Day 19: Most Epic Anime Scene

Anime Challenge! Anime Challenge! Here we go again with Day (Week) 19: Most Epic Anime Scene Ever. Jeez Louise. Talk about pressure! There are a lot of damn good anime scenes out there. However when I first read this one scene immediately popped into my mind so I decided to go with my instincts. That means I will have to be double dipping into Naruto Shippuden. As you know I already touched on this show with my Three Reasons to Love Gaara post. However, this just cannot be avoided. If you haven’t watched Naruto or are not caught up on the series TURN BACK NOW! This spoiler is for real.

One of the most epic scenes I have ever seen in an anime has to be (SPOILER ALERT RIGHT BELOW)


Jiraiya’s death at the hands of Pain. That scene packs all of the emotions. Sadness, loss, anger, shock, and hope, how was it even possible to end with hope after all of that. Damn good writing that’s how.

If you are not familiar with the show or the scene let me give you a little background. Jiraiya has had it rough. He was unable to protect his friend from himself (aka Orichimuru), unable to protect his students, and finally unable to defeat Pain and the Akashi. That being said in the end he is able to make the one choice his life has been working towards. The one choice that will ultimately save the world and not only does he make the right choice, he does it in his very last moments.

Honestly the entire arc dealing with Jiraiya and Pain is fucking beautiful. I can honestly say though that I did not see the ending coming at all. Obviously I know that the fight was going to be hard but this is Jiraiya we’re talking about. Somehow I believed he would prevail over Pain. In a way he does, just not in the way I was expecting and that’s what makes this scene even better.

In the end he is able to put his faith in Naruto in a way that nobody has before. He has always felt that there was something special about Naruto but it’s more than that in his last moments. In his last moment he uses everything he has to send Naruto a message having all the faith in the world that Naruto will figure it out. He doesn’t give up. If that doesn’t give you the feels I don’t know what will. To give you a better idea of what I’m talking about check out this video to relive the scene I’m discussing.


So what anime scene do you consider the most epic? Don’t be shy and comment below.


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4 thoughts on “Day 19: Most Epic Anime Scene

  1. that spoiler alert should’ve come sooner!! </333 but I'm so far behind in the series I will probably forget by the time I get there. I don't know if Avatar really qualifies as anime but the final scene where Aang is battling Fire Lord Ozai is one of my favorite scenes *cue kanye voice* OF ALL TIME.

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