Blogger in the Spotlight: Wayward Wanton

It’s August, which means it is time for a new Blogger in the Spotlight. This next blogger is a pretty special one, I may be a smidge biased though seeing as she’s my little sister! That’s right, this month’s blogger is none other than Torri Nicole blogger extraordinaire at WaywardWanton. You may recognize that name from my Ethical Look: Little Gray Dress that I posted awhile back. As you may recall she was my wonderful photographer!

Torri and Katrina Kids
Look! It’s Torri and I as little kids 🙂 Can you tell who’s who?

Normally my Blogger in the Spotlight posts have featured someone in the anime/gaming scene, or the makeup/animal rights scene but Torri falls into a completely different category. Knowing her as well as I do I can tell you one thing, Torri, much like her blog, is hard to categorize. That being said I’m about to give you three good reasons you need to check her out.

Reason One: Poetry

My sister is a very talented poet; it runs in the family, my father could also turn a verse like no other. Torri has a more free verse style and I love that about her. Her poetry doesn’t find it necessary to follow a set of rules it just flows. For me her words bring a sense of freedom, it gives me the ability to be more in the moment with what she’s writing instead of focusing on her structure.

Torri and Katrina Selfie
We took this after Torri came back from England. I like to think her world experiences help her blogging.

Reason Two: Blogging and Fiction

I have always been and will always be very jealous and proud of my sister’s writing style. She showcases exactly what I’m talking about in the Blogging and Fiction portions of her site. Her blogging entries honestly read like short stories. I’m always impressed by her storytelling ability.

Her fiction short stories are also great. She has a way of writing that sort of pushes your limits. In some ways she reminds me of one of my favorite authors Neil Gaiman, she has the ability to make you feel slightly uncomfortable. The way you feel when you’re facing harsh truths. I love her writing because it forces me to think about things. How do I feel about it? Sometimes I feel like we do not encounter enough literature that truly forces us to think.


Reason Three: She’s An Up and Comer

Torri’s site is fairly new to the blogging world so she doesn’t have a ton of content, but we all start at the bottom and work our way up. It too me eight months to get over 100 posts on GrimmGirl and it can seem really daunting in the beginning, having your own blog and all. I know that having people support my blog helped me to continue writing.

We are creating such an awesome community here on GrimmGirl and across the anime/beauty community in general and the reason for that is that we are all constantly supporting each other. I love finding new blogs that are in their first moments because I can remember how it felt the first time anyone followed me or liked/commented on something I wrote.

It was the best thing in the world to feel like I was belonging somewhere and that people were acknowledging what I had to say. I still get that way to be honest! So for me to help someone else gain that same exposure is really what my Blogger in the Spotlight posts are all about. I want to support other bloggers just like this community has supported me.

Torri and Katrina Wedding
Yeah she’s taller than me 😦 but I won’t hold that against her. She’s a great writer so check her out!



If you want to check out a cool chicks poetry, fiction stories, and entries on her life than Torri Nicole is for you. Give it a look and leave some J faces to let her know I sent you. It’s kind of like a blogger raid (if you’re into gaming then you will get that reference). I’m providing her link below so check it out!


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