Hunter X Hunter X Season X Three

Well goodness it’s finally time for my season three review of Hunter X Hunter. Sorry for the delay! In my defense there were a lot more episodes for season 3 then there were for season 2 so it took me a minute.

If you didn’t catch my first two posts on seasons 1 and 2 of Hunter X Hunter you can check them out by clicking on their titles below 😀

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As always if you’re new to GrimmGirl I’ll tell you right now that I have spoilers galore here. So if you don’t want to hear any spoilers because you have yet to watch season three of Hunter X Hunter I would recommend holding off on reading ahead. When you have watched it come back and chat!


For everyone else let’s move on and get into Hunter X Hunter season three.

Season three of Hunter X Hunter starts out with us getting to see what Kurapika has been up to since the end of the Hunter Exam and rescuing Killua from his crazy family. If you have forgotten I’ll remind you that Kurapika’s interest in becoming a Hunter was to avenge his Klan and hunt down Phantom Troupe. Along with exacting his revenge on Phantom Troupe he also hopes to recover all of the eyes that were stolen from his Klansmen.

While Kurapika is diving into the seedier side of the world in order to find information on the Phantom Troupe Gon and Killua continue to focus on raising money to buy the game Greed Island in order find Gon’s father. Leoria ends up getting roped into Gon’s and Killua’s money-making schemes and starts helping them to raise money as well.

When Phantom Troupe decides to attack the mafia and steal the items from the auction a huge hit is put on the members heads. Gon, Killua, and Leoria decide getting info on the Phantom members and catching them if possible will allow them to cash in on the reward. On Kurapika’s side he is able to use his new position as a bodyguard for a mafia family’s daughter as a way to get closer to Phantom Troupe and achieve his revenge. It’s only a matter of time before the four friends’ cross paths and decide to reunite!


Highlights of Season Three:

The Team Reunites

I was super pumped when Gon, Killua, Leoria, and Kurapika finally got back together in order to bring down Phantom Troupe. Kurapika originally refuses their help in order to focus on Phantom Troupe solo but after Chrollo (the leader of Phantom Troupe) fakes his death along with a few other members Kurapika has a change of heart and decides to trust his friends with everything.

I really like Kurapika’s growth this season. At the beginning he starts out with such hate and fury in his heart and at sometimes he struggles to control it risking his goal in the process. He is so focused on doing everything himself he puts himself and others at risk. By the end he begins to realize that relaying on his friends isn’t as terrible as he thought it was. He also realizes that there are more important things in the world then his revenge and that focusing solely on his revenge isn’t his only option.

His original goal was to kill all of the members of Phantom Troupe but in the end he is satisfied with taking away the leaders ability to use Nen. His reasoning is that now he has taken away Chrollo’s home like Chrollo took away his. I think that shows a lot of growth on Kurapika’s end.




Kurapika Vs Uvo

Before Kurapika finds perspective on his revenge he has an epic fight with one of the members of Phantom Troupe named Uvo.

Uvo has the most brute strength of all the members of Phantom Troupe and Kurapika singles him out as the one that would be the best fit to test run the full force of his new Nen powers. You’re also able to see the depth of Kurapika’s dedication to fighting Phantom Troupe.

In this fight you learn that Kurapika has gone to the extreme in order to strengthen his Nen powers to the max. He uses chains and has made them more powerful by vowing to use his Judgement Chain and Jail Chain on members of Phantom Troupe only. If he breaks this covenant he will die.

With these two powers and his Specialist ability (his powers increase while his eyes are scarlet) he is able to jail Uvo. He uses his Judgment Chain to ask Uvo questions about the Troupe and when Uvo refuses to speak the Judgment Chain kills him. It’s a pretty sweet fight in the sense we get to see how far Kurapika is willing to go.


Phantom Troupe

The members of Phantom Troupe are just a bunch of badasses. There’s really no other way to say it! They give zero F’s who their up against and are willing to fight anyone. The Mafia is seriously small potatoes to this badass group and it’s quickly evident why Hisoka is so keen to fight their leader.

While they have their own set of rules within their organization at the end of the day they have no regrets about anybody they’ve killed or the people they’ve hurt in the process. As for why they’re so bloodthirsty, that’s an interesting question that never really gets answered in season three. As far as I can tell they do it because their bored and they can. It’s entertaining for them and this is what makes them such awesome bad guys.

Their massacre of the mafia during the auction was a perfect example of how they feel about anyone outside of themselves. They don’t give a shit. Killing hundreds of people in one night while simultaneously organizing the deaths of The Big Ten Mafia Dons and managing to evade attacks from professional assassins is just another day in the life of the members of Phantom Troupe.




Hopes for Season Four


 Gon says he has a plan for obtaining Greed Island at the end of season three and Killua is surprisingly optimistic about it. I’m curious to know what it is myself. I know they don’t have enough money to buy it even after Gon pawned his Hunter’s License.

Sidenote: That super pissed me off when he pawned that! That should’ve been done as a last resort, not on some stupid whim ya bonehead.

Anyway I’m wondering if they’ll take a page out of Phantom Troupe’s book and just steal it!


While Kurapika did seal Chrollo’s Nen powers the last episode shows us that’s not the last we will hear on that. We get the impression from Phinks that erasing what Kurapika has done is possible and we see Chrollo later looking off in the distance as he travels to some unknown location. I’m really curious to see where this goes and also excited to see that we haven’t seen the last of Phantom Troupe. They’re really fun characters to watch and bring a little darkness to the show, which I really dig.


What is Killua’s family planning for him? The end of season two made it clear that Killua’s father firmly believes that in the end Killua will realize that it isn’t possible for him to have friends. During season three we don’t really hear a whole lot about it but we do see Killua’s reactions to situations where he needs to choose between protecting his friends or himself and how he handles it. I’m very interested to see how his relationship with his family will progress. I know we haven’t heard the last of them!


Have you seen season three yet? Comment below with your reactions ❤

4 thoughts on “Hunter X Hunter X Season X Three

  1. Awesome post.. All I can say is that you’re in for a wild ride! This was one of my favourite arcs but not too keen on how it ended up playing out. Chrollo, Feitan and Pakunoda are freaking awesome.

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