Cruelty Free Persian Inspired Makeup Look

I have to be honest; I am SO pumped about today’s post! I know it has been a very long time since I last posted a Cruelty-Free Look of the Week but I hope this Persian inspired look will make up for it. I had so much fun creating this look so I hope you all enjoy it. As always the products I am using are all cruelty-free. However I would like to draw attention to two products in particular.

For this look I did use a product from Smashbox and products from Urban Decay I just wanted to point out that while these companies are cruelty-free their parent companies are not. What this means is that the companies that own these two corporations do use animal testing in their other brands. So technically if you buy from these makeup lines you are ultimately supporting animal testing.

Some people feel that maybe if they support the company’s makeup line that is cruelty-free the company will see how well it does and switch the rest of their lines. Other people feel uncomfortable knowing their dollar is still going towards animal testing in one way or another and would rather find makeup through completely cruelty-free brands. Really it is a personal choice.

I personally don’t buy makeup from these two companies now that I know they are owned by companies that are still testing on animals but I’m going to continue using the products I already have until they run out. Maybe by then there parent companies will have had a change of heart. Again though you have to go with what feels right for you!

Now that my little disclaimer is over let’s move on to the main event. My Persian inspired makeup look! I decided to channel my inner pokemon catcher now that Pokémon Go is out. I saw these cat ears in the store and knew Persian was the way to go.

Persian Makeup
My only regret is not having red contacts for this



Obviously if I was going to do a Persian inspired makeup look I knew that my cat eyes were going to be the focal point. To create these eyes I used:

Too Faced Cosmetics Totally Cute Eye Shadow Palette specifically the color Shooting Star. It’s a beautiful metallic light golden brown. It was a great color to make the base for my eye makeup.

NYX Cosmetics Glitter Primer and their Glitter Brilliants Bronze Glitter. This was my first time working with glitter on my eye like this and I absolutely loved it! I thought the bronze glitter was very fitting for Persian.

Urban Decay Beauty with an Edge Eye Shadow Palette specifically the colors Blackout, Baked Cowboy, and Smog. I had to rely on this palette a lot for this look! Blackout was needed for the outer corner of my eyes. Mixed with my base color Shooting Star it became much more toned down instead of full on black. Baked Cowboy is a bright metallic gold color while Smog is a darker metallic gold color so I mixed them together to blend into my crease. I also highlighted under my brows with Baked Cowboy. Perfect.

Smashbox Cosmetics provided a wonderful liquid liner in Jet Black. I used it for my top lid and to create my wing. I made sure to draw it down through my inner corner so that I would have a very defined cat eye. I had to use my NYX Cosmetics Gel Pencil Liner for my under eye in order to smudge it out. I also used eyeliner pencil in White Pearl in my waterline in order to make my eyes look bigger.

This look wouldn’t be nearly as dramatic if I didn’t have my Daydreamer False Lashes by Sugarpill Cosmetics. I’m simple in love with these lashes! I really think they brought my eyes to their full Persian potential.

Persian Makeup3
Surprise! I’m Persian


My lips were a cakewalk compared to my eyes. I used my Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks in shades Dominatrix and Celebrity Skin. You’ll notice I really accentuated the bow of my lip and flick out the sides of my lips in order to give my mouth a more cat like appearance.



I don’t have whiskers but I thought freckles were kind of like the human version of that. Plus I think freckles are cute! I went back to NYX Cosmetics and used their felt tip liner in Grey and sprinkled little dots across my cheeks.



I hope you all really enjoyed this Persian inspired makeup look! It was a lot of fun to create and I’m thinking about doing more Pokémon inspired looks in the future. These challenges are a great way to improve my makeup skills, which is a big reason I love doing them. So if you have any suggestions for future makeup looks please comment below.

If any of the above products interested you fill free to explore their sites! I’ve included the links to their websites below.

Persian Makeup2
A very fun look to do! Can’t wait for the next one.

Too Faced Cosmetics

Urban Decay


Sugarpill Cosmetics

Jeffree Star Cosmetics

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