Skin Frost Mint Condition: It Will Blind You

If you haven’t heard about Jeffree Star’s new Skin Frost Highlighters I only have one question for you. Where on EARTH have you been?! I got my Mint Condition Highlighter when it first launched but as you all know I like to take my time playing with a product before I post my review. It only seems fair that way.

My review is done from the perspective of using Mint Condition but I want to point out that the formula is the same for all of the shades of highlighter. You just add different pigments to get different colors. I mention that so that everyone knows that if I say I like how the highlight is bright for Mint Condition you can be assured that the highlight will be equally as bright for King Tut, it’s just a different shade of awesome. All right let’s get to the Cons and Pros.

Mint Condition Skin Frost
Hello Pan Size



If you are familiar with any of Jeffree Star’s products you know that the demand is high and the products move fast. It is not uncommon for an item to sell out within the first fifteen minutes of a restock. Don’t even get me started on when he launches a new product. The competition to get you hands on these highlighters is fierce.

Since this is a new product being launched as far as I know it is only available on his company website so you really need to be in the loop about restocks. I highly recommend you follow Jeffree Star’s Instagram or Twitter to get the most up to date news on when restocks will be happening. As I write this all four shades of Skin Frost are out of stock. They just had a restock of King Tut two days ago (as of writing this). That’s how quickly stuff sells out here.

My point is that if you like what you see for my pros about this highlighter you are going to have to be on your A-Game when it comes to purchasing this. You need to know exactly when it’s going to be stocked and have your hand ready to click buy because everyone else will. Trust me. The Jeffree Star Makeup Community doesn’t play.

The second thing I want to discuss is cost. This highlighter is going to run you $29 (plus shipping and handling) if you are looking for a $5-$10 dollar buy then this isn’t it. That being said I do feel it is 100% worth the price. I’ll get to this more in my Pros section.

Mint Condition Pan Size
I’ve had this for two weeks now and barely scratched the surface


So why am I willing to throw $29 at a highlighter with no problem? Honestly because I feel like it’s worth it. In reality the company could actually be charger more. For one thing the pan size on this bad boy is huge. It weighs in a 15g. Do you realize how much product that is? A fucking lot that’s how much.

Not only is it huge to begin with but also you barely need any to apply highlight realness. When I use Mint Condition I pretty much just swipe my brush through once and I’m ready to go. If you want to have a bigger highlight I recommend using it wet. Be ready though because that shine is going to be intense.

Obviously since I’m reviewing this product on GrimmGirl it’s cruelty-free, but what you might not know is this product is also vegan. That means no animal products (such as honey) were used to make this product. Since it is vegan you don’t have to worry about it getting around your eyes. You can totally use this to highlight under your eyebrow or to pump up your eye shadow look. Got to love a versatile product.

Finally the shades the come in are really pretty fun. Skin Frost comes in four shades Ice Cold (which is stark white), Peach Goddess (which has a beautiful pink undertone), King Tut (I want this one so badly for it’s amazing bronze look), and finally Mint Condition (which as you can see is a lovely mint green).

Mint Condition Swatch
Pigment for Dayz


At the end of the day I completely recommend this product. You can bet I will be watching Jeffree Star’s Instagram/Twitter page (hell yeah I follow them both! I’m not missing anything!) obsessively in order to get my hands on King Tut. I would also recommend that who ever decides to by these products are real with themselves on what the usually do make up wise.

For example if you’re not into giving yourself some over the top looks Mint Condition isn’t for you. This is a highly pigmented product. It is going to have a green sheen to it so if that’s not something you’re into then you don’t want to go with this shade.

If you have a darker skin tone then remember that Ice Cold is going to a very white sheen to it. If you generally go for a more natural look than you might not dig the look this shade give you. If your skin is paler then Ice Cold would be the color for you because it’s just going to look like a brighter highlight.

If you are interested in buying the product you can click on the link below although they are probably still sold out at the time of this posting… So I’m going to include links to Jeffree’s Instagram/Twitter incase you want to follow him for up to date restock information. I also usually retweet any restocks on my Twitter if you want to follow along 😀

Buying Skin Frost

Jeffree Star’s Twitter

Jeffree Star’s Instagram


Hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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