Hunter X Hunter X Season X Five

Well I officially finished season five of Hunter X Hunter and I have to be honest in some ways it was kind of a let down for me. I’m not saying that I didn’t like this season I’m simply saying it was a bit of a come down from the last two seasons. That being said I believe that this is due to the fact that the plot they are currently setting up takes some significant time. So I’m not mad at it I just think anyone going into this season need to realize that this season is basically a transition season.

Please remember that from this point on this post is written with the expectation that anyone reading this has already seen seasons 1-4. So while there will not be spoilers for season 5 in this post there will be spoilers for seasons 1-4. If you haven’t seen Hunter X Hunter but wanted to read a little bit about it to help you decide if you want to start it I suggest you read my original post for season 1 Hunter X Hunter Season X One.

Now that that’s out of the way…

At the end of season 4 we are left with the impression that we will finally be meeting Ging. How naïve we were. Like beating a goddamn video game that nobody had been able to beat for years, training like animals, and nearly dying countless times would be enough to prove to Ging that it was time for him to meet his son and own up to his abandonment. What was I thinking?

kite and Ging

Instead Gon and Killua meet Kite, a former student of Ging who won his respect by finding Ging back in the day. Kite is a beast hunter and is on a mission to observe Chimera Ants. This is a special ant species that is able to incorporate traits of animals it eats into the next generation of Chimera Ants. This helps make sure that the next generation will be stronger than the last and the species will continue to evolve and grow. Sounds pretty cool right?

Well it’s not. Kite has been given information that there is a Chimera Queen the size of a human. This would mean she would need bigger prey in order to survive and lay her eggs. It would only be a matter of time before the queen and her solider ants started to attack humans for food. This leaves the door open for the possibility that the next generation of ants would have absorbed human characteristics and possible the ability to use Nen.

Kite is smart enough to realize that this would be a disaster so he decides to find the Chimera Ant Queen before she starts having babies to confirm that she is in fact this big and if she is to kill her. He offers Gon and Killua the chance to come with him on the condition that they are able to take care of themselves. He isn’t a babysitter after all.

Gon and Killua readily agree and see this a perfect chance to become stronger themselves. What they don’t realize is that becoming stronger isn’t going to be as easy as it has been in the past. This time it will take a lot of sacrificing. They will lose people close to them and this causes Killua to question if being by Gon’s side is the best thing for his friend.

Killua, Kite, and Gon

This season introduces new characters like Kite but also brings back old characters like Bisky. However you are hoping for a reunion between Gon, Killua, Lerio, and Kurapika you are going to have to keep waiting. That’s not happening in this season. No Hisoka either 😦 We will all have to just make do without him for this season. We do however get a peek at what Phantom Troupe has been up to since Chrollo’s departure. I have to admit I’m becoming a fan of Feitan, also look forward to a surprise new member!

The last episode of Hunter X Hunter certainly leaves you wanting more. It was honestly a really weird part to end a season for me. It just ended. With that being said the way the plot was moving has really prepared me for a very intense sixth season. The vibe that first season had in comparison with the vibe you get with Chimera Ants arc is completely different.

This season deals Gon and Killua a lot of harsh lessons and really makes them question themselves in ways they haven’t previously. In the fifth season they both have a certain cockiness to them. When they decide they will defeat The Bombers there isn’t a question in their minds that they wont win. Even though they are under experienced and weaker than the Bomber Three they are confident.

While they do win it is in a large part due to Bisky’s training and her ability to recognize the strengths that Killua and Gon bring to the table. It is no coincidence that she tasks Killua with coming up with a plan and tells Gon to go after the main bomber. She has faith in their talents and the two boys thrive on that. I think season five is a harsh reminder to the boys that having a confident attitude isn’t going to be enough to win every fight.

Now that season five is done I am very excited to start season six. The story has been laid out and I’m pretty pumped to see where everything goes. Season five gave the boys a lot of opportunities for growth and I want to see how this develops their characters as the story continues.

Killua saves Gon


Well you heard my thoughts. What about you? Don’t forget to comment below.


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