Favorite Supporting Male Character: Yu Nishinoya

HAI! We are on Day 17 (Week) Favorite Supporting Male Character in an Anime. Huzzah. You will all have to forgive me right now but if you read my post Haikyu!! My New Obsession! you know that I currently cannot think of anything but Haikyu right now. I’m serious I’m so addicted it is not even funny. Since my brain is literally filled to the brim with Haikyu I am of course choosing my male character from there 🙂

I hope you are all ready to hear a ton about Yu Nishinoya Karasuno’s Guardian Deity.


I knew I was going to like Nishinoya the moment he walked into the gym. He was full of energy but what I noticed right off the bat was his ability to try to bring the best out of those around him. Right away he was more concerned about making sure Asahi was ready to play before he was willing to. Even though he has a great love of the game. I mean you clean tell from the moment he walks in that he lives it. That doesn’t matter to him though if he’s not with his entire team Asahi included.


He may be a little crazy and certainly very bouncy but in a lot of ways he is the biggest pillar of their team. He’s always there to support his teammates whenever they need him. While Nishinoya wants to be the best in his field that doesn’t mean that he is conceited. Far from it, nothing pumps him up more than seeing another impressive player. He is always looking to improve himself and because of that he recognizes that he needs to be able to notice the great things other players do. How else will he become better?

Not only does he have the ability to recognize the qualities in the players he faces and do his best to include them in his arsenal but he also makes sure to help other players with their techniques when he can. Talk about a team player! Nobody understands the fact that in order to win they all need to be functioning at 100% like Nishinoya does. So to me that makes him a top-notch choice for favorite supporting male character!


So what about you all? Who’s your pick for favorite supporting male character? I want to hear your opinions in the comment section below 🙂

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