Enchanted in the Moonlight: Samon

Hi everyone! I was looking at the stats for GrimmGirl and I noticed that my reviews for Enchanted in the Moonlight have been getting a lot of love lately. That makes me really happy. I hope you all enjoy my review of Samon’s route as much as you have enjoyed the rest. If this is your first time visiting GrimmGirl and you want to check them out please click on the names below.






For full details on this game like pricing and a more detailed description of the plotline check out my review for Shinra. He was the first character I played so I went all out with the details. For now I will just give a brief summary of the story in case anyone has forgotten.



Enchanted in the Moonlight is game put out by Voltage Inc. The story follows our MC who finds out that she is a very unusual human. As it turns out she was born with special blood that can give strength to ayakashi. Up till this point it was unknown to her because her body had yet to fully awaken. Once her body does awaken she quickly attracts all manner of ayakashi.

Five ayakashi clan heads show up and explain to her that ayakashi from all over will begin to hunt her down. Some of them will want to eat her and some of them will want her to become the mother of their child. A child borne of her would be extremely powerful, plus having sex with her would increase the power of an ayakashi tenfold. They propose a deal. If she chooses one of them to partner with they will protect her from all the other ayakashi.


Samon’s Route


When the MC learns about her special blood she also makes another startling discover. Samon, who has been a priest at her family shrine and who has grown up with her like an older brother, is not human! In fact he is a Zashiki-Warashi or a house spirit.

The MC is completely thrown off by all the new information being forced on her so Samon comes up with an idea that will give her time to think. He suggests to the other ayakashi that they give the MC a month to get to know everyone and then make her decision. They all agree with the condition that until then they all stay with her in order to protect her.

During the month the MC begins to learn much more about Samon and slowly starts to realize that maybe she doesn’t see him as a big brother anymore. As she continues to learn more about Samon she discovers that he has actually been protecting her all these years until she awakened.

While Samon isn’t a clan head the MC is able to see that he can be a strong force when necessary. Overtime she can also see how much the other ayakashi clan heads respect Samon’s advice and look toward him for guidance.

When it is discovered that the MC is being targeted by clan formed after being kicked out of Samon’s Zashiki-Warashi clan the MC also learns that at one point Samon was in the running for the head position of his clan. As it turns out they felt that Samon lacked confidence in his abilities so they sent him to guard the MC until he could find himself.


Reaction to Samon

Samon Smiling

Okay, playing Samon has led me to believe that I may in fact be some kind of otome pervert. Seriously! This route had zero action and coming from Miyabi’s route that was a real let down for me. I found both the MC and Samon to be pretty boring throughout this route. My biggest joys came from when the other ayakashi were around arguing with each other and being generally hilarious.

Miyabi was also pretty funny throughout this route and was actually the one who provided Samon with the best scenes. For example when Samon catches Miyabi in the MC’s bathtub… Priceless. It was cool to see a more badass side of Samon that’s for sure. Miyabi could also be the biggest mood killer which was usually pretty funny. Miyabi liked nothing more than calling Samon and the MC out for their feelings for each other.

The Happy Ending for Samon was okay but I’ll admit that I didn’t bother playing the Good Ending. I’m sorry people I can only do so much and I was literally falling asleep playing this route. It’s not that Samon was a bad character; I think with a better storyline I would have liked him a lot more. I mean he wouldn’t have been my favorite but it would’ve been a lot less boring to play through.


Final Thoughts

Samon Fighting

Samon is not a bad character. He’s just not a very exciting character, to me. I do feel that there are a lot of people who would probably really like this route because they would find Samon to be super sweet, which he is. Samon’s character is basically the perfect boy next door.

Maybe that’s why I couldn’t get into his character though? Everything is just so normal that it came as a bit of a let down for me. I mean the talk, make food together, go on walks, then they realize the love each other and hold hands…. Yay. In the Happy Ending things get a bit steamier but you have to go through 13 episodes of nothing until you get there.

I think there are a lot of people who would find the buildup to be romantic. I mean Samon is very sweet and I loved how thoughtful he was of the MC I just wish he would’ve been more up front about his feelings from the get go. I think that would have been a lot more entertaining and provided sense that were…. Hmmmm… What’s the word I’m thinking of… better. I get bored if it’s just talking all the time!

Now that I’ve played Samon I only have one more route left to play for Enchanted in the Moonlight. After I finish Kiryu I will be officially done with all the main routes for this game. So that begs the question… What game should I start next? I’m thinking of the following three:

Star Crossed Myth


Scandal in the Spotlight


After School Affairs


Comment below with your vote!

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