Anime That Never Gets Old? Welcome Princess To…

Sorry for the small delay everyone! I have recently gotten a lot better about posting daily but with the school year winding down (if you remember my day time job is teaching!) I’ve been super swamped! Hopefully the rest of the week I can get back on track and work towards a post a day again.

Today’s post will be anime geared (sorry style fans) and will continue with our 30 Day (week) Anime Challenge. If you didn’t catch the beginning of this challenge check out my first post 30 Week Anime Challenge where I started out with the first anime I had ever seen and work your way up.

30 week anime challenge

We’re on day (week) 14, which means I’m going to name the anime that never gets old no matter how many times I watch it. I’ll be honest there are a few anime shows I could chose that would fit the bill for this but I have decided to go with….


Ouran High School Host Club!

If you have never heard about this show I’ll do a brief overview to hook you in.

The story centers around Haruhi a poor student who has been accepted through a scholarship to attend a very prestigious private high school. When we’re first introduced to Haruhi we see a student in the male student uniform who looks like a nerdy boy. Haruhi is trying desperately to find a quite place to study when he(?) stumbles into the Ouran Host Club and knocks over a vase worth a million yen! The President decides that in order to pay of the debt he will work for the Host Club. Shortly after he notices Haruhi’s potential as a host and decides to make him a club member in order to pull in customers.

Throughout the episode you’ll notice certain moments where a lightbulb turns on for each of the host club members. It isn’t explained why until the very end of the episode when a lightbulb suddenly goes on for Tamaki (the president of the host club) and he finally realizes that Haruhi is actually… A girl. Of course hilarity and love must certainly follow.


So with that brief introduction I have three pretty good reasons why this show will never get old for me.


Reason One: It’s Hilarious

I have watched the anime and read the manga more times then I can count and each and every time I’ve laughed! Every episode and every volume has been laughing gold for me. I love the timing of the comedy and how the characters interact with each other. I also love how they are facial drawn. It really adds to the humor of the show.


Reason Two: Haruhi

She has got to be one of my favorite female leads. I love her nonchalant, slightly sassy, and definitely sarcastic attitude. I really do find her to be a unique character in anime/manga. She’s not really your typical romantic love interest and I find it really funny when they break the fourth wall and call her out on it. True to her character she’s basically like, “Meeeh. I don’t care. This is what you’re getting.” Love it.


Reason Three: Great Storyline

Something I really liked about this anime is that even though it was really funny each character had a backstory that related to the shows progression. The storyline keeps me really interested and I loved watching the characters grow. OHSHC only ran for one season (26 episodes) and didn’t cover the entire manga, the storyline was so good I ended up buying all the volumes though! I had to know how everything ended.

Now the last episode didn’t end on a complete cliffhanger or anything like that, you have a general idea of what is coming but nothing is set in stone and I wanted to know exactly how everyone’s lives progressed. Just for the record, the manga is awesome. Eighteen volumes and worth every cent I tell you! Oh and FYI there is a very big difference in the relationship between Tamaki and his father in the manga versus the anime so if you’re a fan of the anime I really recommend you read the manga.


In conclusion if you haven’t checked out Ouran High School Host Club yet you need to. You never know, it might end up being your new favorite show! Honestly just writing about it makes me want to rewatch it again! Will there be a OHSHC Revisited blog post in the future?


So what about you? What’s an anime you find yourself watching over and over again?

20 thoughts on “Anime That Never Gets Old? Welcome Princess To…

  1. I absolutely adore Ouran High School Host Club and this post! I read the manga and saw the anime and I adore both! The Anime definitely set me up for second lead syndrome what with Hikaru being so damn amazing! But, I have to admit that Kyoya is my favorite host! I totally agree, this is one of those series that never gets old, the funny moments had me rolling and the serious moments kept me in the edge of my seat! Plus Haruhi is definitely my spirit animal lol, that girl his one tough cookie! I re-watch this series at east once a year, but the manga definitely takes the cake…have you read the extra chapters, the ‘epilogue’ chapters the author wrote after the series ended? Oh and who is your favorite host?

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      1. yes idk if they were included in the final volumes, but after she finished writing the story, she wrote two additional chapters that cover the futures of each of the hosts and Haruhi and Tamaki! They are really short but super cute!!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I will be looking into this ASAP I love Tamaki and Haruhi’s relationship together. Their interactions are priceless. Although I have to admit even though I wanted Haruhi and Tamaki to end up together there was def a part of me that was like, “But Hikaru…” I loved him!

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  2. Omg Ouran is hilarious. Tamaki is like my favorite. The shows I can watch over again are samurai champloo, deadman wonderland, death note, another, Tokyo ghoul, now I’m adding Parasyte recently.

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      1. Oh it’s so good. These parasytes come to earth and start taking over humans bodies. They still look like the human but they have no emotions. The main character his parasyte couldn’t take over his body so it took over his right hand. You follow him through out the series. It’s really good

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  3. The first time I watched Ouran I just didn’t get it – possibly wasn’t in the right head space. I was talked into rewatching though and since then it has become one of my go-to anime for a pick me up. It’s funny and sweet and the characters have more depth than you would think after the first episode. I love the twins and I really wanted another season just to spend more time with these characters. Thanks so much for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree and I’m so glad you gave it a second shot. I know by the end of the first episode I was like, “Oh jeesh… What did I get myself into?” Lol! I too was surprised at the character development throughout the show. Thanks for stopping by XD

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