True Love, Sweet Lies: Sakuya

Since I’m new to otome games and there’s not a ton of content to choose from in this category right now, I thought it would be good to start a few other games at the same time so that I could vary things up a bit. With that in mind along with playing through Enchanted in the Moonlight I will also be playing True Love, Sweet Lies. Hopefully you will enjoy my reviews on this as well!

True Love Sweet Lies

So here’s the deal with True Love, Sweet Lies it’s a Voltage game just like Enchanted in the Moonlight but the storyline is a lot different while still being rate T. I am playing this on my tablet as well so the download is free along with the prologue and every character’s first three episodes but after that you’re throwing down cash.

Don’t worry its really not that bad. For each character’s main story it’s $3.99 and it comes with two endings: Bitter or Sweet. Fun fact when you unlock both endings you unlock a video for that character.

Voltage describes the summary as:

“… You are a freelance photographer working in Tokyo, Japan. Your big break finally arrives when a picture you took at a secret meeting between rival politicians makes the front page!

Not only that, but you just met the hottest actor in Japan in the elevator… and a sexy news reporter from news department has asked you out to have some drinks together.

Things are looking up for you until you find out… that it was all just a lie?! On top of that the entire Tokyo underworld is after the data from your photograph and your life a long with it!”

Basically all of the hot guy’s you’ve been bumping into have been hired to obtain your original sim card with the photo evidence. It seems one of the people in the background of your photo do not want to be seen. Now all of the baddies want that card in order to get their hands on the reward.

The hot guy’s that originally lied to you and tried to steal the card end up rescuing you from some real dbags and decide negotiating with you would be a wiser option. So they propose a deal. They’ll get you back your normal villain free life within 3 months if you give them the card. The only catch is you’ll be living with them. On the first night you have to choose one of the following men to room with. Your choices?

Kiyoharu Nanahoshi: He originally lied to you by pretending to be an interested news reporter and asking you out for drinks. Turns out he was only interested in stealing your SD card. Others would describe him as arrogant but always in a good mood. You also can’t ignore his mechanical abilities.

Sakuya Nanahoshi: In the beginning you thought he was just a normal bartender but instead he ends up being Kiyoharu’s twin brother and a pretty savvy hacker! He works together with Kiyoharu to try to steal your SD card by drugging your drink! Grrrrr… He also is not a big fan of women (actually he hates them). Everyone else describes him as being easy to be around and a little clumsy.

Rui Wakaba: He’s a famous actor making him a master of disguise. Useful really when your investigating other people. While he may look like he has it all but others would say that he seems a bit lonely.

Naomasa Sakura: He’s the crew’s brusque lawyer. He seems cool and secretive but maybe he’s just more the strong silent type? Either way he has a tendency to distance himself to shield his past.

Nozomu Fuse: Last but not least we have Nozomu AKA the boss of the crew. He makes the deals and keeps track of what needs to get done. While he seems funny and you’re not quite sure when he’s serious getting to know him reveals that he has parts of himself he keeps hidden.

True Love Sweet Lies2

So with all of these fun characters to choose from whom did I choose first?



Spoilers ahead….


Thoughts on Sakuya

I’m really not sure what drew me to Sakuya but I’m pretty glad I picked him! I think it was the fact that he seemed a little unsure of himself in the prologue and that made me curious. When you pick Sakuya the first thing you learn is that he hates women. He’s not thrilled that you’re going to be around in the slightest. As his story unfolds you learn more about his background and why he harbors such harsh feelings towards women.


Sakuya’s main story is really very sweet. Since he’s so against women it takes time to obtain his trust. You learn though that when he was younger a maid forced herself on him and since then when women touch him he’s reminded of that feeling. On top of that he has a really big inferiority complex when it comes to his twin brother. He desperately wants his brother to consider him worthy and to rely on him and becomes easily frustrated when he doesn’t.

I found Sakuya to be really adorable to play through and also a bit silly. Take his love of goats for instance! Or the fact that refers to you as “Thing X” at first and in general tries not to make any sort of physical contact. In end he’s really just very shy and wants you to notice him.

Both of his endings are worth playing through. In his Sweet Ending he works his hardest to create the perfect date for you. It’s pretty cute since you can see how nervous he is about everything.

In the Bitter Ending you get to see a slightly more confident side of Sakuya that shows that he can make the first move when he wants to! I won’t give toooo much away but I will say that being alone in a closet with Sakuya certainly has its privileges…

Sakuya Kiss



I would describe Sakuya’s storyline as pretty cute and at times a little silly. In a good way! I was happy with his storyline so I do recommend playing this character. However, if you’re looking for a character that tends to be more confident or make the first move this isn’t going to be the one for you.

Once again I’m torn between which character to play next. I’m deciding between Kiyoharu and Rui. Comment below on which one you want me to play through next!


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14 thoughts on “True Love, Sweet Lies: Sakuya

    1. He was adorable! I really like the direction they took his character. When he first was portrayed as a woman hater I was afraid his character would be really big dick 😦 So I was a little nervous but luckily that was totally not the case! He’s super sweet ❤

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  1. Aaaah. I’ve heard from pokeninja90 that you’ve finally fallen and joined the dark side. Now I’m all alone. Sniff, sniff; wipes tears. But I’m happy to see that you’re enjoying otoge. I’ll just satisfy myself by ogling from afar.

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