First GrimmGirl Q & A

Hi everyone 😀 Welcome to a very special Friday Edition Post! It was my birthday on Tuesday so I decided it would b fun to do a Q & A style post. I would like to thank everyone who submitted questions on my Twitter. This post literally wouldn’t be possible without you.

So let’s get to the questions! I hope you enjoy reading my answers to these questions as much as I enjoyed responding.

What is your spirit animal?

Honestly this is going to sound so expected but my spirit animal is probably… a cat. I know how ironic with my name being Kat and everything. It’s true though so I guess my parents just named me well.

I feel like cats are a bit of a contradiction just like me. We want to be around people but we want to be solitary. I don’t know if this is all cats, but my cat is more active at night, just like me. I’m not big about getting up in the morning, but I will if food’s involved. Speaking of food, if I’m not feed when I’m hungry I’ll get super grumpy. Oh, and don’t be surprised if after I eat I curl up and take a nap.

What’s your dream car?

My dream car is the Impala from Supernatural however in my version it is fuel-efficient. What can I say? I’m an environment lover.

Is an oatmeal cookie a real cookie?

The only time oatmeal cookies are in fact cookies are when they have delicious chocolate chips in them. Otherwise they are just lies.

Raisins in my “cookies”?

Get that mess out of here.

How did you meet your husband?

This is a totally cute story but my husband and I have known each other since GRADE SCHOOL! My mom was actually his third grade teacher. I was a year older then him and we finally became good friends my senior year of high school and started dating. We’ve been together ever since J So basically we’re high school sweethearts ❤

Do you every press the snooze button? Can you tell us a tragically funny related to alarm clocks and being late?

I press my alarm button like it’s my job. To give you an example I set three alarms because I know that I’ll snooze past the first two. It’s terrible. I have a problem. This type of behavior of course leads to terrible consequences. When will I ever learn?

As many of you know I teach third grade, what you might not know is that I commute an hour to work each day. One day I snoozed my alarm so many times it just SHUT OFF I woke up at 7:50 am… SCHOOL STARTS AT 8:00 am!!!! I had to call work plus still drive there. On top of that it was winter and the roads were terrible. I ended up not getting to work until almost 9:40 am. Luckily, we were getting ready for our winter concert so the kids were basically at practice all morning.

It was super embarrassing though! I can laugh about it now but at the time I was mortified. On top of being late half the school thought that I must of run off the roads or something when I wasn’t there at 7:45 am (when teachers are required to be at school) so I spent my morning explaining to everyone that I just snoozed my alarm clock…

What’s your dream job?

You know I once watched a TED Talks about this homeschooled kid who talked about how people often ask what he wants to be when he grows up and he responds, “I just want to be happy.” That has stuck with me every since I watched it because I don’t think enough people aim for that and really it is what we should aim for.

So my dream job is honestly just to be happy. I want to find a job that adds to my happiness. Currently I’m a teacher and I work on this website and both of these things make me super happy. I also started a band and sing and write music for it. That makes me happy as well. As long as I can continue to do things that make me happy and I’m fortunate enough to support myself and my family with it then I’ll be living my dream job.

My dream job right now then is to support myself with my website and music along with being able to continue to teach in one capacity or another. Being happy is the most important thing though so I’ll continue to pursue this as long as it continues to make me happy. Hopefully that continues for a long time!

Thank you to everyone who submitted questions for GrimmGirl’s first Q & A post. It was a lot of fun and I hope to do more in the future.

13 thoughts on “First GrimmGirl Q & A

  1. 1. i’m not into animals much but cats sounds like me xD
    2. you have just destroyed me, how can you say such things about my wonderful and healthy oatmeal cookie?! and who said anything about raisins ;-; LOL
    3. you’re married?!?! oh wow i totally didn’t know that xD and that’s such a cute story!!! did you know him in grade school? or is that something you two came to realize later in life? (that your mom was his teacher)
    4. omg that story is perfect, just what i needed xD i’m sure everyone was able to relax once they knew you were ok, i know winters can get really bad >_<
    5. that's actually a really nice answer and i think a lot of people should be aiming for this more often but i also think it's hard to when you're barely starting out what with school debts and all (if you went to school or have debts). i like it !

    ahhh this was really fun! i can't wait for the next one xD

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bahaha they need chocolate chips!!! It brings out the yumminess 😀
      He’s actually a year younger than me and we went to the same elementary, middle, and high school. So I’ve know him for a long time! Especially since our parents work together. It just wasn’t tell high school I actually started really talking to him.
      Yeah I can def laugh about my alarm clock incident now lol
      It’s def hard to work on just being happy. Even now I have to catch myself and think, “Why am I doing this if it’s making me so grumpy?”
      I’m glad you enjoyed this 😀

      Liked by 1 person

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