Cruelty-Free Look of the Week: Celty Sturluson

This week’s Cruelty-Free Look of the Week is pretty cool because last week on my Cruelty-Free Look of the Week: Soft and Sweet Wedding Look post I mentioned that I would like to start adding anime character inspired make-up looks and asked for suggestions. Well this suggestion came from Matt at matthew903 (if you haven’t checked out his blog you should) and thought a Celty Sturluson look from Durarara would be pretty cool!

So here is my adaptation of Celty Sturluson’s character in a makeup look! If you are familiar with the show you know that she wears all black except for her yellow and grayish helmet. She also has the ability to create these shadow like tendril that are able to grab people and help her fight. Finally, she’s headless! A black vapor does rise from her neck though, cool right?


In order to capture these elements I decided that the focal point of this look should be the eyes.

CeltyCelty Makeup


Get Those Eyes

To achieve these eyes the first thing I did was to create a base on the eyelids using my Sugarpill Cosmetics Cold Chemistry Eye Shadow Palette eye shadow shade Diamond Eyes. This is a really white eye shadow with a metallic finish so I new that it would be a good base for my yellow eye shadow to help it pop.

I then applied my NYX Cosmetics Hot Singles Eye Shadow in their shade STFU. It’s a darker yellow that really matches Celty’s motorcycle helmet. You do not want this yellow to be too bright! I applied this to my eyelid and the inner corner of my eye bringing the shadow over about half way. I also used STFU to highlight right below my eyebrow.

Next I grabbed my Sugarpill Cosmetics Cold Chemistry Eye Shadow Palette again but this time dipped into Soot & Stars. This is a very dark gray almost black metallic color. In order to bring out more of it’s gray side I mixed it with Diamond Eyes and then blended it into my crease pulling upwards. This created that nice smokey tone above my eyes which was a little reminiscent to me of the blue/gray flair to her yellow helmet.

Next came the tricky part, that eyeliner! I used my Too Faced Cosmetics 3 Way Eyeliner to create these lines. Fair warning; do not rush the eyeliner! Trust me. Just take your time on this one. I started my eyeliner in the inner corner of my eyelid and pulled all the way over to create my first wing. You want to keep this line thin and close to your eyelashes or you will take away from the yellow. I then added two lines above my initial wing and one line below. This is a subtle shout out to Celty’s shadow tendrils.

Get Those Lips

This look would not be complete without the black lipstick. I mean Celty looks like a total badass in her black shadow cat suit. This lipstick is like vegan leather for your face. I used Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in his blackest of black shade Weirdo. It has a matte finish that really pulls things together.

Finish it Up

Finally, to really pull everything together I used my NYX Cosmetics Dewy Finish Setting Spray. This served two purposes. One, it held my makeup in place all day and two; the dewy finish gave me a more ethereal appearance. Celty is a Feairy after all.


I hope you all enjoyed this Celty inspired look! Please comment below with future suggestions 🙂

If you are interested in checking out any of these products below click on the links below!

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Jeffree Star Cosmetics

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