Swatch Party: Jeffree Star Edition

Hi everyone 🙂 Thanks for tuning in for another GrimmGirl post! You all know that I am obsessed with liquid lipsticks, especially matte ones. Love them, love them, LOVE THEM! My favorite happens to be Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks and a while back I did a review on this product after buying Celebrity Skin.

After that I went on a product-buying spree! The thing I love about lipsticks is that depending on your skin tone the color is going to look different. It’s kind of like we all naturally create our own unique lipstick shades. This gave me the idea to start a new blog series on GrimmGirl, titled, “Swatch Party.” This will be a series where I showcase different shades of lipsticks after reviewing them.

I decided to start with my line of Jeffree Star Cosmetics lipsticks. I will be choosing three shades at a time and giving everyone a chance to see how they look in relation to each other and on my skin tone. Hopefully this will help give other people an idea on how they think it might look on them.

The first shades we will be looking at are Posh Spice, Celebrity Skin, and Gemini.

First up we have Posh Spice, I’m a pretty big fan of this color for my skin tone. It’s a great nude for me. Now depending on your skin tone it is going to look light or darker than my picture shows. Since I have a tanner skin tone this looks nude on my lips, but if you have fair skin it is going to look darker. If you have a darker skin tone than me it’s going to look lighter. Follow me?

Posh Spice Swatch
Posh Spice

Next to Posh Spice we have the ever-popular Celebrity Skin. Another lipstick from the nude side of Jeffree’s lipstick line, my skin tone tends to bring out the red/brown undertones of this lipstick. However I notice lighter skin tones tend to bring out more of its brown undertones. On darker skin tones it tends to bring out it’s light tan undertones.

Celebrity Skin Swatch
Celebrity Skin









Finally we have the ever-elusive Gemini. I really love that my skin tone brings out the almost pinker side of Gemini. Lighter skin tones seem to bring out this lipstick’s red tones, while even darker skins highlight its natural brown undertones.

Gemini Swatch









I hope you have all enjoyed these swatches of Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipsticks. I will be doing more of these swatch parties with both this brand and other lipstick brands I have already reviewed. I hope you will a look forward to these posts in the future.

Interested in checking out some of these lipsticks for yourself? Check out Jeffree Star’s website for all his shades of lipsticks!

Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipsticks

Jeffree Star Lip swatches
From Top to Bottom: Posh Spice, Celebrity Skin, and Gemini

Don’t forget to let me know what you think of this post in the comments below.

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