Welcome to GrimmGirl Lita Kino! First Collab: My Neighbor Totoro

Hey everyone!

Today we have a super special post for GrimmGirl! My very first collaboration with the very talented Lita Kino from LitaKino Anime Corner. We swapped anime movie suggestions so while she’s guest spotting here reviewing My Neighbor Totoro you can see my review of Children Who Chase Lost Voices on her site! Be sure to check it out and enjoy Lita’s swag Totoro review 😀


Second Collaboration is here!!!!

If you haven’t read the first collaboration I did with Daz girl from Unotaku click here~!

It feels to complete another of my goals and do collaborations with other bloggers, but takes time to plan and work out what you want to do. For this collaboration I teamed up with a familiar face in this community at the moment, she’s a cracker for a anime blogger, Kat from Grimm Girl. She was one of many people who responded to a tweet from a month ago I announced was looking to collab with blogger friends.

For our collaboration together we chose to pick an anime movie for one another to watch and give our thoughts on it afterwards in a post. Kat chose for me a iconic anime film which I had never seen, had been meaning to for so long.

My Neighbor Totoro

Totoro is Studio ghibli main icon, I love this studio as the next anime fan does for their magical, realistic life approach to their films. I’ve seen some of their popular works Howl’s moving castle and spirited away but not the most Iconic of them all My neighbour Totoro. So for a long time I was holding a shame sign on me for years, for never getting around to seeing this film. I am glad Kat chose this movie for me to watch, as I know it’s a very dear movie to her.

My neighbor totoro premise surrounds two young girls Satsuki and Mei, who move to the country with their dad. They move so they are closer to the hospital of where there mother is recovering from a illness. Satsuki and Mei learn of the spirits of the forests, that only children can see them not anyone else can. They both encounter the “keeper of the forest” a big like rabbit creature Totoro and all of the other spirit creatures.

So what did I think of this Iconic movie?

It didn’t take long for the main theme song of the movie to be stuck in my head “Totoro, Totoro”, that’ll stick around for a while. I ended up loving this movie to pieces, which I really didn’t think I would. The whole premise of the story was setup brillantly at the start of the movie, I had a good introduction to the two main girls Satsuki and Mei. Two very lively, happy girls moving to the country with their dad, so they can be closer to their mum who was in the hospital due to a long term illness.

Satsuki and Mei were just adorable and their bond as sisters throughout the movie is really touching, reminded me how my relationship was with my sister at a young age. At both their age they have such unlimited freedom, there characters are a great reminded of anyone who was at that age once. I watched the film in dubbed and finding out Dakoto Fanning and Elle Fanning, sisters voiced the main girls, was rather surprised. I love them as Satsuki and Mei they brought out the full potential of every child’s childish nature.

What I was most excited about seeing in this movie was Totoro himself, so many people love this iconic mascot. After seeing him, If I was Mei in the scene of discovering Totoro I would be a little scared in honesty. He’s not this cuddly rabbit thing I had imagined him to be, Totoro is cute but some of his expressive was a little creepy. Though those expressive faces he makes is part of his unique characteristics as a character.

My neighbor Totoro is indeed a anime film for all ages. It’s a film that anyone will be able to relate to because of how ordinary the main plot is, family moving to a new house, new life, sick mother. The magical, fantasy elements just add to the excitement of the enjoyment of the film and don’t let it shy away from the realism in the plot. So ordinary plot with a mini magical twist to it, is what I loved most about this film. I cannot see how anyone could not love this movie, it was pure enjoyment for me to watch.

Studio Ghibli from the beginning has this amazing ability to enchant you with it’s fantasy, magical themes mixed with a real life aspect approach. Totoro rides on the big theme of family very strongly and why I believe this movie will relate to so many people.

Again I thankyou Kat from Grimm Girl for doing this collaboration with me, I got a lot of out of this, for another ghibli movie for me to buy and re watch. Please check out
Grimm Girl’s blog, she does anime related content as well as covering other interests she has.

I hope everyone enjoyed this little collaboration piece, if you ever wish to collaborate with me head on over to my Contact Me page.

I’ll see you all in the next post !! 😀


21 thoughts on “Welcome to GrimmGirl Lita Kino! First Collab: My Neighbor Totoro

  1. lol! i think there’s been a lot of people who have told me to watch this when they learn i haven’t watched it yet and it sounds like a really cute movie but $30…>_> i will one day though! and that part about totoro being different than what you expected L-O-L

    can’t wait to see kat’s post! (it’s not out yet right? i didn’t see it @_@)

    Liked by 3 people

    1. It IS expensive I finally broke down and bought it this year but I watched this movie around the time it first came out lol. I just couldn’t get past the price! I’m glad I have it now but handing over the money was hard hahaha. I think Lita’s will be up a bit later. I forgot (again) about our timezone differences when I scheduled mine to post lol. Ah, well it will work out in the end!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. oh i should check amazon! i find that best buy still has them at normal price?? or at least when i go they usually are >_<

        Liked by 2 people

  2. I definitely thought this was a cute movie, and had a few feels moments, but also felt it was very not what I expected and hyped for. I agree that Totoro isn’t as cuddly and cute at first scene, but he did grow on me. Tho the cat bus was creepy, and forever will be @_@
    Ghibli’s peak will forever be Spirited Away for me, might be nostalgia speaking since it was the first I watched, but none impacted me as much. Mind you, I haven’t watched any after Ponyo being pretty disappointing :’D

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I do love Spirited Away and it was my first Ghibli movie so it will always hold a special place in my heart as well. Something about Totoro has always stayed with me though I get emotional every time and I’ve always thought it was one of the more unique films. I remember enjoying The Secret World of Arrietty but I haven’t watched it since theatre… I KNOW I liked it more than Ponyo though lol.


      1. Spirited Away was the one that most people started/met Ghibli with, tho my absolute fave is Whisper of the Heart (-^〇^-)
        Aww! Totoro is definitely emotional, in those parts specially so, and even I got misty-eyed ╥﹏╥
        Arrietty was beautiful and a great movie, 10/10 would watch again! Unlike Ponyo. I think Arrietty was overlooked because it was sandwiched between major movies, but it was one of the most enjoyable ones since Spirited Away. As much as I like Howl’s (the book I like way more), it did not have the glitter of Spirited Away, it focused too much on the war aspects. Arrietty brought back that shine and life from their previous works (-^〇^-)


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