Anime Challenge Day 20: Character That Annoys You

I am ashamed to say that the first thing that I will write in regards to Bleach has to do with Orihime Inoue. I feel dirty… WAAAAAHHHHH! It can’t be helped though, today’s Anime Challenge is to name a character that annoys you and for me that is Orihime Inoue for sure.

I literally cannot even begin to explain why I am so irritated by Inoue’s existence. Nor can I explain the depth or my irritation of her in one simple blog post. If I had to some it up in one sentence I would say that ever episode of Bleach and every release of new volume in the manga harbors a hope inside my heart that this will finally be the day that Orihime dies. It never happens though… damn it.

This is so true it’s not even funny. Basically all you need to know about this character.

The thing that irritates me about Orihime is that she is so useless. Seriously look at her performance as a whole! She very rarely brings anything worthwhile to the table. Yes, yes, I know she has her little healing powers and I’m happy about that. The problem is she doesn’t stick to what she’s good at. Nothing drives me more insane then dealing with a character that isn’t realistic about their strengths and weaknesses.

This always leads to them doing something completely idiotic in order to “protect” the main character, which backfires with disastrous consequences (of course) because they aren’t very strong in the first place. The main character always forgives them, pats them on the head giving them and A for effort, lovingly reminds them that they don’t need to be protected and instead that they will protect them, and then goes and cleans up the dumb characters mess. I fucking hate that!

Orihime is a prime example of this type of character only to be surpassed by Sukara from Naruto, and don’t even get me started on that hot mess. The only reason I didn’t chose her is because I just finished talking about a scene from Naruto Shippuden for this challenge and I wanted to mix it up. That being said anyone who has watched either of these shows knows exactly what I’m talking about.

Orihime is by far the weakest character in Bleach. Every character on that show can run circles around her even in their weakest states. That’s not what bothers me about Orihime though. It’s the fact that she has a power that is totally useful but constantly over steps her bounds.

I don’t give a crap if she wants to protect her friends. She can’t, at least not by fighting, so get the fuck over it and protect them with the abilities you do have. You can heal people and that’s a gift. So USE IT. It’s fine that she wants to build her attacking power; I think that’s smart. That way she can defend herself and the people she’s healing during battles if there isn’t anyone else around.

What ticks me off though is she constantly wants to make the initiative and frequently has little faith her friends ability to rise to the occasion when combating an enemy. This is just a slap in the face to the constant training they’ve endured and the battles they have all fought together. She has seen how impressive they each can be. How can she have so little confidence in them?

A prime example of this is the Hueco Mundo Arc. She goes with the enemy in order to protect her friends. All this really does is cause a lot of problems between the Soul Society on whether or not she has betrayed them and of course results in them all having to head to Hueco Mundo in order to save her. Grrrrrrrr. Helping the enemy to save your friends isn’t saving your friends at all baka Orihime!!!


She never seems to learn this lesson though. Every other day she’s keeping stupid crap to herself in order to protect her friends. She NEVER protects them and always makes life rougher. So you can see why I have such an irritation with her character. Watch enough Bleach and you will too.

Well you all have patiently watched me rant enough, now it’s your turn. Which character irritates you the most? Does Orihime make you want to through things at the TV the same way she does for me? Comment below!

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29 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Day 20: Character That Annoys You

    1. Haha I’m actually on good terms with Lucy. She’s not a strong fighter but she has the decency to be like, “What? Strong character coming up? Who’s got this? Erza? Natsu? Gray? Because you all know I’ll lose.” lol at least she knows it! Now Juvia on the other hand… Grrrrr. What’s with the 3rd person talk! 😝

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  1. I love Bleach but you have totally nailed Orihime’s character here. Even if she isn’t going to be helpful she could at least stop being a hindrance occasionally. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. No problem. I so agree 😀 I love Bleach! I can’t believe this is the only thing I have Bleach related on here. Thanks for stopping by and reading. (P.S. She could totally stop being a hindrance at least for one episode!)

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  2. My annoying character of choice: Sanji from One Piece. Feel free to read all the details on my blog. 😉

    But as for Orihime… I dunno, it’s been awhile, but I never found her annoying. Her surrender *did* spare Ichigo and the others from certain death, so it’s kinda hard to argue with her decision. Even further down the line, it led to the invasion of Hueco Mundo, which left Aizen invading Ichigo’s hometown with only a few lieutenants facing the bulk of the Gotei 13 officers and their surprise backup as well, so it still seems to me that it worked out in the end. She did save her friends a few times as well, but I don’t recall her wanting to race off to the battlefront because she doesn’t believe in them. So… I’m thinking we’re interpreting the same things in two very different ways. And also that I need to rewatch this anime to refresh my knowledge a bit. 😉

    As for Sakura… oh, come on, she becomes a potent healer and a super-powerful physical fighter, what’s so annoying and helpless about that? 😉

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    1. Gaaaaahhh!!! I don’t even know where to begin lol I could honestly dedicate a website to the the stuff that Sakura pulls that super ticks me off. Prime example: when she decides she needs to kill Sauske herself. Seriously girl? Sit down! That was just a waste of freaking time! Orihime does the same kind of stuff and it super bothers me. You don’t see Rukia pulling that crap. She always has a plan lol I love that about her! As for One Piece… It’s still on my to watch list lol I know I’m such a fail! One day… One day.

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      1. I dunno, after pushing the burden of bringing Sasuke back onto Naruto, and then learning what he’s done, choosing to kill him herself strikes me as taking that responsibility back, sparing Naruto from the burden. And, really, there are worse ideas than using feminine wiles to try and slip past his defenses and poison him. I don’t know about Rukia ever having a plan, but I do know that Sakura and Granny Chiyo were a great team to fight that puppet master with all his poisoned weapons, which she created the antidote to in order to save a life, which is a bit more impressive than anything I’ve see Rukia do, ya know?


      2. I don’t think she lessened Naruto’s burden at all because he had to go save her and also had to see Sauske like that. Plus he specifically told her that he would have to be the one to fight Sauske and she didn’t listen to him at all. That makes me grumpy. She puts down Naruto a lot in my opinion and that is super frustrating because all he ever is is nice to her. Rukia is constantly kicking ass! I’m not saying Sakura’s fight with Granny Chiyo wasn’t good but I can honestly say that that was the only fight where I was like, “Yea Sakura! Maybe you won’t be horrible anymore.” Do you know how many seasons there are of Naruto and that is the only fight I’ve ever been pumped about for her?

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      3. I mean that Sakura meant well, successful or not. In complete fairness, individual characters generally don’t get that many fights to be pumped about them for. Sakura got one, Jiraiya got one, Gaara got one or maybe two… even Naruto himself doesn’t get that many. But taking this back towards Orihime… well, what’s the difference between her surrender as she sees her friends getting pummeled and Rukia’s surrender as she sees Ichigo getting pummeled?


      4. When Rukia went with her brother it was because she knew she had done something wrong (although it turns out she didn’t lol but that’s a whole different story) Ichigo gets his ass handed to him but Rukia never had any intentions of not going with her brother to start out with. However when Ichigo shows up to rescue her that is a total turning point for her. Once she sees how far he comes she realizes that he has tons of untapped potential. From that moment on you will notice that she never doubts that Ichigo will find a way to raise to the occasion. Also while she is captive she in no way helps anyone to hurt her friends. Fast forward to Orihime. She decides to go after seeing how badly her friends are messed up but doesn’t tell them the reason. She knows their not going to give up the fight against Izen because both worlds are literally at stake because of him. By not clueing them in she creates a rift between Ichigo and the Soul Society about where her loyalties lay. Once she’s with Izen she helps to speed up the process of that (I can’t remember what it’s called off the top of my head lol it’s been a while) one thing. Her friends are all fighting to get that thing back so that he CAN’T use it. Once he’s able to use it he’s going to do everything he wants which equals destruction to the worlds as they know it so how is helping him to quicken that process helping her friends at all? It’s not. It’s totally short sighted. She’s not thinking. Then once her friends gets there she helps heal one of the members knowing they are going back to fight Ichigo. At this point how is this helping her friends? It’s not. He’s not going to go easy on Ichigo just because you helped him. Finally once she see’s Ichigo she tells him not to fight because she doesn’t want him to get hurt, even though the only reason he’s there is because she ran off with out telling them the situation in the first place. In fact I believe it is Nell at this point who basically calls Orihime out for not cheering Ichigo on reminding her that he’s doing this for her and by not wanting him to fight she’s basically not showing faith in his abilities which is a big slap in the face from someone he considers a friend. Even Nell knew she was being crazy lol. I would have to disagree with you on the fighting aspect of Naruto. I think there are a lot of great fights throughout the show for a lot of characters. Haha but I’m a little obsessed with that show 😀

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      5. Heh, as far as Naruto goes, yes, there area lot of great fights for a lot of characters… but very few characters get their own special fight more than once or twice, that’s what I mean. 😉

        Either I am vastly failing to recall Bleach properly, which is not entirely out of the question 😉 or we are interpreting the same things in very different ways.

        Rukia, I recall, told Ichigo, when he showed up to stop her execution, “You can’t beat my brother! Go away!” I wouldn’t describe that as a lack of faith so much as wanting Ichigo to be safe out of harm’s way, but she was all about how Ichigo couldn’t win.

        Meanwhile, Orihime was shown her friends getting pummeled, and her surrender saved their lives. Then she was turned invisible so it’s not like she could tell them jack-squat, this being part of Aizen and Ulquiorra’s ploy to make her more submissive, a part she plays with the intention of getting close to that orb thing and undoing its creation. I would call that rather ambitious of her, using her unique skill to end the threat once and for all. Then her friends come to rescue her, and her idea goes to crap, and she has to keep fulfilling her role in order to advance her plan. But Aizen had lied to her, and been very convincing, just using her to divide and conquer, but, small detail, that backfired on him because his forces were also divided and conquered, and then Ichigo kept coming back stronger and stronger from each fight.

        As for the “rift” caused between Ichigo and the Soul Society… ummm, yeah, you remember how they sent several Captains to save their butts? Not much of a divide, that, I would say.

        Finally, as for wanting Ichigo to stop getting hurt… that, I attribute more to poor writing, as they needed something more to push Ichigo out of the corner the author wrote him into when fighting Ulquiorra. It simply makes no sense to me whatsoever, so I’m not going to make my brain explode trying to understand it.

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      6. I will def have to go back and rewatch this story arch to be sure (it’s been awhile since I’ve seen this) but as I recall she had time before she turned invisible to talk to the gang she just didn’t want to have them worry about her. Also the members of the soul society that go with Ichigo go with him under the guise of a different mission since the soul society as a whole considers her a traitor. The rest of the captains are able to help out once it’s shown that Orihime hasn’t really betrayed them she just made poor judgement in how to actually help them. Oh, and I agree at first Rukia didn’t have faith in Ichigo but after he rescues her she always does from that point on and I like that about her. She never tries to stop him from fighting because she knows that’s what he does. She just does what she can to support him. I agree that it’s poor writing to have Orihime be the exact upset of that but it doesn’t change the fact that it makes me hold it against her character you know what I mean?

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      7. After a quick dig through my Bleach collection… end of episode 140 and beginning of episode 141. She was invisible before she got back to the living world. And she was forbidden from tattling by Ulquiorra, so even when she left Rangiku and Toushiro a note… well, I think we can agree she’s not nearly crafty enough to talk to them in code, eh?

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      8. Oh and with Naruto I think a lot of their characters get quite a few good fights. Or do you mean like strictly solo? Like would you consider the fight Gaara has with Madera along with the other leaders as one of his fights or no because he wasn’t alone?

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      9. Yes, I mean solo. There are loads of times where we go through the characters who are all together in one big fight, and they get, like, half a second each to shine. Like when Sakura unleashes her full strength when she and the boys lead the attack on the Ten Tails, and Naruto is all, “I am never, ever, ever making fun of Sakura again! She’ll kill me!” That was a pretty awesome moment (I had to laugh at Naruto’s reaction), but it was right there alongside everyone else’s awesome moments, so… yeah, she didn’t really get to shine. When the next generation of Ino-Shika-Cho formation debuted, same thing, that was a moment for all three of them. That sort of thing.

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