Enchanted in the Moonlight: Chikage

Sorry for the delay if you have been anxiously awaiting the next character’s storyline of Voltage Inc.’s otome game Enchanted in the Moonlight. So far I have done Shinra’s and Yukinojo’s storyline if you want to check out my thoughts on those two. I was really debating on which character’s story to play next but lucky the Queen of Otome (aka Pokeninja90 check out her site) suggested Chikage, since he’s her favorite.

I just want to go on the record of saying thank heavens for the suggestion. As you know I found Yukinojo’s character to be a big pile of poop so I really needed a pick me up. Chikage was perfect character to get me back into playing Enchanted in the Moonlight. He was also a really great character to play after Yukinojo for comparison reasons. I feel like Chikage’s storyline and character attitude was what they were going for with Yukinojo but failed miserable at.


Brief Storyline

If you’re unfamiliar with this game it begins with the MC discovering that she is a special human that is born once every thousand years. She’s special because her body provides a great source of power to ayakashi. Not only that but any child she would have with an ayakashi would be insanely powerful. Some ayakashi want to gain that power by eating you and others by having babies with you, luckily Chikage falls in the having babies with you category.

If you have questions on pricing and how many episodes come with each story I suggest you check out my Shinra post. It was my first post on Enchanted in the Moonlight so it goes into a lot of detail. You can also comment below with any questions 🙂


Main Story

Chikage is a Tengu or a Black-Winged Demon. At first he seems a bit like a dick. Not forceful or anything like that, just super condescending. To him you’re a total weakling but useful since you can be a source of power. In his mind you should be grateful that you’ve made a contract with him since there’s no way you’ll be able to survive on your own with all these powerful ayakashi on your tail. These reasons cause Chikage to feel your contract is beneficial to each party end of story. What does love have to do with anything?

Here’s where the difference between Yukinojo and Chikage comes into play. While both of them feel like love should be the last thing on anyone’s mind and both of them have their reasons for being jaded, Chikage at least has the decency not to be a bi-polar, sexual forceful, douche about it. If there is one thing I will say about Chikage is that there is no whiplash due to crazy personality changes happening every two seconds. He is always pretty straightforward and his attitude towards love and you is gradual. Which I feel makes it more realistic.


Spoilers From This Point Forward

Chikage and Koten

You learn pretty quickly that Chikage had a rough childhood. He was abandoned by his parents and was raised by a band of robbers. He realized very quickly in life that if he wanted to be safe he would need the power to protect himself. During this time he also makes a friend who is in a similar predicament.

One day however he is able to get into a very elite school but sadly his friend isn’t. Even though his friend isn’t able to follow him Chikage makes the decision to enroll. Thanks to his choice to go to school he is able to leave the band of robbers and work his way up to becoming the leader of the tengue. His friend however feels betrayed and holds his decision against him.

This has a profound effect on Chikage. It enforces his belief that he is better off on his own and that he should always do things himself. He goes through the rest of his schooling without making a single friend and even now as an adult rarely confides to anyone.

Even through all of this we slowly get to see a different side of Chikage. Especially when it comes to his young student Koten. Koten was also abandoned by his parents and you see very quickly that Chikage relates to him and wants to help him. He tries to make Koten feel loved and special in his own way despite his insistence that the weak should be left behind.

As he protects you his old childhood friend comes back to seek his reveange. This causes a lot of conflicted emotions for Chikage. I think a part of him feels like his friend’s hatred for him is justified. He still feels guilty for leaving him behind. In the end Chikage is able to find solace in the fact that while he will always probably feel guilty he made the right choice to get out of the band of robbers.

One thing to watch out for is that the second lead syndrome is strong with this story route. It is beyond ironic that I was debating playing between Chikage and Kyoga because this storyline made me want to play Kyoga badly. I’ll admit a small part of me wanted Kyoga to get the girl, even though I really liked Chikage’s character too. The feels were real on this one.

Kyoga and Chikage


Final Thoughts

I really enjoyed playing Chikage’s route! He can be rough around the edges but he’s a good guy and his lines are swoon worthy for sure. While Shinra is still my favorite route Chikage comes in for a good second. I’ll also admit that Chikage has the best Happy Ending so far. Seriously he’s so worth playing just for that!

I really enjoyed seeing him with Koten and also some of his barbs at the MC were kind of funny. I also like that his character didn’t bring out the worst in the MC. In Yukinojo’s storyline I just wanted to drop kick the MC in the face half the time. All of her options for responses constantly sucked. In this storyline I feel like the responses you use to get to the Happy Ending for the MC are all really good. Basically you are just showing Chikage that having friends can make you strong and that it is okay to lean on others.

The way that Chikage is finally able to rely on everyone in order to defeat his childhood friend is perfect. I was really happy that in the end it wasn’t just about him feeling like he could lean on only the MC but realizing that he had lots of friends that he could get support from and also support in return.

Finally Chikage’s Happy Ending is just…. SWOON! Perfect. Haha I won’t get into too many details about it but trust me, it’s great. Everyone needs to see the Happy Ending in my opinion.


I hope you all enjoyed this post. Let me know what you think of Chikage in the comments below. As for me I must get ready to play Kyoga’s route. I need to see him get the girl!


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8 thoughts on “Enchanted in the Moonlight: Chikage

  1. Thanks for the shoutout, straightens crown! XD

    I’m so glad you liked Chikage, he is my EITM bae! I know what you mean about the second lead syndrome, it was insane in this one… I guess it’s because Kyoga is so open and friendly while Chikage is so cold, you automatically gravitate towards the nicer of the two. The did something similar with Miyabi’s route, instead they made Chikage the second lead lol…

    And Koten is such a precious little thing!!! It’s funny this route kind of reminds me of the manga series Black Bird, because it’s about a girl who is supposed to give birth to some special child. So all these demons want to marry her, but she ends up with the tengu!!

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    1. Got to give a shoutout to the Queen 😜 Kyoga’s character makes you super curious on what he’d be like during his storyline for sure. Now that you mention it this totally reminds me of Black Bird. I haven’t read that in forever! Koten was such a good addition. It was adorable to see Chikage’s “dad” side! They were such a little family 😊 It def made me love Chikage more. I mean on top of his insane sexiness in general lol.

      Liked by 1 person

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