Enchanted in the Moonlight: Kyoga

I’ve been working hard on finishing all the character routes for Enchanted in the Moonlight and I’m happy to say I finished Kyoga’s route. This was a great route and I cruised through it. Haha I did not want to put it down. I’m excited to give another honest review and hopefully it will help you all decided if you feel this route is worth your hard earned dollar (I think it is).

I have completed the following routes so far for your reading pleasure:




And now….



If this is the first review you have read of mine for Enchanted in the Moonlight and you have questions on pricing please make sure to check out my review for Shinra above. Since it was my first for the series I want into a lot of detail in regards to those types of questions. If you still have questions please comment below. I am sure that if I am not able to answer you someone from the community will! We’ve got awesome readers here who know a lot.

With that being said I will do a brief recap of the storyline for this game and then we can get into Kyoga’s specific route.


It all starts when our MC’s body awakens and she discovers that she is a special human born once every thousand years. While she doesn’t possess any supernatural powers that we might expect (ability to see the future or to fly) she does have power that can be used by the akayashi.

Her ability to strengthen akayashi with her body isn’t necessarily a good thing especially since there are only two ways an akayashi can gain her power. They can either eat her or become intimate with her. It seems only strong akayashi have the self-control needed to sleep with her instead of eating her. I guess her smell is very strong so small fry akayashi are over powered and simply go for the kill.

On top of all of this, any child she would have with an ayakashi would be insanely strong. This is something clan heads of the ayakashi would take into consideration because it helps to guarantee a strong leader to take over to continue the clan later on in life.

While the small fry ayakashi wouldn’t be a big deal for the clan heads, the are a big deal for our MC. Remember she doesn’t have any other powers. So the five leaders from the strongest ayakashi clans seek out the MC and propose a deal. If she chooses one of them to make an agreement with, they will all help in protecting her. That’s where you get to chose your guy and hopefully along the way find love and happiness ❤


Main Storyline

Kyoga is a wolf-demon and he seems to be one of the oldest out of all of the ayakashi you meet. He has an easygoing nature and jokes and laughs a lot. In the beginning it seems like he doesn’t really take anything serious but it turns out that he takes being the clan leader extremely serious.


As a young boy he lived through a time when there was constant violence and fighting within in his clan. It was a very scary time and a lot of people died. That’s when he decides he will become the clan leader. If he can become the leader than he can create a peaceful village and the next generation of kids won’t have to grow up the same way he did.

He’s desire to protect the clan and create a safe place leads him to constantly put the needs of others above his own needs. He hates to argue and does whatever it takes to keep the peace, even if it means that he doesn’t end up with the things that would make him happy. It is worth it to him.

You can probably see already why I would enjoy playing his route. He is a total sweetheart! Even though he’s a softy at heart don’t let that make you forget that he can still be pretty wolfish when the time comes. Whether it’s fighting bad guys or you know… hanging out in the bedroom (cue roguish wink) the wolf in Kyoga is very much there.


Kyoga’s main problem at the moment is finding a way to resolve the issues between his clan and the Tora clan peacefully. That’s where is original interest in the MC comes from. He wants to be strong in order to protect his clan, ideally without starting a war.

Along with trying to keep the peace he also has to deal with his childhood friend/rival Aoi. While Kyoga seems constantly laid back and avoids confrontation, Aoi is very fiery and runs at confrontation headfirst. Not only did the compete against each other for clan head but as soon as Aoi sees the MC he decides that he loves her as well. He becomes convinced that if he can beat the Tora not only will the clan recognize that he should actually be the clan head but the MC will chose him over Kyoga as well.

For a man that just wants to live a peaceful life Kyoga sure finds himself caught up in a lot of drama. I’ll be honest this isn’t helped by MC’s shit life choices. She definitely ups the love triangle business with her actions. I would honestly have to say I found the MC in this route pretty annoying. She constantly whines about feeling as if Kyoga hides his true feelings from her behind his joking attitude but she’s never honest about her feelings either!

Aoi and Kyoga

I would honestly say I haven’t been this annoyed with the MC since Yukinojo’s route. Luckily for me though the fact that Kyoga wasn’t a total douche canoe like Yukinojo made up for the MC’s insane decision making skills. I also wasn’t able to get super into the love triangle because I didn’t trust Aoi from the get go. I think I was still harboring trust issues from Shinra’s brother in his route. Turns out Aoi actually isn’t that bad of a guy.

Kyoga ending were pretty decent all though I think I was expecting more after Chikage’s Happy Ending (his was the best!). In Kyoga’s Happy Ending the MC goes back to his village for a huge party celebrating the peace between them and the Tora clan. The MC ends up staying over at Kyoga’s place and things start to get a little steamy when… The MC passes out. BAHAHA! She had a little too much to drink but Kyoga promises they’ll have many an opportunity later.

In Kyoga’s Good Ending the MC and Kyoga go on a little date and Kyoga buys the MC a charm for save childbirth. He’s hoping to get some a lone time once they get back to the shrine but the rest of the guys at the house have planned a little party for the pair in honor of them becoming an officially couple. So no alone time on the Good Ending but it is still really cute.



I recommend playing this route. Kyoga is really nice and his confidence is spot on. I enjoy that he never puts the MC down even when she does really annoying stuff like leading Aoi on and almost destroying the peace negotiations Kyoga has been working on with her bad choices. There’s some sexy situations coming your way but I wouldn’t say they’re as swoon worthy as in Chikage’s route. I had a lot of fun with this route!

Don’t forget to comment below with your thoughts or suggestions for other games you would like to see reviewed in the future.


All Images are owned by Voltage Inc The Creator of Enchanted in the Moonlight

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