Sailor Moon Volume One Revisited

I’ll admit that this is a bit embarrassing but I haven’t posted in the manga section of GrimmGirl since February! That’s so bad. So I’m going to change that today and get things started with some Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon is one of my favorite manga ever. I’ve already read it so I thought it would be a good manga to do a revisited series with. I find that a lot of people are familiar with the 90s anime and some with the new reboot but not with the manga itself. This is a damn shame since the 90s anime is so different from the manga it’s insane. The reboot follows through though pretty well.

Sailor Moon Vol 1

Since I like the series as a whole it should come as no surprise that I like the first volume. It is a great introduction into the world that is Sailor Moon. You are tossed a lot of information but you are also left at the end of the volume with a lot of questions. Volume one really centers on introducing the various characters and setting the stage.

The first character we are introduced to is Usagi who will quickly become Sailor Moon. We also meet Luna fairly quickly as well. Even though Usagi bumps into Luna it’s not tell later when Luna explains to Usagi that she is a Sailor Scout and has a job to do.

Usagi and Luna Vol 1

Usagi is a self-proclaimed whine baby and all time slacker so she’s not huge on this whole, “fighting bad guys” gig. However when her friend is in trouble she manages to rise to the occasion. This is really the event that makes Usagi’s whole situation real to her and it is because of the success she accepts her responsibility as a Sailor Scout.

This is where Luna gives Usagi her mission. Find the rest of the Sailor Scouts, find and protect the Legendary Silver Crystal and the Princess. Luna also tells Usagi that she isn’t the only one after the Silver Crystal. She will have to fight the Dark Kingdom in order to find the Silver Crystal.

Things get even more out of synch when Tuxedo Mask comes onto the scene. He too is looking for the Legendary Silver Crystal and while he’s not with the Dark Kingdom Luna isn’t 100% sure that he’s not an enemy as well.

The first volume basically introduces the rest of the Sailor Scouts and the resident baddies in the Dark Kingdom. It also sets the foundation for the relationship between Usagi (Sailor Moon) and Mamoru (Tuxedo Mask). While the do not know exactly what connects them they immediately realize that something is certainly there.

If you are only use to the 90s version of Mamoru and Usagi’s relationship than you are in for a treat! First off Mamoru isn’t such a dick in the original version. Second, he’s not in college so it’s not as creepy age-wise. They also have an instant connection as both Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Moon and Mamoru and Usagi. While Mamoru teases Usagi a bit it’s really more playful.

Mamoru and Usagi Vol 1

The volume ends with a lot of questions. Where is the princess? Who is Sailor V? Can Tuxedo Mask be trusted?


I hope you enjoyed this review and it has inspired you to check out the manga if you haven’t already. I’ll be doing reviews of all the volumes so look forward to my post on volume 2 soon 🙂 Comment below with any thoughts you might have on Sailor Moon!

These images are NOT owned by me but by Kodansha Trade and Naoko Takeuchi

29 thoughts on “Sailor Moon Volume One Revisited

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  3. Ah, so nostalgic! I don’t think I’ve read the manga, but I had the series of the original anime adaptation in VHS to boot! I was in love with Tuxedo Mask that time. Ehehehe! Although Usagi annoyed me often. I wanted to be Sailor Venus. 😉 And then Sailor Jupiter.

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  4. Really interesting to read this blog- Our Manga book club is reading Sailor Moon this month and I’ve been thinking exactly the same. I was scared to pick it up at first; I thought maybe, because I first read it as a 11-12 year old, impressionable and naive, it would some how now be shitter than i remember it; But actually, i just see it as flawless in art, storytelling, character narrative, arch development and pacing. I can’t get away from the niggling feeling that maybe i am still looking at it through a nostalgic lens, but whatever, re-reading it is still enjoyable and engaging. I came to the anime after reading the manga so never warmed to the cartoon, mainly because the manga is much more genuine and (even a bit) gitty and dark; the anime was always just too squeaky clean and wholesome. If you’re interested, we’re running our live stream discussion about re-reading sailor moon in a couple weeks – it’d be great to have you involved; @themangaforum

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    • Thanks for stopping by 😀 I agree with you 100% I do find the manga to be just as wonderful as I remember it and I too could never warm up to the 90’s version. I dig this new reboot much more for it’s ability to stick closer to the actual manga. I honestly feel that as the story progresses it does begin to deal with darker themes which is one of the reasons I love it so much. I enjoy watching the characters grow and come into their own. That live stream sounds awesome! I’d love to be involved in any way possible ❤


      • Amazing! This month i think we’re going to lead the discussion regarding strong female characters in Manga although I feel a discussion about Anime’s portrayal of manga stories is something we should definitely touch on in the future. If you perhaps have read anything you feel has the same kind of “weight” with regards to female characters, it’d be great to hear your thoughts, either through the live stream feed or on our next blogpost too…although if you just want to come chat sailor moon, that’s cool too!

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