Blogger in the Spotlight: Happy Bunny Beauty

Guess what time it is? Blogger in the Spotlight time! So excited that it’s already time to shine a light on someone I think is doing awesome in the blogging world.

If you are unfamiliar with what my Blogger in the Spotlight posts are about let me give you a little background. Basically once a month I give a shout out to a blogger I feel is killing it in the scene and I want anyone who reads this to go check them out. I think it is a great way for readers to discover blogs they might not otherwise have known about.

My past two Bloggers in the Spotlight have been geared more towards the Otaku scene of blogging. You know of course I’m talking about Arria Cross and Pokeninja90 whom I love for their diverse interests (if you didn’t get a chance to check them out click on their names to read why they’re awesome).

This month I decided to mix it up and introduce you all to Happy Bunny Beauty!

If you are familiar with the GrimmStyle side of GrimmGirl you know I am very focused on cruelty-free and ethical makeup. Knowing this about me it will come as no surprise that I am ecstatic that I recently found this blogger. So without further ado here are three reasons you should check Happy Bunny Beauty out!


Hello Cruelty-Free

Finding products that are cruelty-free can be hard and time consuming. Checking out Happy Bunny Beauty’s site is easy and quick!

She has reviews for cruelty-free body care, hair care, makeup, and skin care all in one place. How cool is that? I love looking through her posts to find new brands that I can go through and know that their products were not tested on animals.


Hello Animal News

I also thought it was cool when I clicked on Happy Bunny Beauty’s animal category and saw that she had written about the ivory burning happening in Africa in protest against people killing elephants for their tusks. I think it is awesome when bloggers speak out passionately for causes to raise awareness.


Hello Make-up Looks

This finally thing I thought was really unique and grabbed my attention. Happy Beauty Bunny has a category titled “Make-up Throughout History” where she basically discusses the origin of make-up during different time periods and sometimes does look recreations.

I am of course a huge make-up lover so hearing about make-up through the ages is really interesting to me. For example did you know during Ancient Greek times having a unibrow was in? Haha who would’ve guessed it!



So if you’re looking for a good resource for cruelty-free products, dabbles of animal related news, and fun trips down make-up history lane I highly suggest checking out Happy Bunny Beauty by clicking here!

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