Pretty Zombie Cosmetics: Say Hello to Jupiter

GrimmGirl is back with another makeup review. This time I’m taking a look at Pretty Zombie Cosmetics and their liquid lipstick in shade Jupiter. I absolutely adore liquid lipsticks and I’m always looking for my next shade. I actually found this company on Instagram and was drawn to their fun shades.

Pretty Zombie
I’m dying over this blue/green shade Pretty Zombie offers 😀 It’s called Jupiter ❤

As always I like to start my reviews with the cons and end with the pros. I don’t like to end on a bad note do you know what I mean? So let’s get into the cons of this product!



 I’ll be honest there ware a few cons about this lipstick but on the plus side the biggest con the company is very straight forward about. On their website they tell you directly that their lipsticks are not smudge proof or kiss proof, and they’re not lying.

That has to be the most frustrating thing about this product. It gets on everything and doesn’t stay put. Though I am very glad they are honest about it I’m still bummed that it’s an issue. Not only does it smudge but it’s highly pigmented so when it does move, it stains. Siiiiigggh…. That is not a good thing.

Finally it doesn’t really dry and you all know how much I hate a liquid lipstick that doesn’t dry. I just find it supremely annoying. Know what I mean?

Pretty Zombie Jupiter
To help with the smudge I added some eye shadow over it with my Sugarpill Cold Chemistry Palette. Not only does it help it stay put but it looks great.


While there are some things I don’t like about this products there are some great pros! Since this product is on GrimmGirl you can already be assured that it is cruelty-free but it is also vegan. This is a pro for two reasons. The first one is the fact that for anyone who feels strongly about not using products that use animal byproducts (like beeswax) you can feel safe knowing this lipstick uses none of that. The second is that since it is vegan you can use it as eyeliner. I do that a lot with my Jeffree Star liquid lipsticks although I have yet to try it with this liquid lipstick.

Another thing about this lipstick I love is the color. Isn’t it magnificent? Pretty Zombie Cosmetics has a lot of amazing colors to choose from which I adore. I love unique colors and you are not necessarily going to find this shade of green in your average Ulta so I adore its uniqueness.

Finally this lipstick is only $12 plus shipping and handling. For my shipping I ended up paying about $17. Honestly that is not that bad for a makeup product. Not that bad at all.



While I love the shade, price, and ethics of this lipstick I will be honest with you in that this is not my favorite liquid lipstick. It basically hits a middle ground with me. This is not going to be a lipstick where I feel compelled to collect them all because I’m obsessed with them (I’m looking at you Velour Liquid Lipsticks by Jeffree Star) but I didn’t absolutely hate it either.

Basically I could see myself purchasing this product again for certain colors that I really like but this wont be my go to lipstick by any means. As the picture above shows I was able to help with the whole moving/smudging problem by adding some eye shadow over top so if you are looking for a vegan liquid lipstick this might be a company to try out. I’m providing a link below for those of you who want to check this company out.

Pretty Zombie Cosmetics

Pretty Zombie2
Another look with Jupiter by Pretty Zombie. Perfect shade for those alternative looks!

Let me know what you think. Is this a product you would try out?

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