True Love, Sweet Lies: Rui

Oh my heavens! It has been forever since I posted anything for True Love, Sweet Lies a Voltage Inc game I downloaded for my tablet a while back. If you want to check out my first post, True Love, Sweet Lies: Sakuya it goes into all the details for prices and characters you can choose between. I will give a brief introduction to remind everyone what this game is about and then go into Rui’s storyline.

It All Started When….

The MC publishes her first photo in a major paper. She’s pretty pumped and it seems her day just can’t go wrong; she gets asked out by a hot guy, runs into a famous actor, and everyone seems really interested in her photo, can you say best day ever?

To bad it was all a lie…

Turns out that she accidently took a picture of someone who wasn’t meant to be seen and now the Japanese underworld is looking for her! Oh, and all those hot guys who seemed to be into her? Totally posers trying to get their hands on her SD card. Grrrr…. But she has no time to worry about that, what with people trying to kill her for her photos and what not.

So she strikes up a deal with the original men who tried to steal her SD card (hey at least they weren’t trying to kill her like the rest of them!) she’ll give them the SD card after they get rid of everyone who’s trying to murder her. They claim they can solve her problem in three months but in order to protect her she’ll have to stay with them at their agency. So who will she chose to room with on day one?


Rui’s Storyline


Whelp, if I had to describe Rui’s storyline in one word I would say B-OOORRR-ING. What a let down! I was really looking forward to his storyline because I thought he would be a lot of fun but I was totally mistaken. What is it with me and my otome games? My second choice character for Enchanted in the Moonlight was a dud too! I’m going to start having anxiety every time I need to choose my second character.

Not only was Rui’s storyline incredible boring it was also just really stupid. I mean plot wise it was awful. Obviously I know that it’s just a game so I shouldn’t expect award winning story telling but this didn’t even make sense. I wouldn’t even call it a plotline, it was more like words jumbled together and thrown at my eyeballs.

So this whole mess starts when the MC takes a picture of a politician and it turns out she captured someone else in the background. In Rui’s storyline this “someone else” turns out to be an underground Kingpin known for making appearances whenever there is money to be made. He was recently questioned in a crime scandal by the police but created a solid alibi by claiming he was out of the country at the time.

However, the picture the MC took proves that he was in fact in the country at the time of the crime. So in order to keep his alibi in take he needs to find the SD card and destroy it. Here’s the first big plot hole. The picture is already all over Japan. It’s running on major news networks and is all over the paper. You’re telling me that not a single police officer or detective looked at it and said, “What the hell? That’s our guy!”

Plus the picture is already out there! So it really doesn’t make sense at all so far. That being said we’re going to move on. Trust me there will be more to come with this storyline. Or lack there of I should say.

Why-Doctor Who
I’ve asked myself this same question throughout the story Eleven. I’ve got nothing.

The MC decides to room with Rui a famous actor for the first night. She is curious as to why Rui is working and living at a detective agency and finds out that he is doing so to prepare for a role. He’s a method actor and needs to see how agency would really work in order to best act out his character.

As we continue down his route the MC begins to realize that Rui constantly hides how he really feels through his acting. When the MC calls him out on it Rui gets frustrated that someone is able to see through his acting. We learn later that Rui grew up as a child star and became afraid of looking anything but happy so that grownups wouldn’t call him spoiled and refuse to hire him. Now he doesn’t really know who he is.

Suck it up.

I’m sorry but half the time in this storyline Rui acts like a spoiled brat. If he is tired of acting happy all the time shouldn’t he be relieved that someone can tell the difference? I mean eventually he begins to appreciate this about the MC but it takes a long time and throughout it we have to deal with him either flat out ignoring the MC or calling her annoying. YOU’RE ANNOYING RUI! 

Don’t look at me like that Rui… You heard what I said.

In the midst of all Rui’s emotional bull crap Rui stumbles upon a rumor that someone is organizing meet-ups through his fan club and claiming that the members will get to meet Rui. The rumor is the girls are then taken and forced into a prostitution ring. Rui’s manager asks the agency to look into and Rui asks the MC to also help investigate. He suspects that the kingpin after her is also involved in the prostitution ring since he his basically behind all moneymaking schemes.

Here we have another awesome plot hole. If the MC is basically the most wanted women by the Japanese underworld don’t you think they would notice her right away coming towards their operation? Seriously this really doesn’t make sense! By the way the MC brings up this exact point multiple times and Rui just asks like she’s an idiot for even thinking about it. He’s so dumb.

While undercover the MC discovers that the woman who is the unofficial president of Rui’s fan club is connected to the prostitution ring. After talking with her they learn that she is a pawn in everything. Originally she was promised that she could meet Rui but when she went she was attacked. The man took pictures and threatened to put them online if she didn’t corporate.

They are afraid they have hit a dead end until Rui receives a phone call from his manager saying that they’ve located the king pin after the MC and he might have information on the prostitution ring. So the MC and Rui go to check it out. Again, if the MC were being looked for why would they go to an area they know is basically run by the kingpin? How is that safe? It isn’t.

Rui and the MC make it to where the king pin is but lose him at the last minute. Later though Rui asks the MC if she would still like him if he wasn’t an actor anymore and the MC assures him that she would. This is good since the next day Rui holds a press conference to tell the world that he has been using his fan club as a prostitution ring. The MC and the agency know this isn’t true so they set off some smoke bombs and steal Rui away until they can figure out what is going on.

Rui and the MC travel to the agency’s safe house and while there the MC decides that she needs to go get food or some stupid thing like that. Seriously by this point I was barely reading, I was just clicking through. Do I even have to point out that she’s walking around outside, by herself, with a price on her head? Whatever.

I quit

As she’s frolicking about willy-nilly she runs into Rui’s manager who tells her to get into the car. She’s chatting away happily when it occurs to her that they’re in hiding… So how did Rui’s manager know where to find them? Plot Twist!!!! It turns out Rui’s manager was in cahoots with the kingpin the whole time!

She pulls over and takes the MC to the cliff and tells her to jump off. The MC is of course like, “Mmmmmm… I’m going to have to say no.” Logical response, I like that. The manager’s response is then to take out a knife and stab her to death. Which makes sense. I mean simply pushing the MC of the cliff would be messy. Stabbing her to death is just so much more efficient.

At the last second Rui comes out to save the day! I’m sure you’re wondering how he found them. Simple. When she didn’t return right away he went outside and looked for her. The end. I want to point out he doesn’t have a car so he basically just ran around for a few miles. I guess on top of being super fast his love for her just led him to her. Eye roll.

This is where we find out that his manager blackmailed him into making that press conference. She threatened that if he didn’t take the fall for her she would use her ties with the yakuza to have them kill the other members of the agency plus the MC. I’m sorry but why is this a threat? They are all ready wanted by the yakuza! They’ve had zero luck so far so why would the manager saying, “Hey kill those guys” make any difference at this point? This is just dumb.

The MC is in disbelief that the manager could do this to Rui and is convinced there is more to the story. Sit back everyone because this last reveal is real page-turner. I’m being sarcastic. It’s really freaking stupid. The manager explains that she did all of this to hurt Rui because she felt he never opened up to her and depended on her as a manager. This made her feel like she was bad at her job.

You read me right everyone. She organized the rape of countless young women because Rui didn’t complain to her enough about how hard his job acting was. I cannot even right now everyone.

Dean I'm Done gif

At the last minute the rest of the agency shows up and cuffs the manager until the police get there. Rui goes through some emotional, “Is this my fault” bullshit before the MC is all, “Don’t worry she did it because she loved you and was a crazy person. It’s not your fault.”

After that you get to experience two awesome endings. Just kidding (I’m sassy today) they’re totally boring. To emphasis this I finished playing this last night (as of writing) and I can’t remember what ending was what. I just remember that in one of them they make out at some manga café or something like that. I don’t even know. At this point I just wanted this story to be over.

Sorry Rui, even your sexy little photo shoot wasn’t enough to make up for this storyline. 



Well I wasn’t a fan, that’s for damn sure. I found this route to be really boring and Rui to be annoying. The MC wasn’t my favorite in this route either. Everything was just… stupid. That being said I’m one opinion in a sea of a thousand. There are certainly people out there who have enjoyed Rui’s route all though the general consensus seems to agree his ending seemed forced (the whole manager thing).

In all honesty I do believe Rui’s character has potential, he just wasn’t well executed in my opinion. A part of me does want to play his side storylines to see if he’s developed more but I’m a little afraid to take that risk. His personality is kind of childish due to being a child star and you see this in his need to snuggle something in order to fall asleep, and being a picky eater.

I won’t say that Rui didn’t have his sweet moments but for me they were just to few and to far between. I could see other people liking this route so if you have played this route and liked it please comment below. Haha I feel like everyone reading this is basically getting a huge dose of all the bad qualities of this storyline!

Comment below if you have any suggestion on which character I should play next. Here’s a list of the remaining contenders:









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    1. Haha I play it so you don’t have to :p Yeah Rui… Ughh… What a let down! You def didn’t miss anything! I’m really excited for Naomasa ❤ I'm considering saving him for last because I'm pretty sure I'm going to love him.

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