Watamote: When Otaku Go Wild Episode 6

Hi guys, I hope you have been looking forward to seeing some more Watamote. I’m officially half way through the series. If you haven’t watched Watamote yet I highly suggest you check out my first post for this series Watamte: When Otaku Go Wild Episode 1. That way you don’t see any spoilers but are still able to get an idea on whether or not you’d like to start watching this show. For those of you who have seen the show I hope you enjoy my reaction post to episode six.

Episode six of Watamote is described as:

“Kuroki discovers that playing H-games makes her cuter. Later, she mounts a desperate search to find someone to go see the fireworks with.”

I have seen some crazy things in this show. From bear growling hellos to teachers, awkward panty shopping, and cabaret training but I have to say this has probably been my favorite episode so far!

It all begins when she plays a romance game and the next morning wakes up looking better than ever. Basically for once in her otaku driven life she doesn’t have bags under her eyes and it does a lot for her facial appearance. She decides the reason for her transformation was because the game was so romantic her brain thinks she’s in a relationship and now her hormones are running wild and making her glow. I think it was that first once she went to bed at a decent hour and got her sleep but what do I know.

Watamote fantasy
Tomoko is convinced she’s only a few H-games away from this (I think she’s pretty cute as is though)

At school she realizes that the last days of her first semester of high school are coming around and it causes her to reflect on what she’s accomplished so far. Let’s just say she’s not thrilled with her track record. On the last day of the semester there will be a fireworks show and she is determined to watch it with someone (preferably male).

Now that her secret girly sex hormones have been released she goes home brimming with confidence and ready to play another H-game in order to prepare to be swooped of her feet the next day. She’s quite confident that she’ll have a date no problem within the next two days.

The next morning Tomoko wakes up ready for the boys to come flocking. She believes she is shining with sex appeal, her brother believes she’s shining with grease appeal. Sadly he may be onto something since it turns out she skipped on showering in order to play games and build up her womanly appeal.

Watamote eating
He’s doing a good job holding back his comments… He’s lucky.

It’s at breakfast when she hears her horoscope and learns that she will have an interesting effect on men today. This gives her a lot of confidence until on the way to school she buys a pop and it explodes all over her. Dripping in cola she begins her school day.

At first things appear to be going done hill. She’s drenched in pop and gym turns out to be free choice so she spends her time antagonizing ants. I have to say the animal lover in my thought she had it coming with the ants revolted by crawling up her shorts. Please keep in mind that Tomoko is dirty and covered in sugary soda. She’s ant paradise right now.

Ants are basically infested in her hair as she continues her school day and every once I while an ant will journey down her arm and a boy will notice. One boy brushes an ant of her neck and explains that he saw an ant but Tomoko doesn’t really hear any of that because she is obsessing at a boy touching her.

I found this actually really cute because even though boys were only noticing the ants Tomoko was convinced it was that she was cuter and that made her really happy. I love when Tomoko is happy! When she finally sees her brother on her way home the ants have gotten completely out of hand and her brother is totally grossed out but he’s not even super mean about it! I’m so proud of him. If he would’ve ruined her day I would beat the crap out of him.

Watamote ants
Awww ❤ Look how happy she is all covered in ants ❤

The next day is the last day of the semester and the day of the fireworks. It’s her last chance to find someone to watch the fireworks with and she is more determined then ever! I’m so proud of her during this episode. Not only does she almost make the first move in a conversation but she also tries her hand at acting in order to create the perfect atmosphere to be asked out.

Granted neither of these plans work out but tat isn’t the point! The point is she’s growing people. Do you think the Tomoko on episode one would’ve almost made conversation with anyone? No. She could barely say goodbye to a teacher for heavens sake. Gah!!! I’m so happy for her!

Even though I’m able to see her growth she isn’t able to see it for herself. She’s pretty depressed about her lot in life. She ends up going to a building she used to frequent with Yui in middle school. Hoping that she might be able to see the fireworks for there. Sadly as she’s wallowing two middle school boys show up.

She’s assumes they chose the spot to watch the fireworks as well and is just about to leave when she does the most confident thing I’ve ever seen her do. She asks the boys if they would let her stay. TOMOKI THAT WAS SO CONFIDENT!!! I’m brimming. Plus guess what? They say yes!!!!!!

Although it turns out the boys aren’t there to watch the fireworks… Well at least the ones in the sky. From that building top you can actually see in to a hotel building across the way were many people stay to have sex and often forget to close the blinds.

So basically Tomoko spends the fireworks festival watching people have sex with two middle school boys… And for this show, it’s a total win.

Watamote fireworks
The fact of the matter is she DOES see fireworks with two boys. Just saying.

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      1. Hahahaha her brother’s face all the time when he is around her is hilarious. I don’t know how he tolerates her. You would have thought he was the older sibling

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