Hunter X Hunter X Season X Four

I finally finished season four of Hunter X Hunter annnnnndddd…..


Seriously what a great season! Going into it I was a little bummed because the dream team was splitting up again but I’m starting to really love when Gon and Killua are just by themselves doing their own thing.

This season picks up with Gon and Killua attending the auction with hopes of getting hired to play the game by whoever buys Greed Island. In order to be hired on they have to apply, the catch is 200 have applied and only 32 will be chosen. Of course Gon and Killua are going to make it in though!

While Gon and Killua getting hired on to play the game Phantom Troupe takes a different route… They are thieves after all! The steal the game and decided to see what all the fuss is about. Now they’re all in the world of Greed Island and we are the lucky viewers who get to watch it all play out 😀


Highlights of Season Four

We get to meet Bisky!

When she first entered the show I didn’t think I would like her at all. She seemed little an irritating little know it all and I was super hopeful that soon enough Gon or Killua would knock her down a peg. My attitude changed during episode four when we learn who Bisky really is. Basically she’s a fucking badass.

She may look little but this is anime people and looks can be deceiving. I should’ve known! Turns out she’s actually around 40 and super powerful. She recognizes Gon and Killua’s raw talent and sets out to train them. Turns out she really knows her stuff and that it’s a good thing neither of them tried to knock her down a peg like I hade previously hoped… She would’ve crushed them.


We learn more about Ging…

Don’t get to excited its not a ton more but it’s enough to give Gon hope. It turns out that Ging created Greed Island along with a few friends and that those friends are scattered throughout the game for Gon and Killua to meet. Each time Gon meets someone who knows Ging we learn a little bit more about the type of person Ging is.

This was hard for me because on principal I think Ging is a total douche canoe, however hearing some of his friends talk about him shades light on some of his better personality traits. Grrrrrr! It’s so frustrating! I just want to be made at him for abandoning Gon. Damn these feelings.



We learn more about what Phantom Troupe is up to…

Turns out Kurapika’s seal on Chrollo isn’t exactly unbreakable. The troupe is looking for a Nen user who can actually get rid of other people’s Nen. They are super surprised when they see Chrollo’s name appear as a game user. Turns out it’s Hisoka with a message for them. He’s been hired by Chrollo to find the Nen user in the game and hire him to help Chrollo. If he does Chrollo will fight him once his Nen is back. You know Hisoka was not passing up that deal.

phantom troupe


Speaking of Hisoka ❤

Obviously I’m stoked to see him hit the scene! I think Bisky’s reaction when she first sees him speaks for us all. Not only do we see more Hisoka but he actually tags along with Gon and Killua for a bit to help them pass a mission in order to beat the game. It was really fun to watch the three actually work together. It almost makes you forget that Hisoka is only patiently waiting for them to maximize their potential in order fight and kill them… almost.


Gon and Killua improve their skill

Thanks to Bisky their skill improves dramatically and it’s great to watch them develop their own personal moves like Kurapika has already done. The are also able to grow thanks to the new bad guy on the scene Genthru, a bomber who with two others goes around killing people for their cards.

Skill wise he is way out of Gon’s and Killua’s league but this actually helps them to become better fighters. It’s thanks to this Killua gets to sharpen his planning skills in order to come up with a way for them to win on their terms and Gon is able to work on his patience and humility. It’s not easy for him to not fight to the death!

Bisky Gon Killua.jpg

Finally… They beat the game!

They beat the game and two things become very clear. Ging has planned things out a lot more than they gave him credit for. On top of that he makes it crystal clear that Gon’s ability to find him is the true test of what his Hunter skills are made of. While Gon may think he’s closer to finding his father he may just be playing Ging’s game according to his plans.

Gon and Killua
When Bisky asks what Gon will do once he meets Ging ❤ CUTE!

Looking Ahead

So many questions going into season five!

Are they ever going to find Ging and isn’t anyone ever going to mention Gon’s mother?! Why’s everything about Ging? Also who are the other creators of Greed Island?

What’s Kurapika going to do once his seal on Chrollo is removed? Are Chrollo and Hisoka finally going to fight?

What the hell is going on with Killua’s family? How come his little sister is now a member of Phantom Troupe?

Finally are we really not going to see Bisky again? She was so fun! Also I hope Killua and Leorio will be back soon.



I really enjoyed this season like I said above but I have mixed feelings about going into season five. Not because I think it will be bad but because I know this is the last season! I feel like this season isn’t nearly long enough to answer all of my questions!


So what about you? Comment below with your favorite moments of Hunter X Hunter season four!


I do NOT own these pictures!

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