Watamote: When Otaku Go Wild Episode 5


Before anyone says a thing, yesss I realize that it has been over a month since my last Watamote post. I’m hanging my head in shame I swear. Sadly that little thing called adulating keeps getting in the way of my anime ambitions. It’s super annoying I tell you. That being said let’s talk about my favorite creeper Tomoki.

Hulu describes this episode with:

“Kuroki decides that the secret to being popular is to be shy and quiet. Later she decides to be a cabaret girl.”

I don’t even know where to begin with this one! Bahaha I’m seriously dying already. First off Tomoki IS the definition of shy. I’ll admit she isn’t exactly expressionless but I really don’t think that being to “outgoing” is Tomoki’s popularity problem.

Tomoki is bent on trying all of her schemes at least once though and I do have to credit her ambitiousness. So from the beginning of the episode she sets off to practice her “shy but cute” girl character. I have to admit she nails it although her stupid brother is no help! He better start being more helpful with her popularity goals or I’m going to squish him.

Tomoki spends the entire school day being completely shy and expressionless the only problem is that nobody notices her shy and expressionless behavior. That’s probably because nobody at school really notices her period. It does give her the confidence to try one of the photo booth things and order coffee at a coffee shop all by herself…

That being said she takes the pictures alone (don’t you usually do this with a friend?) and she ends up beefing it at the coffee shop in front of the cute barista but I’m still going to count this as a win! I mean you have to admit she is building her confidence. Plus, as an added bonus she decorates her brother’s room with her photo booth pictures since he refused to go with here. * Evil Laughter * We must take our small victories when we can in this show.

Tomoki's Revenge

When she realizes that being the “shy but cute” girl only works when you have another character to interact with she movies on to grander schemes. It occurs to her that what she needs is confidence but where to get it? Obviously she should become a Cabaret Girl.

Watamote expressionless

I tell you if she would have thought of this from the get go she’d be hot girl number one already. I am of course being completely sarcastic. We are talking about the same girl who practically had a panic attack when considering wearing “sexy” panties. This can only end in tears for Tomoki. I know this and yet… I CAN’T LOOK AWAY.

Tomoki first prepares herself for her inevitable life as a nightlife vixen by practicing her cabaret skills. This includes lighting cigarettes in a quick manner and learning to fix drinks while looking busty. Her drink making skills are wasted on Tomoko of course but she tries and that’s what counts.

Tomoki and Tomoko
One of these days kid….

After she masters the basics she decides she’s ready for her first job. I feel like she should have added more steps to this process like I don’t know, talking to people but hey I’m not the expert. She heads out to the seedy underside only to discover…it’s fucking scary there! There’s a lesson to be learned here. If you can’t handle a department panty store, then you can’t handle the risqué side of a bustling city. Take that lesson to heart.

The episode ends with her mom calling her and asking her to hurry home for dinner and to remember to pick up eggs. Honestly for a Watamote episode this is down right happy! Also the ending theme for this episode is different J I look forward to new opening/ending themes so I thought I would include this.



To sum it up my hopes for episode six is that at one point Tomoki ninja kicks Tomoko in the gut. She will of course need to run for her life straight afterwards and possible leave Japan or Tomoko will kill her but it will be well worth it to bring him down a peg!


What about you? How are you digging Watamote so far? Comment below!

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8 thoughts on “Watamote: When Otaku Go Wild Episode 5

  1. Yay! You’re back! I thought maybe we lost you. 🙂

    I love the end song in this one. It makes me happy when I’m down (honest!)

    It’s called Goodbye, Veils of Night (in English) and performed by Velvet Kodhy, who also do the special end theme in episode 11, which is *beautiful*. The ending of 11 is kind of a sweet heart-tugger, anyway, and their music is perfect.

    If you like the special songs at the end, you’ll really like the one in the next episode, too, but it’s a lot louder. It’s a cover of an earlier pop hit in Japan, and kind of a surprise who does it (she’s famous world wide).

    Goodbye, Veils of Night is actually about a guy panicking because he suddenly realizes he’s in the red light district. Here’s a version of the lyrics in English, sort of rewritten by me from other translations, so that it rhymes and can be sung.

    The full song is on YouTube, here:

    Enjoy episode 6!

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    1. Haha! No you didn’t lose me 🙂 I’ve just been swamped. Damn the end of the year cutting into my anime time! I love the music they’ve used on WatAmote so far ^.^/ I will def be checking out the translation, thanks for posting the link for me. I can’t wait to watch it.


      1. Ha! I’m back. I remembered that you had reviewed this episode, and it’s funny that a couple recent chapters of the manga have sort of called back to some of these earlier incidents. The manga doesn’t spend a lot of time going back to old stuff, but it’s funny when it does.

        Tomoko in her second year at high school hasn’t really worried about being popular for a while, but late night while studying for an important test, she turned on the TV to help keep awake, and got distracted by a report on the growing popularity of pole dancing. Just like with that hostess on TV, she caught herself wondering “if I got good at that, would I become sexy and popular, too?”

        Only this time she got mad at herself for thinking that, and went back to studying. She’s a year older, and a little bit wiser! 🙂

        Then (just the other day!) there was the return of the cool, silent girl, because she had to go eat lunch by herself in the cafeteria (this might be hard to believe just watching the anime, but she actually has a couple of friends she eats lunch with in the classroom, these days). She put up the act so she wouldn’t feel self-conscious sitting at a table by herself, but then those karaoke kids came over and sat with her. You know, the ones she ducked at WcDonald’s in the very first episode.

        This is your latest peek ahead at future Tomoko. She’s making progress.

        She actually does still care a little about being alone, but she’s come to realize that she doesn’t have any reason to be jealous or envious of them. “After realizing they don’t do things out of spite, my irrational hate for them is just… gone.”

        I think in the manga we’re about to enter yet another phase of her life.

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      2. I can’t wait to see how she grows 🙂 As soon as I finish the anime I will def start the manga. I’m going to get my sister watching this show as well lol We need to spread the word!


  2. People get emotional about WataMote, though, and sometimes really hate it. One long-time fan is complaining that the current series has introduced too many other characters, and this is supposed to be all about Tomoko. Some people were upset with a manga story shortly after the anime, because Tomoko wound up doing something *really* awful to her brother, and he wouldn’t even talk to her at school for a long time (since he goes to the same school, now).

    What you’ve probably got to watch out for going forward with the anime is episode 8 and episode 12, the last one. Episode 11 has a wonderful ending that might make you cry (happy crying), but the ending of episode 12 is a huge, heavy downer that makes you think that nothing’s ever going to get better for her. This is probably one reason why I feel like I’ve got to go around telling people that this isn’t really the case. The end of episode 12 is more like a bad dream. 🙂

    Episode 8 you’ll probably enjoy, but it’s probably the absolute summit of cringe comedy, like the worst horror movie you ever saw. NOBODY gets through that episode without hitting pause every few minutes recover. You’ll have to stop every so often, and you’ll be rolling around on the floor in a ball going, “NO, TOMOKO, NOOOOOO!!!!”

    I’m really looking forward to you reviewing that one. 🙂

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    1. I’m totally prepared for some heartache but I don’t see myself giving up on it or hating it at all. I think Watamote is really unique for an anime. A lot of times when they do “shy girls” or “nerdy girls” there really not so much of either do you know what I mean? Tomoki is exactly what they portray her has but her character deserves to grow and develop just like everyone else! Yes she is the main star but I’m glad their adding more characters if that is the case because that gives Tomoki the chance to grow. How can she grow if she is just interacting with herself?


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