Welcome to the Challenge Full Metal Alchemy

Well here we are again chipping away at this 30 Day Anime Challenge. We are getting closer everyone I assure you! Today is day (week) 23 and I will be naming my favorite attack someone has used in an anime. I’ll be honest I really had to think about this one for quite sometime hence the delay in post. However, I was finally able to decide on….

Roy Mustang’s flame alchemy!

Roy Mustang

You all cannot deny that Mustang’s got style when it comes to his flame alchemy. You got those sweet gloves and with a snap of his fingers, boom, incineration. Mustang’s ability just has a way of pumping a person up. When he snaps his fingers you are sure that things are going to real.

Don’t take my word for it. Check it out for yourself by clicking on this video of Mustang’s epic fight with Envy. This is a perfect example of his alchemy powers at work.

Now that you know my favorite attack it’s only fair you let me know what yours is. Comment below!

12 thoughts on “Welcome to the Challenge Full Metal Alchemy

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