Anime Challenge Continues: I Want a Demon Cat

We are just trucking a long on this Anime Challenge. Once school ends maybe I’ll get really ambitious and post multiple times a week for this challenge. By multiple times I mean twice a week. You guys should know me enough by now to know that alone is me aiming for the stars. With that happy proclamation let’s continue with Day (Week) 15: Favorite animal sidekick, pet, or summoning from any anime.

There are a lot of sidekicks/pets/summoning I could chose for this but I was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to go with Kirara from Inuyasha. Kirara is Sango’s partner in crime and is really both a sidekick and pet. This of course makes her that much cooler.

Kirara and Songo

I feel like Inuyasha is popular enough that the majority of us probably know of it and have an idea of the general storyline but if you’re not an avid watcher of the series you may not be familiar with why Kirara is so amazing.

Kirara is a demon cat that was given to Sango, a demon fighter, when she was just a kitten. They trained to work together in order to bring down scum demons bent on hurting others. While Kirara doesn’t talk she is Sango’s friend and confidant. She trusts Kirara with her life and their ability to fight together utilizing each other’s strengths is unparalleled. Since she is a demon cat she is able to transform at will to become a fearsome tiger when the situation calls for it and can also fly. This is really helpful to Songo who his able to fight from her back assuring that they have the high ground when fighting enemies.

Kirara and Sango Fighting gif

On top of being a kickass fighter Kirara is observant of Sango’s feelings and a true friend. When Sango’s brother is corrupted by Naruku and is unable to remember her or Kirara, Kirara does her best to stand by Sango and comfort her. She’s always there to subtle remind Sango that hope isn’t lost for her brother and they can find away to bring him back. She also watches out for Kohaku when she can in order to protect him.

She’s also sensitive to the people around her and truly wants to help out. If Kagome needs to get back to her world Kirara will fly her to the well. Inuyasha needs to practice his fighting skills and you bet Kirara is going to be his sparring partner. Shippo needs somebody to play with he needs to look no further then his loving Kirara. Even when Miroku needs a hand with the ladies Kirara helps him out… Although sometimes I think she’s just hoping for some extra snacks on that one.

Kirara family

Kirara is essentially the perfect sidekick and pet.

So on top of her sweet fighting skills and love of her family she is also extremely adorable when she isn’t kicking ass. I mean look at her! Don’t you just want to snuggle her up forever? I know I do.

Kirara and Songo gif

So who’s your favorite animal sidekick, pet, or summoning? Comment below!


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9 thoughts on “Anime Challenge Continues: I Want a Demon Cat

      1. It’s about a girl who becomes an idol because of a guy she has a crush on. It’s a kiddy show.
        Naa-san is amazing. He can do anything. He’s a genius, seriously. He is a math and English wiz, cooks and cleans, and sings. He’s the best part of the show.

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      2. Originally a manga, became a long-running anime. Viz Media tried to market it in the West as Kirari Revolution, but nobody picked it up. The anime suddenly toward the end switched to CG characters and recast the two guys’ voices with new idols, but I stopped watching before that.


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