Ai no Kusabi- The Original (Part One)

So I just finished watching Ai no Kusabi and I honestly don’t even know where to begin. I have so many feels right now it is insane. Waaaaaahhhhh! What’s happening with my life right now? This all started when I read part one of a review the Mistress of Yaoi is currently working on. After reading it I have to admit I was a little intrigued so I decided to look it up.

There’s the original and I guess a reboot. I watched the original and it was, ugh, such a good story in my opinion. The premise is basically a world where social status is determined by hair color and everything is under a computer system named Jupiter. In this world there are basically no females and the people with blonde hair are elite while the people with black hair a considered mongrels.

It is also not uncommon for the elites to keep “pets” aka young human males for a period of time. These pets are there fore their own sexual pleasures. Basically there’s a very intense (and legal) sex trade going on. It’s heartbreaking I think. Seriously, how do you not find a world like that really sad?

ai no kusabi

Our story begins when Riki finds himself indebted to Iason a Blondie. Due to his debt he ends up becoming Iason’s pet. Before this though he was the leader of a gang and the partner of a man named Guy. After three years of being Iason’s pet he is released… or so he thinks.

The rule with Jupiter is very strick. Masters are not supposed to fall in love with their pets and it seems that Iason has developed feelings. Jupiter basically warns Iason that he needs to release Riki. Iason takes of Riki’s bracelet on his foot but still leaves him registered as a pet. He decides that he cannot let Riki go.

On the other you have Guy, Riki’s old boyfriend before he was taken as a pet. Guy finds out about Riki being Iason’s pet and decides he will do everything in his power to free Riki. He doesn’t care that Iason is an elite and he’s a mongrel, he is determined to find a way to free Riki from Iason’s grip.

Ai no Kusabi Guy

The story revolves around these themes and I have to say in my opinion it was executed beautifully. I won’t get into the details (especially the ending) but I will say I enjoyed watching this show a great deal. I honestly feel that the ending was perfect. I really don’t think this show could have ended any other way. This is truly a classic yaoi.

I will also warn you all to get out your tissues. This is a classic love story, which means it is sort of a tragic love story. Don’t misinterpret me I’m not saying it has a bad ending or that it doesn’t provide closure. Like I said above I couldn’t see this story ending any other way. What I’m saying is that if you expect this to end with everyone singing about rainbows and butterflies this isn’t the yaoi for you. This story reminds me of a Greek Tragedy, a beautiful story, if not sad.

Ai no Kusabi2

To sum it up if you’re a fan of the yaoi genre than I feel like you cannot go your life without checking this show out! It is so worth watching. I haven’t watched the reboot so I don’t know how it compares to the original. This review was written on the premise of watching the original Ai no Kusabi.

Did I get you interested in checking Ai no Kusabi out? Let me know in the comment section below!


You may be wondering why this is titled “Part One”. Well that’s because I wanted to write a review that was spoiler free but I actually have A LOT more to say about this anime. My part two will be posting soon and will delve into the three main character and how their actions shape the show. The relationship between Riki, Guy, and Iason is a big reason for why I found this show so amazing and I wanted to write more on the subject. So look forward to Part Two soon!

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6 thoughts on “Ai no Kusabi- The Original (Part One)

  1. i LOVE YOU, I love everyone that loves Ai no Kusabi, because it’s so rare to see anyone talk about it. This was head and shoulders above many BL shows I’ve seen, and it’s still a milestone. The story is so rich and has such depth, plus what happens between them is a tug-of-war in feelings and power, and the ending was so heartbreaking ;_;

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