Who’s Your Favorite Supporting Female Character in Anime?

Time to continue this 30 Day Anime Challenge. Hai! If you’re new here than you may not know what a lazy daisy I am when it comes to this challenge. Even though it’s called the 30 Day Anime Challenge it’s more like the 30 Week Anime Challenge to me. I have no idea how bloggers are cranking this out in a month. Since it’s been so long since I started this challenge I thought it would be a good idea to remind you what we all have to look forward to. We’re now on “Day” 18: Favorite Supporting Female Character.

30 week anime challenge

As you all know I started watching Hunter X Hunter a bit ago and I have taken a pretty good liking to it. In that vain I will put my (current) favorite supporting female character stamp on Bisky Krueger.


What else is there to say about Bisky except that she’s a stone-cold badass? Bisky may look like an innocent porcelain doll but believe that is this first mistake a foe could make on their way towards greeting death. The second mistake would of course be challenging her to fight based on the assumption she’d be an easy win. While Bisky looks like an adorable little girl in reality she is 57 and in her true form can crush a full-grown man with her pinky…

Exhibit A

bisky transformation


Not only is she a talented Nen user but she is also an excellent teacher. It is only through her guidance and training Killua and Gon are able to grow as quickly as they do on Greed Island. Even later when they need to up their game in order to fight the Chimera Ants it is Bisky Palm finds in order to train them. I think what I like about Bisky is that she isn’t all talk. She knows exactly what she’s capable of and what she isn’t and acts accordingly. She’s also a pretty funny character in my opinion.

bisky meme

So what’s your current favorite female supporting anime character? Comment below 😀


I did not create the above images. Nor do I own them in anyway.

15 thoughts on “Who’s Your Favorite Supporting Female Character in Anime?

  1. Mine currently is Lacus from GUNDAM seed she is this beacon of hope for all people and her kind nature is so believable on screen. I love how reassuring and supportive she is 😊

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  2. Reaching way back, Akane Tendo, maybe. Because out of an entire series packed with super-powered martial arts masters, she was the one fighter who had to hold her own with relatively normal strength and skill, and also had to deal with the conflicts and disasters caused by the hero.

    If the question had been lead female, I was just thinking earlier (because the question just came up somewhere else) about Leona Ozaki in Dominion, Conflict 1: No More Noise. Not so much Leona in the earlier versions of the Tank Police, where she’s a sort of cliched obsessive weirdo for her tanks, and the stories are primarily fantasy/SF-driven. No More Noise is more like a straight police procedural, and Leona is a mid-level officer putting up with a lot more crap from the ranks both above and below, but doing so professionally and with a lot of toughness. The crime turns out to be industrial espionage and conspiracy, yet there’s still plenty of tank action.

    OK, I was going to try not to mention it this time, but it can’t be helped. Here’s a bonus supporting female character from WataMote.

    In the anime period, WataMote didn’t really have much in the way of supporting female characters except Yuu-chan, but the manga lately has an increasing cast of sharply defined female support, appearing on a regular basis. One who has emerged as a big favorite among Tomoko’s fans is another student named Yoshida, who is a tall, dyed-blonde tough girl that Tomoko keeps calling a “delinquent” (or “yanqui”). This never ends well for Tomoko, because Yoshida is bigger than her, and more violent. Tomoko also keeps accidentally groping her, and that never ends well, either. In fact, just being around Yoshida never seems to end well for her. And yet they seem to complement each other in a weird way; Yoshida hangs out with hotties who spend all their time talking about guys, yet seems sort of innocent and gullible, herself… so much so that even Tomoko can trick her without too much trouble.

    Here’s a peek at her from the last chapter.

    The girl on the right by the way is an upperclassman named Imae who you *will* see in the anime, in the last couple of episodes.

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      1. No delinquent in the anime, unless we get season two! The anime really only covers a short period of time, spring to fall in one really bad year for Tomoko, and she’s mostly alone the whole time. It’s in her second year that she finally starts coming around, meeting people and trying to interact with them, though it’s still really hard for her to do it.

        We’re always told it’s because of weak sales, so the fanbase are working on ideas to boost sales. I’m making videos to promote the DVD, and we’re going to try to get as many people as we can to buy Volume 9 when it comes out in November. Maybe we can make it happen. 🙂

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      2. Do they need to see more interest in the manga or anime or both. I would love for there to be a season 2! I will share your video on my Twitter for sure. The more people that hear about Watamote the better I say 😀


      3. I’d hate to get into all that in your blog, because I’ve spent a lot of time trying to track down an answer, and it’s all convoluted and confusing. I’ll try to keep it short. The widely-repeated story is that sales of the disc in Japan were extremely disappointing, but manga sales are generally good. The reason always given for the poor sales is that the main purchaser of anime discs are the otaku class, and they mostly don’t like how WataMote forces them to look at, you know, reality. What I really don’t know is how much *our* sales influence the decisions there. Supposedly early fandom here based on fan translations encouraged them to make the anime in the first place, but that was largely because American fans started buying the *Japanese* book in bulk, as seen in the following photo.


        Who knows how much sales of the American editions filters back? Plus, Monica Rial told me on Twitter that streaming doesn’t count nearly as much as disc sales, which seems to make sense. And I get the impression that a LOT of us discovered and watch WataMote through streaming (including me), so I figure making ads for the disc can’t *hurt*. If nothing else, you can’t get the dubbed version through streaming, which is really quite good if you can get used to hearing Monica Rial instead of Kitta Izumi. The usual complaint is that she sounds like a “gremlin”, but that fits Tomoko when she gets aggressive and wild. Rial does all of the rest of the shadings expertly, and deserves more credit than she usually gets.

        I’ve finally had to settle on the idea that I should just do what I can as a fan. I’ve been experimenting with the video work, because it seems to be easier to catch people’s eye that way. I’ve also made some dramatizations of the manga, like this one where Tomoko runs a marathon. It’s safe to watch, because it’s in her first year and doesn’t have any spoilers at all. It’s just one chapter the anime skipped.

        But my next ones may be an approximation of “season two”, the chapters showing Tomoko beginning her second year.

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      4. That makes a lot of sense… I stream Watamote too! I never really thought it would effect the possibility for a season 2. I wonder if that’s what happens to a lot of anime that end after the first season? I’ll admit Monica through a me off but not because she did a bad job! I Think her interpretation is spot on. All the English voice actors through me off simply because I’m not use to them.


  3. Hmmm that is a good question, i do like Rukia from bleach, touka from Tokyo ghoul, Revy from black lagoon (even though I see her as the star) enju from black bullet, Mikasa from Attack on Titan. Okay that’s it for me oh wait Erza fairytail

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