Favorite Anime Fight Scene? Why Not Just Ask Me To Explain Quantum Physics? It Would Be Easier.

Oh my goodness everyone, if I don’t finish this Anime Challenge soon everyone who just started is going to finish before me. I’m going to keep moving forward and maybe just maybe I’ll finish before Christmas.

I am on Day 26 of the anime challenge, favorite fight scene! Now this is a challenge. One of the reasons this challenge has taken me so long is because sometimes I really can’t choose. This is perfect example of one of those times. So instead I decided to look at this question another way and focus on an anime fight that meant the most to me.

With that in mind I there was only one option to go with. Naruto VS. Sauske Valley of the End!

Naruto vs Sauske

Before we get into it I feel a little backstory is needed for this fight. If you haven’t seen Naruto you may or may not want to read ahead. Technically what I’m about to reveal is a spoiler but it’s one of those spoilers that I feel everyone knows about. That being said at least you’ve been warned.

Here’s thing about Naruto, there are tons of fight scenes to choose from so out of all of them why have I chosen this one? Let me plead my case.

For me this was the fight that changed everything. Up until this point I had enjoyed Naruto but this fight between Naruto and Sauske made me obsessed with the show. Up until that point as silly as Naruto could be he always came through and somehow his little speeches and head-strong attitude was always enough to make people see that maybe what they were doing wasn’t the way to go. The one time that it mattered most to Naruto though was the one time he couldn’t change someone’s mind.

This fight scene is also the first time Naruto and Sauske are 100% honest with one another. Both of them lay everything out on the table and in the end it just isn’t enough. It’s because of this fight that I think Naruto is able to grow as a fighter himself. Naruto had always wanted to beat Sauske but after this he realizes he wants to save Sauske. This gives him more motivation to better himself than simply beating Sauske ever would, or could I believe.

After this moment everything changes for Naruto, the Leaf Village, and the story in general. Before Sauske’s departure it was just Naruto going on adventures but after this it seemed like things got more serious. It’s this reasons that will always make the first fight between Naruto and Sauske one of my favorites ❤ I’ll admit I prefer the Japanese voice actors but I couldn’t find a good sub clip of the fight so please enjoy this one.


What are some of your favorite fight scenes?

30 thoughts on “Favorite Anime Fight Scene? Why Not Just Ask Me To Explain Quantum Physics? It Would Be Easier.

  1. kind of random but this fight was the reason i stopped watching naruto, i just couldn’t take them legit fighting each other orz so you could say for me this was the fight that had the biggest impact on my otaku heart lol

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    1. I totally get that actually. This fight was so hard on me. I think I might have cried in the end. I just couldn’t believe Sauske just left him like that 😢 I was hooked after this though bc I needed to see Naruto knock some sense into Sauske.

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      1. (takes a moment to consider how to summarize this without spoiling the whole thing…)

        A penniless swordsman with no name (“Nanashi” means “no name”) meets a young boy who is being hunted by foreign operatives so they can sacrifice him in an arcane ritual. The nameless stranger chooses, for his own reasons, to protect the boy. The situation is further complicated by the intrigue between the foreign envoys and the local powers that be.

        It felt a bit Shakespearean to me when I watched it. 🙂

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      2. WAIT! I actually know what you’re talking about now. I just didn’t recommend the name but this sounds like an anime my brother recommended to be and I just hadn’t gotten around to watching. You liked it a lot though?

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  2. I remember this part of the anime. It was epic but sad. It was the same feeling when seeing Goku first fought Vegeta but this battle was different. Naruto actually cared about Sasuke and he was willing to go to extreme lengths to convince him to come back. This moment made history.

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      1. I think when Naruto finally confronts Sauske produced all the feels. Naruto was able to truly see how far Sauske had fallen and still was able to have faith in him even though Sauske didn’t have any faith in Naruto. Ahhh the feels!

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      2. There is a lot. It’s funny because in the classic Naruto, we see these kids go through a lot of growth and life-risking missions. We learn from these kids. If you want to buy them, I will support you.

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      3. Like we said before, we kind of grew up with Naruto. Now with the story over, anything is possible with the new generation. Funny how it’s a story about a kid who people believed that he was going to succeed and he ends being a hero. 🙂

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      4. Yeah. We started off young and then when it finished, we grew up being mature adults and leading a new generation. I like Naruto. Just looking at this fight scene you posted reminds me of the good times when my friends back school would always talk about. 🙂

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