Too Faced: Peanut Butter and Jelly

*Since the original publication of this post I have learned that Too Faced is owned by Estee Lauder. Estee Lauder is a company that test their beauty products on animals. To learn more about what this means for Too Faced Cosmetics and why I will no longer review their products on GrimmGirl please read Is Too Faced Cruelty Free? Turns Out… Not Exactly 


Hey everyone! I’m back with more makeup reviews and today I want to draw your eye to Too Faced Cosmetics eye shadow palette Peanut Butter & Jelly. This fan favorite has been out and about for sometime now and I’ve finally gotten around to a review. Just a reminder that GrimmGirl is a cruelty-free website. This means all products that I review are cruelty-free.

Okay, now that the cruelty-free reminder is out of the way let’s take a look at Too Faced Cosmetics’ eye shadow palette Peanut Butter & Jelly product description.

“Inspired by the social media sensation that is Peanut Butter from our bestselling Semi-Sweet Chocolate Bar Collection, we created this limited edition peanut palette of nine gorgeous matte and shimmer shades featuring antioxidant-rich cocoa powder with a creamy peanut butter twist! Includes our signature Glamour Guide with three looks to get you started.”

So there you have it! Time to get down to the cons and pros.



First off this is a limited edition palette so when their gone, their gone. If you haven’t already purchased one and after this review you decide you want to then I would get a movie on. This is a limited time engagement.

Also you cannot currently buy this product on their online store or any store for that matter except one. That’s right currently this bad boy is sold exclusively through Ulta Beauty. So if you want to buy this palette you will either need to go to the nearest Ulta Beauty store near you or buy it through Ulta Beauty’s website… Unless you manage to find some bro on Ebay or something like that who will sell it to you. I’m going to be honest though, I don’t recommend this route (notorious upcharges can happen).

This is a small palette so I’m going to be honest you’re not going to be creating hundreds of mind blowing looks. If you’re looking for a diverse palette I personally wouldn’t recommend this. To me this is more of a go to palette. I tend to use it a lot when I’m in a rush and just need to do something quick and basic.

Finally I have to mention the price, it’s $36.00. Not the thing is in general for a palette you could probably spend six more dollars on another palette and have more diversity in order to create more looks.



Have to hand it to Too Faced once again for creating an amazingly smelling product. Seriously yum. The smell is probably my favorite part of this palette, is that weird? I don’t even care if it is because it’s true!

I am in love with this palette’s Jelly color. Honestly it was one of the main reasons I got it. That and its limited edition and I’m kind of a weird makeup collector. I’m also a big fan of their Extra Creamy, Bananas, and Peanut Brittle colors. Seriously they’re each amazing. The other colors are nice in this palette but these four are my favorites.

Pigment wise this palette does pretty damn well. In my opinion Sugarpill Cosmetics reigns supreme with their eye shadow formula but Too Faced certainly came to play and I must give credit where credit is due.

As always it comes with that nifty little beauty guide. I seriously love that Too Faced includes these in each of the their eye shadow palettes. Their fun to try out, great for people who are super experienced with makeup, and helps to spark new ideas (for me anyway).

PB&J Colors
That purple color for Jelly 😀 Swwoon


So what are my final thoughts? Sigggh… I’m going to be honest. I’m not in love with this palette for myself personally but I have recommended it to a lot of friends. I recommend it to a lot of friends who aren’t super obsessed with makeup. If you are someone who is just looking for a palette that isn’t too expensive, overwhelming, and can be used for daytime and nighttime looks this is one to look at.

I have quite a few friends who just want a good go to palette they can pull out for the nights they go out with friends or have to do some holiday thing. Basically the just need something handy for the moments they feel like wearing makeup but they don’t wear makeup everyday.

I feel like this palette is a pretty solid palette for that. If you are more into having a lot of diversity in your palette then this may not be the palette for you. There are a lot of nudes going on in this palette so be real with what types of looks you want to create with this.

It drives me crazy when people complain about a product because it doesn’t have “fun” colors. Not to throw shade but how didn’t you look at that palette before hand and think, “Hmmm… mostly nudes and I want hot pink. I better look for something different.” Not every product is going to have neon greens or whatever. Some people just want those nude colors and that’s not a bad thing. A product isn’t bad just because it didn’t come in colors someone doesn’t like.

I personally always use this palette in conjunction with other eye shadows I have. I like to play with a lot of color on my eyes and can come up with some pretty bold looks so I like to use this palette for a lot of my base colors/transitioning colors. If you are into bold eye looks and already have a palette that you dig for your base colors/transition colors than you might want to pass on this palette.

So while I’m not in love with this palette I can recognize that it is still a good product on the whole and that many people would find a great spot for it in their makeup bag. If this product looks like something you want to try for yourself click on the link below or hit up your nearest Ulta Beauty store.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette

If you’ve tried this product before or found this review helpful please comment below 😀 I love people share their points of view!

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