Sugarpill: Cold Chemistry

I haven’t talked eye shadow since my Peach Palette review so I thought it would be fun to switch it up today. The Peach Palette had some very pretty colors but wasn’t necessarily edgy. So let’s talk about SugarPill Cosmetics eye shadow palette Cold Chemistry. Swoon.

If you are not aware of the SugarPill make up company you are in for a treat. I am so obsessed with this brand it is not even funny. Not only is SugarPill a completely cruelty free company, the also have a line of totally vegan products, they are made in the USA (so no sweatshop worries), but the company owner, Shrinkle, is a fucking Goddess. Are you people seeing this? She’s awesome!

All Hail The Queen

Now if you go to their site you will notice that they have a lot of bright pastel type colors and are pretty girly-girl, nothing wrong with that at all. However if you all have noticed I tend to run on the alternative side when it comes to my make up so you know when I saw this palette I had to have it.


So let’s get into some pros and cons!

Cold Chemistry Palette


I personally don’t consider this a con but I recognize some people might. Sugar Pill is an independent make up company so you are not going to be able to walk into your local Sephora and pick up their products. If you want something from Sugar Pill your just going to have to order it online and wait patiently by the mailbox.

Honestly that’s all I have for “cons” today people.



Where to begin? First off let’s just check out the colors.

This palette comes with four different eye shadows.

Soot & Stars a dark matellic black/gray

Diamond Eyes a sparkling white

Elemental Chaos a glittering deep purple


Subterranean this heavenly forest green with no holds barred sparkle

Cold Chemistry
Check out those eyes. Hello Cold Chemistry…

I can do a lot of damage with this color range.

Each color compliments the other and I had a lot of fun creating different eyes.

Sugar Pill describes this palette collaboration as “richly pigmented” and their not lying. I love when a company lives up to their promises.

The price is $34.00 (plus shipping obviously) and I’m fine with that. Being so pigmented it’s not like I have to use a lot so there’s no product wasted. I’ve had this palette for a while now and I’m not even close to hitting the pan.



If you’re looking for a new eye shadow palette to create some fun smokey eyes or sway towards more of a darker color range this is the palette for you. It’s cruelty free, a swell price, and has pigment for days. I say check it out!


I’m including the link below. Comment below with any questions or experiences with Sugar Pill. How many of you knew of this awesome company?

Click here to check out Cold Chemistry

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