Sugarpill False Lashes: Daydreamer

Ohiyo everyone! Thanks for reading another one of my product reviews. Today’s review is all about Sugarpill Cosmetics false lashes. I haven’t reviewed a Sugarpill product since my review of their Cold Chemistry Eye Shadow Palette. This is a pretty big shame since Sugarpill happens to be one of my favorite cosmetic brands. Not only are they cruelty-free but the company offers a ton of vegan products as well.

Sugarpill is basically my go to place for false lashes. In fact I would say 99.9% of the time if you ask me where my lashes came from they’re probably Sugar Pill lashes. Today I will be reviewing their lashes Daydreamer. Sugarpill describes their lashes as:

“No look is complete without a pair of fantastic lashes to enhance those gorgeous eyes of yours! False lashes are the quickest, easiest way to open up your eyes and make them appear infinitely larger. Once you try our fabulous falsies, you’ll wonder how you lived without them!”

Sugarpill Daydreamer Lashes3



Sugarpill is easier to obtain online than in a store. They do have their products supplied with some stockists, you are not going to walk into your average Sephora and find Sugarpill products. While they do ship internationally they are still unavailable to ship to some countries. These countries include Italy, Mexico, Kuwait, and Nigeria. If you are living in Italy and Mexico there is a silver lining. They do have some stockists options available in those countries. Sadly for my Kuwait and Nigeria friends they are still working to get their products with stockists in your country.

These particular lashes are pretty long and dramatic. I love them but I recognize that not everyone is going for this particular look. The good news is that Sugarpill offers an insanely wide collection of false lashes so you can look for some that are less dramatic. My favorite everyday lashes are Lullaby and if you want to know how they look check out my Cruelty-Free Soft and Sweet Wedding Look.

Sugarpill Daydreamer Lashes2


I know above I said that one of the cons was that this lash was very dramatic, well I’m adding the fact that these lashes are very dramatic to my pro list as well! I love that they’re so dramatic! Their huge and long and I’m obsessed with that. I really can’t find lashes this long in the stores so these are fabulous in my opinion.

These eyelashes are made from natural human hair. This is a pro in my book because this means their cruelty free and I also like how they blend with my natural eyelashes fairly seamlessly. These lashes are also reusable when stored properly.

The cost is right up my alley as well their only $7 (plus shipping and handling) on top of being reusable. That is money well spent in my book. Plus Sugarpill does flat rate shipping of $6 for all U.S. orders and free shipping for orders over $100. For my U.S. readers this is pretty good news!

As everyone knows putting on lashes is not my strong suit. With that reminder in mind I will tell you that Sugarpill lashes have so far been the easiest lashes for me to apply. I think it is because they aren’t so flimsy as the ones I have previously bought in the store.

Finally, and this is more of general, “Why Sugarpill lashes are amazing” they have a pretty huge collection of lashes. I said it above and I will say it again! I think their huge collection is good for especially cosplayers to take note of because this might be the first place you check out for lashes to complete your look. It’s also a great place for makeup enthusiasts and they occasional false lash wearer. For example when you just need lashes to complete that Halloween look.


Final Thoughts

I totally recommend this product. Sugarpill lashes are my favorite lashes in general to buy and I really love the dramatic flair Daydreamer lashes brings to the table. They are so long and really bring your attention straight to the eyes. Perfect! I’m including two links below. The first one will take you to Sugarpill Cosmetics Daydreamer Lashes in case you want to check them out yourself and the second will take you to Sugarpill Cosmetics stockists list where you can find them in your country if you are unable to order internationally.

Daydreamer False Lashes

Sugarpill Stockists

Sugarpill Daydreamer Lashes

Thanks for reading this review today. Make sure to comment below with thoughts on this post and any suggestions for future posts.

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