Fruits Basket Revisited: Volume One

Hi everyone! Like I mentioned in my Sailor Moon Revisited: Volume One post I will be going back through manga I have already read and posting about them. The next series I will be revisiting is Fruits Basket. This series was originally published in the 90’s if you are not familiar with it and isn’t currently being published. That means if you want to get your hands on a physical copy of this manga you will need to go the used route.

Now that that’s out of the way it’s time to get to the manga itself. Fruits Basket’s first volume synopsis reads like this:

“A family with an ancient curse…

And the girl who will change their lives forever…

Tohru Honda was an orphan with no place to go until the mysterious Sohma family offered her a place to call home. Now her ordinary high school life is turned upside down as she’s introduced to the Sohma’s world of magical curses and family secrets. Discover for yourself the Secret of the Zodiac, and find out why Fruits Basket has won the hearts of readers the world over!”

fruits basket volume 1

I will admit this series won my heart! I originally watched the anime but since it only ran for one season I felt myself compelled to finish it out. I’m really glad I did. Someday we will get to my issues with the last two episodes of Fruits Basket and why the manga kicks its’ ass but alas that is for another post. Today we are all about Volume One!

Volume One basically introduces the story and sets the stage for the rest of the series in the same way any manga would; however, I do find the premise for the plotline to be intriguing. The story starts with our introduction to Toruh Honda. I’m going to be real. She’s not the brightest bulb in the bunch but I do find her strangely endearing.

I was honestly afraid her character would annoy the shit out of me. I’ll admit that sometimes she still does because she’s just so…. What’s the word I’m looking for… apologetic. It just gets annoying sometimes. That being said I’m glad she was written that way because it plays off really nicely with the other characters’ personalities. Especially Kyo and Shigure in my opinion.

Toruh’s dad died when she was three and after that her mother raised her, but sadly her mother dies while Toruh is still in her first year of high school. She originally plans to stay with her grandfather (her dad’s father) but after a few months he needs to live with his daughter’s family while his house is being remodeled. Then they plan on living there as well. He asks if she is able to stay with a friend during the remodeling. Not wanting to be a burden she tells him she has it covered.

Problem is she doesn’t actually have anybody that she feels comfortable asking to stay with! Toruh is inventive though and solves her living situation problem by buying a tent and pitching it out in the woods. Her plan is to stay there until she can move back in with her grandpa! Haha, hey, at least she tries. Her plan actually works okay for a bit…

That is until a landslide crushes her meager home. This is when she learns that the woods she has been camping in is actually part of the Sohma family’s land and that her classmate (the prince of her school) Yuki Sohma lives close by with his uncle Shigure. Without giving too much away it is decided that she will be able to live with them until her grandpa is ready to take her back. It’s by living there that she learns of the Sohma family secret and is slowly introduced to more of Yuki’s family including Yuki’s cousins Kyo and Kagura.

sohma family

While Toruh does learn the family’s main secret it is clear through things hinted at by the Sohmas that there are more secrets to be revealed. In particular what is the head of the family Akito like and what does Kyo’s true form mean? These are the questions you are left with at the end of Volume One. I have to say even rereading it I really enjoyed the first volume. The personality differences between Toruh and Kyo are really funny to me. I also love how slowly we find out a little bit more about each of the characters and how their family situation affects them.

So if you haven’t picked up Fruits Basket yet and you’re into comedy, drama, and supernatural shenanigans I suggest you pick it up! Let me know what you think of this post in the comments below.

I Do Not Own These Images. All Rights Are Reserved By TokyoPop and Natsuki Takaya.

9 thoughts on “Fruits Basket Revisited: Volume One

  1. This was one series I never got into. I think part of the problem is that it was really hyped up when I bought it. Plus there’s the issue of the art, which isn’t Takaya’s fault, but I never was a big fan of her style. But this is a perfect time for you to revisit it with Yen Press re-releasing the manga.

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    1. I have almost all of them but I’m missing a few so I’m kind of pumped if they re-release it! I had no expectations going in which might have really helped my enjoyment of it. I had never heard of it before and just came across the anime on Netflix which sparked my interest in reading the manga. Since nobody I knew had ever read it before all the plot twists came as a big shock.

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