…. (Drum Roll) Spike’s final scene!

Oh. MY. GOD.

That scene is so perfect I can’t even with my life right now. How do I even describe it in words. Not only was it just the greatest scene but it is my all time favorite ending. It fit his character and the show perfectly. There is all this drama leading up to the showdown between Spike and Vicious and then it comes to it’s dramatic closure.

After everything is said and done Spike simple staggers down and says… Bang, falls to the floor and dies. Perfect. I was blown away the first time I saw it and every time since. For me there will never be a character as badass as Spike was in the final moment of his life.

Alright everyone, don’t be shy? Do you agree with my vote for most badass scene or do you have another? Comment below 😀


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17 thoughts on “Most Badass Scene From Any Character? Easy.

      1. Why is it always the cool characters that suffer the most? Spike was one tough guy.
        Oh yeah, I have been meaning to say this. I like your new profile picture with Persian. You look fantastic. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. It’s pretty sad but at least they know how to die and the most memorable way. No one can be better than Spike.
        You’re welcome. Keep it up on looking great. *holds thumbs up*

        Liked by 1 person

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