Ethical Look: Little Gray Dress

Ehhhhh! Something new, something new! I’m so excited about this. You all may remember from my fast fashion post that I’m trying to have a more sustainable wardrobe. I want to cut out fast fashion entirely because the cost of sweatshops is just two high a price to pay for a cheap outfit. That being said in order to shop ethically I have to choices; buy high end or shop second hand. Talk about polar opposites!

The perks of shopping high end are pretty swell. The items are going to last longer because they are made with higher quality. You also get the satisfaction of knowing that the workers were paid a fare wage. That being said it is pricey.

This makes sense when you think about it. You can’t buy a $5.00 shirt and expect that the person who made it was paid even minimum wage. If you did think I’m sorry to break the news to you but they’re not. They are mostly likely working in a sweatshop in horrible conditions.

The perks of second hand items are swell as well (like what I did there?). You are recycling clothes that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Trust me, we do not need anything else in our landfills. You are also getting them at a super low price without supporting a company that is using sweatshops.

The downside is that the majority of things you find in a second hand shop are going to be fast fashion items. Again this makes sense. The problem with fast fashion is that it is fast. There are constantly new items at low prices so people buy them up quickly and later realize that they don’t really like them or that they have to much so the donate it to Goodwill or some other thrift shop.

So in order to make a sustainable wardrobe that doesn’t drain your wallet (I’m not a millionaire people) we need to create a balance between thrift shop items (that will probably wear out quickly) and high-end items (that will last longer but are expensive). So what’s my advice? I buy my basics second hand and build around them.

So for my first example I give you my basic gray dress! This baby cost me a grand total of $14.00 and is a staple of my wardrobe because of its versatility. I can create fun edgy looks like the one shown below but imagine this same dress with a cardigan, leggings, and flats. Big difference in delivery isn’t it? Same dress but countless possibilities.

Gray Dress

You’ll notice I paired this out fight with sheer black tights, a pleather jacket (save the animals), and vegan leather Doc Martens. The Doc Martens are my high-end item costing me $130. True to my promise though I’ve had these shoes for two years and they look brand new.


I would also like to point out that my Docs were bought before my ethical and cruelty-free days so while these shoes do not use animal products this company as a whole does. So if you want Doc Martens but want to be cruelty-free be very careful making your purchases here or you’ll end up walking in straight up leather.

Personally I won’t be buying Doc Martens again until their policy on using leather completely changes but I’m happy to see they are starting to include more leather free options. It is certainly a start 🙂 and I will continue to wear my animal free Docs in the meantime.

I hope you enjoyed this look and found this post helpful. I will be posting more cruelty-free style looks but it will most likely be a monthly thing for now. Sadly I do not have a camera of my own (besides my phone and tablet) so my talented sister agreed to shoot these photos of me with her camera. I can’t thank her enough and if you want to see more of her be sure to check out her blog Wayward Wanton.

gray dress3


Don’t forget to comment below with any suggestions for future posts!

These photos are owned by GrimmGirl and Torri Nicole Perspectively Do Not Reproduce Without Permission Excerpts and links may be used provided that full and clear credit is given to GrimmGirl and Torri Nicole with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

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