Stop the Silence End Rape Culture

I want to start this post by admitting the truth. I am writing from a place of anger right now. Anger honestly doesn’t even begin to cover it. It’s more like a place of anger, frustration, disgust, fear, and heartache. I feel like I want to cry and throw up all the same time.

If you have been watching the news lately or even just been on social media you will be familiar with the rape case involving Brock Turner Stanford’s All-American Swimmer, their young Olympic hopeful, finally the poor young man who has quickly fallen from grace. That’s how the media portrays him at least.

That’s not how they should portray him though. They should portray him as the face of campus rape, because that’s what he is. I’m so angry because even though that’s what he represents right now that is NOT how media is choosing to show him and that is exactly what rape culture in the media is. That’s why I’m so angry right now. Media influences us and we know this so why don’t people in the media take their responsibility more serious?


I’ll tell you why, because we don’t make them. As much as the media influences us never forget that we control the media as well. We do that by calling it out on its’ bullshit! We do that by shouting and screaming until they hear us and understand that we will not tolerate this double standard when it comes to rape and sexual assault.

Below I am linking two articles.

The first is from The Washington Post and it’s a disgrace. This article should piss everyone off because of what it represents; the media’s constant bowing down to rape culture. This article needs to be spread not ignored. This is the biggest mistake we make when it comes to rape culture. Our silence. Instead we need to scream by spreading this article and saying, “THIS IS NOT OKAY” because it isn’t.

We have access to social media and the ability to talk to millions around the world with the click of a button. Don’t let the power go to waste. Share it and share your disgust with it. Let it be known that you are not okay with type of writing and support of rapists.

Share/Read This Article and Let People Know This Is NOT OKAY

The second article is from Buzzfeed and is the letter the beautiful woman Tucker raped read to him. I call her beautiful woman because that is who she is. She is not “unconscious woman” she is the beautiful woman. The beautiful woman who was unconscious, the beautiful woman who did not give consent, the beautiful woman who was raped.

I hope that as time goes by she will find herself in a place where she feels safe. Where she remembers that she is strong, amazing, and beautiful not just physically but emotionally. I truly want that for her and I think we can help. I think we can help by putting an end to rape culture so that she can feel safe.

We can do that by sharing her article and reminding people that what she did was okay. She was drunk but the penalty for a woman being drunk should not be rape. Sadly right now that’s the lesson we teach young women today. That’s the lesson I learned growing up.


“If you drink it’s your fault if you’re raped. You should have been responsible.” This isn’t fair or right! It should really read, “If you drink it’s your fault if you rape someone!” Do you see the difference? We show the difference by sharing her story and reminding everyone that her story matters, she matters.

Share/Read This Article And Let People Know SHE MATTERS, WE MATTER

Finally, I do have hopes for Brock Turner. I hope that one day he really does except responsibility for his actions. He’s not in trouble because he drank. He is in trouble because he raped a beautiful woman while she was unconscious and needed help. Instead of helping her like the two men on bikes did when they saw him raping her, he took the opportunity to pull his pants down and rape her when she couldn’t say no. I hope he realizes one day that this is the reason he’s in trouble. Legally he will only have to consider this for six months in jail but our voices could help him to think of it for longer than that… Like the rest of his life the same way the woman he raped will.


We can help him realize this by speaking out ourselves. Her voice matters and so do ours.

11 thoughts on “Stop the Silence End Rape Culture

  1. Thank you so much for this. My best friend was raped and he was given the “poor chap” excuse. I’ve been stalked, had creepy phone calls, and a guy try and come into my house drunk because I wasn’t paying him any attention.

    And yet us girls are constantly told that somehow we’ve “tempted” them and insinuate that this is our fault. I’m sick and tired of this. Of wondering if the smile I give could be taken as something else and then my kindness would be turned against me.

    Sorry, I’ve been so lucky not to have been raped. But I’ve had very close calls with best friends, strangers, and stalkers. I don’t date because I’m very petite and I’m honestly afraid because my closest male friend tried to hurt me. I shouldn’t be so terrified of men. There are genuinely good guys out there, but it’s when stuff like this happens that I cannot sit still.

    Thanks for this post again and I’m sorry for my rambling. I’m just glad someone else recognizes this for what it is. I want this to stop. My friend was blamed for her rape. And she’s practically the most conservative, shy, and sweetest girl I know. It took years for her and her boyfriend to date. And then he betrayed her.

    Why can’t we do more about this? Why is this acceptable? It makes me so infuriatingly disgusted. And for whoever will no doubt start saying that this is being “feminist” or whatever bull they pull, sit back and reflect. What if this was your sister? Or you? Men can get raped too. And it’s not funny.

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    1. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. People do not realize how common rape, sexual assault, and sexual harrassement is and that is what is so scary because it IS so common. You literally cannot talk to a woman or man without them having some sort of experience dealing with these issues. Whether it is them personally or someone they’ve know this issue touches everyone’s lives right now. Don’t apologize at all for sharing your story here 🙂 because your voice is exactly what I want to here. It’s exactly what people need to hear. You are 100% right to in the fact that man can be raped and it is crazy to me how little that subject is talked about in media as well. Woman are taught that it is their fault if they’re raped and so it becomes harder and harder to convince anyone to report it. Men are taught they can’t be raped because they’re men and should just enjoy sex no matter and also that it’s their own fault for their lack of “strength” for being overpowered which causes them not to report it. This cannot be allowed to continue. I’m okay with someone calling this post feminist as well 🙂 To me that just means that I am saying that men and women are equal and that NOBODY should fear being raped. I’ll wear that badge with pride any day of the week if that’s what it takes for this rape culture to end. Thank you again for sharing your story here. ❤ And I just want you and your friend to hear something that I wish someone had told me at one point in my life. You're both strong and it is okay if right now you have trouble trusting because what happened to you would break anyones trust in people. I also want you both to know that these men were in the wrong, not you. Finally I hope someday you are able to work your way towards trusting again but until then I hope you know that you have a lot of people to support you both. Thank you again for breaking the silence

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      1. Thank you, katrinasade. It’s very difficult for me to talk about but hiding stuff like this won’t help. I really appreciate your kindness and your post for awareness and I can only hope that others realize that dismissing this is wrong. So very wrong.

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