Most Shocking Anime Death? I Think We Know Where This Is Going…

Oh my heavens! We are on Day (Week) 25 of this Anime Challenge and I have to say I’m a little excited that we’ve hit the final stretch of this challenge. That being said today’s challenge is to name the saddest death in an anime so this post wont be exactly cheerful.

This challenge is going to take us back to Fullmetal Alchemist. If you have already seen this show then I’m positive you already know the death that I will be referring too. If you haven’t seen this show before I recommend choosing something else to read. What I will be talking about falls under the spoiler category.

Alright… Are you ready for some feels?

Now death is nothing new in anime and we have lost some great characters over the years. All genres have suffered a loss at one point or another but I can think of few deaths in anime that have affected me as much as the death of Maes Hughes on Fullmetal Alchemist.

Maes Hughes

I don’t want to judge you but if you did not feel like your hear was ripped out after his death then you may in fact be a future serial killer. How could anybody who has seen this show not be affected by this tragedy? It’s unfounded!

I think the reason that I took this death so hard is that it was so unexpected. Hughes was this loveable goofball that was obsessed with his daughter and family. He was really the perfect guy. The fact is that he was the type of person that you couldn’t help but to like. It’s those types of characters you never expect to leave.

His manner of dying was also horrifying. He was killed by Envy but he didn’t realize it was her at the time. Instead she disguised herself as his wife and murdered him. The look on Hughes face as he tries to process how Envy changed into his “wife” is gut-wrenching. His dying words are to his wife and beloved daughter and in that moment I have never felt so much anguish for a character.

The only thing that brought any sort of closure for his death as far as I’m concerned is Roy Mustang’s fight with Envy later. I felt so vindicated when he completely roasted that little wench. I didn’t feel bad in the least I tell you because I was still basically bawling my eyes out of Hughes. Envy’s death brought me a sense of peace I tell you.

So what are some of your saddest anime deaths? Along with Hughes I also thought (SPOILERS FOR NARUTO AHEAD) Neji and Asuma.


I misted up a bit just thinking of Maes death. It still saddens me!

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47 thoughts on “Most Shocking Anime Death? I Think We Know Where This Is Going…

  1. This was really hard to watch. I was really hoping Maes would live but my hope for him was shattered. The funeral made it worse. The Naruto characters like Asuma and Neji caught me off guard. 😦

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