Haikyu Season 2 Review: Fly

Oh my goodness… I’ve just finished season 2 of Haikyu and it was everything. Goodness it just isn’t fair that season 3 isn’t out yet. I always get a little apprehensive when I’m going into a second season of a show I have thoroughly enjoyed because you never know… What if it sucks? What if all the things that made you love the first season suddenly disappear?

Thankfully that wasn’t the case with Haikyu. We are introduced to some new character and challenges but all of these things only add to the show. It is honestly hard for me to say which season I enjoyed more! In some ways it might be season 2 just because I feel this season really showed a lot of characters coming into their own.

With all that being said I would like to take this moment to pre-warn anyone reading this that this post has been written with the idea that anyone reading this has already watched season 1 of Haikyu. What that means is while I will avoid spoilers for season 2, season 1 of Haikyu is fair game. If you haven’t watched season 1 yet and are curious as to if this would be the type of show you would enjoy then I suggest you read my review of season 1 Haikyu!! You Are My New Obsession… It is spoiler free and gives you a great idea of what you are in for.




Now that that’s out of the way let’s get started with season 2! The next season begins after a ridiculous heartbreak. Karasuno High lost against Aoba-Josai High in a super intense match. They played their hearts out and gave it their best but in the end it didn’t matter. They were outperformed. That’s the thing about sports though. There is always going to be players and teams that are better than you and yours. Nobody wins forever. So what do you do after you lose?

Karasuno defeat

A lot about season 2 focuses on this question and each of the players answer it differently. At the heart of the team they all realize that the need to improve but the question is how? Karasuno does what they do best, they figure out what is it that other teams have that they don’t and try to incorporate it into their own style.

It also forces each player to recognize that skills that they excel at are not necessarily invincible and that they still have room to improve. A perfect example of this is Hinata’s and Kageyama’s awesome quick attack. Hinata and Kageyama got a super harsh reality check from Aoba-Josai when Hinata was mercilessly blocked giving Aoba-Josai the finally point they needed to win.

This has a profound effect on not only Hinata but also the entire team. Losing is never easy no matter how well you played you are always focused on the things you felt you didn’t do right. This realization causes a lot of tension between Hinata and Kageyama right off the bat. The thing about tension between players on a team is that it quickly affects everyone on the team.

Hinata and Kageyama fight

Hinata’s instance on improving their technique before the spring scholastic (the last chance they have of making it to Nationals with the third years) grates against Kageyama’s belief that it is two late to change it and that he should just work on other things he lacks. This raises a big question for all of the players on the team. Is it ever to late to learn something new?

Their loss has also brought another stark realization to the team. When it comes to experience they are woefully lacking. They have no idea how powerhouse schools play or how to combat them. With teams like Aoba-Josai and Nekoma whose strengths are to quickly adapt they realize that their current style of playing isn’t going to cut it.

Luckily for them Nekoma helps them out by inviting them to their week long training camp where Karasuno has the chance of playing practice matches with the top schools in their area. This isn’t easy for any of the players and a long with harsh training they are also confronted with more questions about themselves. The biggest one being, what is the point of all of this? Isn’t this all just a club? Even if they make it to Nationals or win Nationals then what?

I think that question is at the core of this season and it is something many athletes playing at the high school level ask themselves. In the end Yamaguchi puts it best when he explains that it is about your pride.

Yamaguchi Tashadi

That’s what this season is about for Karasuno. To me season 2 is about Karasuno recovering and strengthening their pride in their team and in themselves. About discarding their previous image of the “clipped crows” and showing everyone that together the can fly. Through all of these issues though Karasuno for better or worse shows that they are a team. They may yell at each other, fight with each other, and challenge each other but they always make sure to laugh with each other, help each other, and build each other up. That’s what makes them a great team and that’s why I love this season.

Karasuno Wins

Let me know what you thought of this post in the comments below. I’m still a little new to the game so any feedback is very welcomed!

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