Three Quick Tips To Up Your Foundation Game

Today I thought it would be fun to do some foundation tips. Normally I do a lot of reviews on makeup products or different looks you can try so today I thought I would switch it up a bit. Everyone is always trying to find that perfect foundation that is going to make their skin look flawless but something many people don’t consider is how they’re applying their foundation. So here are three foundation tips that are sure to improve your game.

foundation tip5
This three tips should help you out


Tip Number One: Don’t Skip Out On Your Primer

Primer is important everyone, trust me. A lot of people may be unaware though what primer actually does for you so here’s a quick run down. Primer is important to your foundation game because it creates the base for your foundation. Basically it helps provide a smoother surface for your foundation to apply itself to.

Since the surface is smoother your foundation is going to apply smoother. This helps to give your face that even and flawless look. Not only that but primer helps give your foundation the ability to last longer. Nothing ruins that flawless look you’re trying to go for like a melted face. Oh, and as a bonus make sure to wait a few minutes after you apply your primer to let it sink in to your skin before you go in with your foundation.


Tip Number Two: What Works For One Doesn’t Work For All

When looking for a foundation what do most people do? They ask a friend. This is a solid way to go about things and it makes sense. I mean if you like the way their foundation looks it would make sense to check what they are using. The problem is that this isn’t normally followed up with a second, very important question. What’s your skin type?

Skin type is going to play a very important role on how a foundation is going look on you. For example if you have very dry skin you are not going to want a powder foundation. If you do use a powder foundation you will notice that your skin tends to look flaky and dry. Many people will blame the foundation and assume it doesn’t work and then move on to a new brand of powder foundation and run into the same problem all over again. This can be very frustrating.

You see for a person who has oily, normal, combination, sensitive, or acne prone skin a powder foundation might work really well for them. As long as you are making sure to avoid Talc based powders.

With that being said some one with dry skin or normal skin will probably have better luck with a liquid foundation, preferably a foundation that boasts about added moisturizer to it. Again, just because it works for a friend or celebrity doesn’t mean it will work for you. Focus on what your skin type/tone is and move on from there. If you really dig your friend’s foundation but your skin types don’t match up check to see if that company makes additional foundations in a type that will work for you.


Tip Number Three: It’s All In The Application

Lastly, something that you may not consider when applying your foundation is how you are applying it. For best results I recommend starting in the center of your face and then blend the foundation outwards. This is going to help make your foundation look more natural.

Also a little goes a long way. One thing that I use to do in the beginning was use way to much foundation and then wonder why it looked so caked on. Ummmm, because I had about 10 layers piled onto my face! I don’t care what foundation you are using. If you use too much it is going to look caked on and fake. A good rule of thumb to remember; it is much easier to add foundation as needed then it is to take it off once it is applied.

foundation tips4
I hope these tips help, but at the end of the day it’s about what works best for your face!


Well those were my quick three tips! Use primer, chose a foundation that works for your skin type, apply at the center of your face and work out words while remember not to use to much. I hope that you all found these tips useful. Please comment below with any tips you have for applying flawless foundation!


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4 thoughts on “Three Quick Tips To Up Your Foundation Game

  1. i have a question and don’t know if you’ve covered it but, how do you pick foundation/find out what kind of skin you have? I don’t know how to apply makeup to save my life but i’d really like to learn for cosplay purposes :”)

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    1. I haven’t actually talked about this 🙂 so good question! If it’s your first time really using foundation I recommend going to your nearest makeup up store and telling them you need to be color matched for foundation. They’ll match you at the store which gives you a good guideline to follow. If you don’t have that around you I recommend matching it by using the tester products. Hold the tester ones up to your inner arm until you find one close to your skin tone and then swatch it onto your skin then blend it into your skin using your finger. If it is the color for you, you won’t be able to tell where the product starts. Does that make sense?

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      1. Ohh ok, yeah it does! i’ve watched a couple makeup tutorials before but nobody really talks about picking out foundation and when they do it’s usually a ‘find a person who’s close to your skin tone’ and im like, that doesn’t help a lot ^^; another question, how do you know if something is a tester product? does it say that? the only places i’ve visited that have makeup is walgreens and walmart and i just never know if you’re allowed to open things…lol

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